that's when they scam you

  1. Only thing I see is when he drops first flipped king you can see a king under when he flipped it and an 8 after he sets it down (playing with 5+ cards) but still don’t understand the next sleigh of hand step.

  2. To those of you Wondering how he does this. He has 4 cards. 2 regular kings and 1 regular 8 of spades. As well as a dual backed card that is a king on one side and a 8 of spades on the other. He does a double lift at the beginning and puts down the regular 8. Then the rest is just double lifts, notice how he doesn't show the back side of the "8" until the end, where he does a double lift and swaps it for a regular king

  3. Does this mean there’s actually 5 cards total? A regular 8 he sets aside at the start, 2 regular Ks, the double sided K/8, and some other card with at least one regular backside to double lift with the trick card?

  4. Both times he gathers together the cards and flips one over he is actually flipping two over. One of the cards is a double sided card with an 8 of spades on one side and a king of hearts on the other.

  5. To be fair, I’d pay just considering it as a street performance. It’s still fun to try and catch them screw you

  6. The best/worst version of this scam I have seen was on the El train in Chicago. Late night targeting drunk people, the card player would get someone to play go back and forth for a couple of rounds, and then lose big time. This allowed thier pickpocket to see where the drunk was keeping their money and go rip them off afterward. I swear I saw the same dealer dude and at least 3 different partners over the course of a few months

  7. The real reason not to bet is when you lose if you get uppity you'll learn that everyone else in the crowd is working with the dealer (aka the Monte Mob). They'll turn on you and things will not go well for you.

  8. Right at the start he shows the trick, when he flips the king to put to the side, the cards were in the stack ordered as King, 8, king, king, with a hidden 8 he isn’t showing.

  9. You notice how he scoops up the 8 using the two kings he had just picked up individually with his hand.

  10. A couple years ago I was working it a friend of mine's convention I had to run out and get food. Right there on South Beach there was a guy playing three card monty. I couldn't believe that people were actually still falling for it. And if you were really paying attention you knew who was working with him.

  11. I mean I dont have to understand how they do it to know if you take a bet with a street guy it wont be a fair for the entertainment but don't think you have a chance to win

  12. I got one of these guys up to $100 and he wouldn't pay. When he started the trick, he showed me the back of the cards. I saw an extremely tiny mark on the card I needed to choose. If I didn't see that mark he would have beat me every time.

  13. Ball & cup is everywhere in Paris. I had to find out for myself. I flipped the cup over that 100% had the ball under it but there was no ball. Then, I knocked over all the cups and there still was no ball. I grabbed that fuckers arm and told him to return my money. He did

  14. Love it. The only issue on this trick is the first lift shows a king on top after the flip, but if you remove the card an eight is on top.

  15. When he first places the "king" he actually flipped the king and the 8 so the 8 was on top. You can see this because you see the king underneath when you should see the 8. Then he has a car thats an 8 on one side and a king on the other. This is why he picks up the cards to place them down again he does the two card flip to put down a king and flip the double sided king and 8 in his hand so it shows as a king when he puts it down face up.

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