Three Thousand Years of Longing

  1. Oh boy I can’t wait for Speakin’ Sarsasparilla, the part of the episode where they discuss ADR’ed root beer.

  2. man, was hoping they'd get someone interesting for Strangelove (or maybe a 'clear out for me to dominate' like JD Amato).

  3. Griffin, David, she's not Scottish or Irish. It's a Northern English accent, like Yorkshire-ish. Where I've lived all my life and she got it exactly right. No dispute about where it's supposed to be from.

  4. David is clearly trying to start a personal feud with Scotland. First misidentifying the accent (a very calculated "mistake"), then later claiming that in MacBeth the characters are "fighting over nothing" - that "nothing" of course being...

  5. It's the exact accent Emma Thompson used when she played the right-wing PM on that Russell T Davies miniseries Years & Years

  6. “It calls her a British scholar, but she isn’t British, she is Scottish.” Aren’t Scotts British, just not English?

  7. Thank you! Saw the film yesterday, listening to the ep right now and thinking I already forgot what she sounds like the day after

  8. Technically not a Kubrick episode, but the “David mentions Hail, Caesar” streak remains unbroken.

  9. I listened back to the Roger Rabbit episode the other day and David is trying to think of "best movies about Hollywood" and does not mention Hail, Caesar. I was shocked, shocked I tell you.

  10. It’s been a while since I listened to the other Miller episodes, but was George Miller’s apparent fascination with harems ever brought up? I feel like it is on par with Tarantino’s love of feet or Bobby Z’s love of big jugs. From memory, harems appear in Witches of Eastwick, Happy Feet, Fury Road, and now TTYoL.

  11. Then there’s the, ahem, corpulent women showing up twice in a row. I’ll admit, it’s a striking image, but it’s certainly odd.

  12. One of my favourite semi-recurring bits is Griffin and David pondering why one of their favs isn’t a massive movie star… then reading through their filmography and every single thing is either objectively terrible, a massive bomb, or you barely remember they’re in it. 😂

  13. Ha the day before I went to see 3,000 Years I told my wife Elba was one of my favorite actors, and she asked me what movies I liked that he was in. I had to respond with, " 45 minutes of Pacific Rim?"

  14. It is kind of interesting how many colossal movie stars kind of have middling filmographies. Angelina Jolie is another one that comes to mind.

  15. this is me with Jamie Dornan. Like at some point I'm going to come to terms with the fact that he's coasting on The Fall for me.

  16. Griffin's impression of the trailer music was a highlight. I maintain that it's a fantastic trailer, even if it's a little misleading about the movie's tone. In fact, it's a bait-and-switch on the level of that one episode of Community where they try to throw a Pulp Fiction-themed birthday party for Abed but he chooses to homage My Dinner with Andre instead.

  17. Correction: Idris Elba is not the villain of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. He does, however, do a silly French accent. The villain is Ciaran Hinds, the Karen’s Boy himself, as Satan.

  18. Not a single mention from Ben of the dude whose head turns into a giant spider and then scuttles around a tunnel entrance and falls off and explodes into a thousand smaller spiders.

  19. I talked about this before but the sound design in the movie was some of the best I've ever heard. It was downright unsettling. I looked off to the side a few times because I wasn't sure if something not just what was happening but where the sound was coming from. I really want to encourage people, again, to see it in theaters. Find a screen with great sound, and sit dead center.

  20. As much as it was a mistake of distribution to open it wide, I am so so glad I got to see it on opening night in my suburban AMC's Dolby theater. It won't get nominated for anything, but it deserves to win all of the sound awards.

  21. There was a huge storm in my town during my screening and I kept hearing very subtle thunder during the movie and was never sure if it was part of it or just from the storm outside.

  22. IT GOT ME SO GOOD. On multiple occasions. Maybe the ending wasn’t great or whatever but this movie was an absolute audio-visual FEAST.

  23. I was the only person during my showing and I was so freaked out lol. I was convinced there was somebody hiding in the room because I kept hearing things behind me. Really great work by the sound team and an experience I’d never get watching at home.

  24. Yessss I LOVED the sound design in this. Whenever his magic clouds rolled across the screen the sound moving around the theatre was so cool.

  25. Now hear me out: every djinn is gonna tell you you can’t wish for infinite wishes. Fine. But has anyone tried using their third wish to wish for a new djinn?

