1. I'd argue it's actually one of the worst. It appears harmless and fun, but it's actually the number one most potent greenhouse gas. It's very easy to release devastating amounts of greenhouse gases when you're messing around with this stuff.

  2. Is it? I thought it'd be CO2 initially but that would probably not be a good idea in those amounts

  3. I did this with my kid as a science fair project in grade school. We used dry ice, let it sublimate in a container and poured it over candles. Any reason this couldn't be the same thing?

  4. SF6 has a global warming potential of about 23,000x of CO2, so this stunt is probably equivalent to around 2 years of emissions from a standard passenger vehicle in the US, assuming there's about 2 pounds of SF6 used here.

  5. Yup. Releasing 1 pound of SF6 into the atmosphere has about the same impact as burning a thousand gallons of gasoline.

  6. Yeah but it's an incredibly heavy gas, the chances of it ending up in the upper atmosphere and having an effect on global warming are pretty low, right?

  7. So I’m all about limiting emissions that mess with our atmosphere but if SF6 is more dense than air…won’t it hang out wherever it was released unless there is a lot of wind? That comes with it’s own problems but how would it enter the atmosphere? From my understanding it is significantly more dense than air.

  8. Nice! Releasing the worst greenhouse pollutant that lingers in the atmosphere for thousands of years for a few video views!! Love it

  9. There’s quite a few gasses that can do it let’s just assume they made the worst possible choice with absolutely no evidence.

  10. On one hand, magic isn't real. Fucky physics should still be BMF. But I don't understand how this one is fucky for anybody. It's obviously just a heavy gas he's pouring out.

  11. This is not magic. Don't be an idiot. It's more on the level of demons/witches, possibly the devil himself is involved.

  12. Damn, some guy was on a spiritual journey and watched a monk punch so fast the wind blew out every candle In the room and changed his life forever but little did he know....

  13. Did he just make an air cannon out of a garbage bin and poof it as he “poured?” It sorta looks like that’s what he was doing with his hand behind the bottom of the bin.

  14. No there's sulfur hexafluoride? In the bin that spills out when he tips the can. It suffocates the flame and puts it out.

  15. Isn't this that gas that's denser than oxygen? It's like the opposite of helium, and it makes your voice super deep

  16. Ok, looking like dark shadows settling over your space🤔 This looks like something that happens in the movies. They’re coming for you bro🤭

  17. Can someone please make the world better and combine this with the vid of that kid freaking out for not being able to blow (due to the dad paper plate blocking him) out the candles at his brothers birthday??

  18. i’m sure someone’s explained it better but there’s a couple gasses out there that are really heavy comparatively to air so u can “store” them in a bucket like water then “pour” it to things that need oxygen to breath like a candle to snuff it out

  19. Well it could but you would basically fuck over the planet with it. Its greenhouse gas effects are fucking bonkers. It’s such a huge upscale that even methane looks like a joke in comparison

  20. I did this with my kid as a science fair project in grade school. We used dry ice, let it sublimate in a container and poured it over candles. Any reason this couldn't be the same thing?

  21. Why do so many comments say lower density? Facepalm moment. For you guys. It’s higher density than air when it sinks. If it was lighter density than air it would float.

  22. I have seen this video. Those few candles are not lit because of the heat around them whole wax melted and the thread that is supposed to burn sank in the wax. And it was sulpher hexafluoride they used

  23. I’m pretty sure that carbon dioxide would have this exact effect. I did something like this on a smaller scale in the lab, with my students.

  24. So fast… that means it’s heavy as shit right? Compared to the norm are? Do the flames pull the new gas as to speed it up?!

  25. That’s a trash can full of Argon. Colorless, odorless, and heavier than air. Argon is one of the Noble gases. Often used as a shielding gas in welding and also some kinds of installed firefighting systems. Noble gases have a complete outer electron shell and don’t react with other elements. Awesome.

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