Terrible first tournament today.

  1. It’s absolutely necessary to get destroyed in your first comp. it’s a rite of passage. Congratulations!

  2. My training partner went 25 matches as a white belt without having a point scored on him and got his blue belt after 6 months. He’s since had another 5 matches at BB without having a point scored on him.

  3. Everyone gonna have a dif experience first time out. Looks like OP has the right mindset tho, improvement is basically gauranteed with that attitude!

  4. Broke my toe in my first match of my first comp as a white belt. Taped it up and lost the rest of them painfully. I had a blast though. Comp is always a good reminder that bjj is a team sport. After every comp those who compete always end up closer.

  5. Nah bro, my first tourney I absolutely killed it, alpha shit only. Iminari rolls, scissor sweeps, corkscrew armbars, etc. Than I woke up after I was put to sleep in my first match🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I did fine at my first comp as white belt, some months after that I was promoted and had my first as a blue belt and I was totally destroyed, it’s part of the game.

  7. I got injured in my second match after getting owned my first. This wasn’t even a month ago and I’m rehabbing now (torn psoas… that’s the groin muscle… yeah soooo)

  8. Was this the Lubbock AGF? Because I feel that. Got one sub today and was DOG tired after just my first match. Competition intensity is crazy. Time to grind and try to take home some hardware next time.

  9. My first bjj tournament as a white belt I got matches against I guy that had been wrestling for decades. Literally 5yrs old through college. Took up bjj a year earlier.

  10. Almost exactly what happened to me in my first tournament. Wrestler got a leg pick, straight to side control. After the match he said it was hell trying to hold me down, i said the view from the bottom wasn’t good either

  11. I swear every time I go to a tournament I have to fight a guy who looks like he's me either on steroids, or at the very least eating well and going to the gym.

  12. I got my first tourney next friday. As a judoka (I’m basically going along cause my gf trains bjj) I set a side quest for my self - Win or lose i just wanna hit some dope throw and I’ll be happy.

  13. Awesome dude! I got tapped in 4 seconds my last tournament (pushed into open guard > straight ankle) and don't care i'm just there to have fun!

  14. sounds like you have a great attitude. imo just the fact that you showed up and competed is respectable. i have not had a chance to compete yet but i can imagine it's very nerve racking.

  15. Its a good wake up call to see if you have that specific gear in you. I for one really struggle to get anywhere close to that gear in training so tournaments are challenging for me to channel that sort of intensity and aggression

  16. I definitely have it in training when there’s nothing on the line. I love going hard asf with a few of the guys close to me in skill level. I was really surprised about the energy dump. It felt like I was try to do bjj after taking a hand full of sleeping pills.

  17. Look on the bright side, you know you need to work on arm bar defense. This is a huge learning opportunity imo. Nice job competing tho!!

  18. I underperformed recently in my first competition. I played a lot more conservative than usual, it was a slow boring match. Disappointed to watch it and see how little jiujitsu I used. Lost. But I showed up and did not get injured.

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