  26. My first wish would be for to be represented by the worlds best Djin lawyer and then we spend three months in arbitration determining the proper uncursed language for my next two wishes.

  27. Did anyone else find this movie to be similar to Tarsem Singh's The Fall? I watched them on consecutive nights and couldn't help but compare them.

  28. Maybe in some visual context but as someone who recently watched The Fall they have very little in common thematically or plot structure. Even if they are dealing with a character describing tall tales.

  29. Good comparison. A shame that The Fall is seemingly not available to rent/stream/buy anywhere, even in physical media.

  30. Just a great episode. Two big, interesting actors to gush over, Ben's pop-ins are all hilarious, energy is perfect, movie is fun to discuss

  31. To answer the "no infinite wishes" q from Griffin, James Acaster has a joke about how, if he had a genie, he'd wish for infinite genies because it also solves his second wish, more friends.

  32. Idris Elba has been an obvious and long-time celebrity crush, who had sorta been fading for me in recent years. His ability in this movie to tell a fuckin story has propelled him right back to the top.

  33. It seems like plenty of people connected with Idris's stories, but I think people underappreciated the How Tilda Got Her Groove Back elements of this movie. That is what made this great in my opinion. She learned to love again because of great stories. That might be cheesy, but how can you not love that as a movie fan? Plus it's a director cashing an insane blank check? I would have figured this was a movie made for

  34. Personally, I felt it was missing 1 or 2 scenes of connective tissue to really sell the whole "Tilda got her groove back" story. Something to put us in her head more and make her decisions feel less sudden. Obviously there's some foreshadowing, but she goes from "I want you to love me," to "nevermind, I recognize the errors of my ways" very quickly, and without pausing to make sure the audience is on the same page. And I think it could have helped smooth things over if there was also a scene to sell her change from "I don't want anything," to "I want the love you had for these women," earlier in the film.

  35. i'm probably more sympathetic to this movie than most, but as a "British lady gets her groove at long last" movie it suffers by comparison to Good Luck to You Leo Grande, another classic of hotel room cinema

  36. I think it would've been much better if they didn't focus on romantic love and try to end with the weird message that "Oh, you think you're happy and fulfilled being single because you have a great career that allows you to travel to many different places and you get to interact with colleagues and friends who respect you and are interested in the same things as you? Nah, you're actually horribly lonely and need romantic and sexual love in order to feel whole."

  37. Absolutely insane that they don’t mention the one extra in the lecture hall scene that’s wearing a mask and takes a sip of coffee

  38. Loved this movie, just started the ep, but wanted to jump in right away to shout out that this might be my favorite Griffin-and-David-Photoshopped-into-the-Poster of all time.

  39. Was the only one in the screening room when I watched it, yet there was still a very audible swoon when Idris Elba picked up Tilda Swinton to make love

  40. I saw it on $3 movie day in a pretty big room so it wasn't 2 people in the room, it was maybe 15 people in the room. At this exact moment some old guy in the rear left corner behind us started yelling "Hello!??" into his goddamn cellphone and it was very annoying.

  41. Listening to the Idris talk makes me think...has he ever been in an erotic thriller? I feel like he could really pull off a great, Michael Douglas-y erotic thriller performance.

  42. Ok, so the New Yorker review of this movie was written by Anthony Lane. It is one of those reviews that is mostly a plot summary and it includes a long digression about The Thief of Baghdad. After complaining that the bigoted neighbors are too cartoonish, he ends the review, apropos of nothing, with "Three thousand years, to be honest, means an awful lot of longing. How about a fairy tale lasting three weeks, with wishes being granted—or blocked—on WhatsApp, and a genie who bursts, in a sugar-free spray, from a can of Diet Coke?" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN OR HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!! I HATE IT!!!!

  43. Was really digging this flick until the final 15 or so minutes. Really felt like they did not know how to dramatize the ending properly, and it kind of just peters out after showing the audience so much dynamism.

  44. When they were shouting out how cool the Djinn's TV interaction was, I was waiting for someone to pull the X-Men: Apocalypse reference. "Leeearning..."

  45. I honestly would’ve been fine if they cut the entire segment in Britain. Sure, the Djinn exploring the modern world and dunking on the racist lesbians was cool, but it still felt superfluous.

