My brain hurts after watching this

  1. Waiting for the person who’s going to explain this away with ease and even name it with something I’ve never heard of, then start seeing it everywhere

  2. Just view it frame by frame you can see it's coming out of the bushes from the left towards the other deer. You miss most of the approach as the two deer are in the far left of the frame, and then it's directly behind them as the camera moves back to the left, and finally as the car passes and the camera looks back it's no longer out of frame or obscured by the other two.

  3. The 3rd was just out of frame. He pans left at the end, exposing the 3rd deer that was just out of frame to the left at the beginning

  4. At the 1 second mark, you can see it in the farthest left portion of the screen. It is far away from the 2 main deers and just off screen from 1s until it isn’t anymore

  5. It’s just the third deer was down a hill with a steep enough angle that you couldn’t see it, and from the car, and camera quality, you can’t really see there is a drop off behind these 2. The grass drops off but it looks like it’s perfectly flat bc the grass even father back comes back uphill. So basically deer 3 is in a small grass ditch and comes up at the perfect time

  6. I can help with that, this is a simply camera positioning trick that causes the "oonw" effect. The trick is called an onward motion deception. By showing the left side then restricting view to the right in a way that feels natural, they grant the illusion that we know what's over to the left, so when something enters stage left, we feel it's been magically plopped from out of no where.

  7. It looks like the third one that appears is tucked behind a bush, just outside the view of the camera when the vehicle is approaching. You only see it when you are looking at the other side of the bush

  8. Yeah exactly ! It’s all about the angle of view from the car and as well that edge cutting off right before the 3rd one “appears”

  9. You can also see it come into frame just as the closer large deer is at the far left edge of the film frame, as the camera passes directly in front. You get about 2-3 frames of seeing it run behind the other two.

  10. As a resident of a country where our cars are right-hand drive, my first reaction to this comment was "but it's the passenger's view, what's wrong?" And then I realised...

  11. Thank you. Everyone keeps trying to say “it came out of a bush” but the Forrest line is clearly further back and there is clearly a dip there that the deer would have to walk up before it’s in camera range.

  12. At the very beginning if you go, super slow, you can see a blurry deer on the left bottom side. The way the camera zooms and cuts out that third deer on the left but then when he pans around, he comes into angle just at the right time to make it look like he appears out of nowhere but you can definitely see the third deer on the bottom left if you pause and slide the marker forward slowly at the bottom

  13. Waiting for that "it's normal, it's not at all strange for people to record random shit while _____" comment. While driving being the case here.

  14. You can see the third one on the left at the start, its just a perspective thing making it closer than it actually is

  15. At the very beginning of the clip right before they rolled the window down you can see the 3rd deer running up to them dead center on the left of the screen for like 3 frames

  16. You can see it aaaalll the way to the left at the end of the first second. It is running up to the other two and just happens to be out of frame until the camera is angled the other way when they pass the deer.

  17. The road is higher than the surrounding land. The third deer is coming up the rise and gets to the top just as the car passes by the first and second deer.

  18. If you slowly play it in reverse it’s easier to track the deer it clearly came out of the bushes and just happened to have impeccable timing with the angle of the recording

  19. It ran out of the bushes behind the first two, and only appears to enter the frame from nowhere because of shaky camerawork.

  20. At about 0:06 it pans to the left a little and there’s a dark part of the brush. When the camera swings left a bit, you can see it hustling out of there before the car gets full enough away that you can see the deer.

  21. Watch it in slow motion and at the beginning of the video you’ll see the third deer appear out of the bushes and even running towards the other two. The camera seems to purposely keep the third deer out of view though…

  22. I have done a frame-by-frame analysis and can confirm with 95% surety that there are at least two deer on the side of that road.

  23. If you break it down frame to frame, you’ll see it coming out from the forest, and it’s running, so it’s a huge possibility that it completely appeared when the remaining two were out of the frame.

  24. There’s a ditch on the side of the road. He comes running up the side at just the right moment in relation to this car to make it look like it appears out of thin air

  25. Pretty sure 2nd baby deer pops out of the woods behind them and bolts into position in the moments while the mothers body is blocking the view.

  26. Nope, how I deal with things like this is to say nope, so once again I say nope cause I stared at this thing for forever to find out where it came from and I have not figured it out

  27. Ran up the slope behind the two deer just as your view was being obstructed. You can see that “scramble” movement end just when the third deer is revealed.

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