  46. I'm disappointed the boys kind of off-handily waved away the most common criticism of this movie (the ending doesn't work). I would love to hear a defense of it because while it didn't work for me, David is usually great at reframing something that doesn't work for me in a movie. They aren't going to persuade me I was wrong or anything, but I do appreciate it when they go in-depth on something like that.

  47. The ending I think reaffirms the movie's themes on love, solitude, why we tell each other stories, the way idealized forms of love involve going day by day with someone at your side and the minimal conversations with it. Like if the movie ended with Alithea getting the perfect lover she never knew she wanted, the I think the movie would be side-stepping the bigger thematic picture or it would just wrap up a bit too tightly. Because she experiences the joy and the loss again, I think it puts a definite point back on these themes.

  48. I listened to the episode without having seen the movie, so I had a different sort of perspective (which could be either underinformed or less biased, I don't know which). It seemed to me like they (Griffin especially) spent a lot of time constructing a big response to people who said that the ending didn't work. It was based on the fact that the genie represented love and a desire to make people happy, and discussing this with Tilda opened her eyes to the fact that she really did want love in her life. I'm probably phrasing this poorly, but they spent a reasonable amount of time on it.

  49. David isn’t good with stuff like that. He’ll just say something like “those people are stupid and they smell and I don’t like them”

  50. I enjoyed that Ben's first instinct about the wishes was that he would be able to get around the trickster Twiight Zone bad ending, it reminded me of A Simple Plan, when he was like 'I would just get the money and it would all work out," which so delighted Kevin Smith, as I recall.

  51. I haven't listened to the episode yet, so they might have talked about this: I think this movie would have been an absolute masterpiece if they just *never left the hotel.* The first two acts were so good, and I disliked everything after they left the hotel room. Everything felt so weirdly rushed and out of nowhere.

  52. my exact feeling also! on a script level it's incredibly lopsided to have so much stillness for basically the whole movie and so much unrelated action right at the end

  53. Really satisfying to get the career rundowns on Elba and Swinton, I feel like they haven't done that in a while in such depth.

  54. It's truly insane that he got $60M to make it and that it was released somewhat wide –– AND he was allowed to keep it R-rated! There's def a PG version of this with very minimal adjustments that maybe gets marketed more like Narnia.

  55. the only possible way you get to make a 60M dollar genie movie that’s mostly two people talking in a hotel room is if you made Fury Road. George is the best

  56. Another fascinating Idris Elba credit is his short docuseries "Fighter." It follows his 12 month journey training to be a kickboxer, and was made by Discovery in 2017.

  57. I'm shocked. David talked about the djinn peeking at the queen of Sheba and Griffin didn't immediately start in on the nicknames, perfect peeper opportunity.

  58. I'm glad I was ready for this to come up, had a nice date with my wife Friday to see this. We loved it. Such an unapologetically weird movie.

  59. There's something very funny to me about listening to them being so interested in Alithea's work as a "narrativologist" when it's exactly what Jordan Peterson's first book, Maps of Meaning, is about.

  60. I wanna slightly push back on the little bit of James Gunn talk in this ep. All of his comic book movies have been excellent, so if his main passion in cinema is to translate comics into action blockbusters, I say let him keep doing it!

  61. It did seem a bit like they were using him to represent what was wrong with modern cinema when he's really a pretty singular sort of guy. Yeah, he has blank checks and chooses to cash them to make more superhero movies, and maybe it would suck if the whole industry was full of guys like that... but that's not the problem. It's okay if one or two guys are like that.

  62. I also saw that Quaden Bayles was in the movie (via him being interviewed at the premiere) and he's going to be in Furiosa too!

  63. I was at the Sydney premiere/Q&A at the Orpheum where Miller confirmed Danny Lim will be in Furiosa as well! Sounds like a bit but I’m telling the truth

  64. Whenever an element of a film is bad, or the whole thing itself is, people will often generalize and say “Well what a stupid idea for a scene/movie.” Which always rubs me the wrong way, because it’s all about the execution. Any idea can be good!

  65. Yeah, not a big fan of gambling ads considering how destructive the industry is. I hope they don't do another gambling ad from an ethical perspective, but I also want them to get paid for their work.

  66. I suppose that my assumption that the guys had more about them than to run gambling ads is a function of that whole parasocial relationship thing. If I hold them to a higher standard than most podcasts just because I've been listening for years and they seem nice, well I guess that's on me.

  67. Yeah, honestly, really bad look. Like, if one has to include that much copy forewarning against the dangers of a product in order to promote it, one perhaps simply should not promote said product. Nobody needs to include crisis hotlines warnings for bed sheets and niche steaming services...

  68. Love the boys, love how down they are to call male actors cuties... but the Tilda rundown is how you know Blank Check remains, like, a straight show at heart. Which is fine!! Let straight people be straight!! But I do wish there'd been some talk about Tilda's early work as Derek Jarman's muse and collaborator, or how much she crushes it in Orlando w/ Sally Potter.

  69. Any thoughts on why this didn't at least do as well as the last couple A24 releases? The Green Knight did 17 in the US. . . .

  70. I think the tepid festival response killed the momentum hard, plus it was hard to market, and dumped on a very busy weekend that also doesn't do well. Many people do not really give a dang what production company makes a movie, even A24 is super varied.

  71. I still don’t get the two parts where she sees the other weird beings before she finds the genie. I kept thinking “oh no is this going to end up being that she has a brain tumor or something?”

  72. My wife said she spotted the djinn from the lecture in Sheba's court. I guess he's been having his own little adventures, and popped into the lecture because djinn love stories.

  73. I adored the movie but that is the one element I just can’t justify in any way that’s satisfying. It feels like it’s going to be some later plot point and it never comes up again and I don’t know what the significance is at all

  74. more like "30 Years That Felt Like 3000 Years Of Longing For George Miller To Make Something That Isn't A Kids Movie Or A Mad Max Sequel Again, And Holy Shit Did He Knock It Out Of The Park".

  75. The absolute whiplash I got going directly from a rhapsodic 10-minute rundown of Tilda Swinton’s career to ‘Woo! Gambling!’ lol

  76. Since David skipped over it, wanna highlight a 2008 Tilda movie called JULIA, in which she goes(and I can't overstate this) full sicko mode. Tilda breaks bad!

  77. Why so long for Strangelove?! Can't complain, but.. Three thousand years, Pinocchio and Prince-Bythewood all in a row? Mix it up a bit

  78. I’m late to the pod and late to this thread because I was only able to see it last night, but I really loved this film. Clearly I am one of the weirdos they were talking about because this was very much my cup of tea.

  79. Is it just me or are the ad reads beginning to be less telegraphed by the "David," that Griffin usually drops to mark the start of the read?

  80. Perhaps this is a film that I understand on an emotional level more than most. When Alithea says "I get emotions from stories," it clicked for me and I was in.

  81. The arc of every podcast is the hosts slowly sliding down a slippery slope as they progressively justify the acceptability of more and more scuzzy ads. No one starts a podcast in a place where they're unembarrassed to talk about Manscaped, but that's where they all end up.

  82. Ahhhh, David brought up THE DEEP END. Everyone should watch it! It's a remake of THE RECKLESS MOMENT that is really well directed and a tight little thriller that's probably one of my favorite movies of 2001.

  83. First episode in god knows how long, where I can't comment on the quality of the film because I haven't seen it. Anyway, I agree with them, I wish more filmmakers would do this kind of traditional blank check, instead of say immediately going to the next big franchise film.

  84. The Solomon sequence is obviously the highlight from a "fantasy" perspective, and the main reason i'll have for recommending the movie.

  85. I mean… I agree with everything that's said during the first 10 mins of this ep and will heartily remind you of it as soon as Bardo will be released

  86. I don’t want to speak for griffin and David or the sub one general but speaking as a person who also finds AGI a little too much… I VERY glad he is allowed to make the movies he wants to make even if they are not for me.

  87. Went to see this with my mom (my go to weird movie companion) a couple weeks ago. I loved it so much, this is a great reminder to go see it again. (She also enjoyed it!)

  88. What a cool mom. My mom has really mainstream taste but her friends occasionally steer her towards movies like BulletTrain which she absolutely hated coz violence. I most recently recommended Mrs Harris Goes To Paris to her, such a mom-friendly movie.

  89. Dragonball Super: Superhero >>>>Top Gun Maverick/3000 Years of Longing. Better wish movie because Bulma wishes for a nice big truck butt.

  90. I loved this movie! But I spent the entire episode waiting for any of you to bring up how much it resembled The Adventures Of Barron Munchausen

  91. What's your opinion of Edris in Suicide Squad? They were talking about him being good... And while I think Edris is always good. It seemed a bit phoned in to me. That's what I recall anyway. Just curious of other perspective.

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