What some of your favourite subs you’ve been working on hitting this past few sessions?

  1. Head arm triangle. I love it and works quite well in gi and no gi. Am trying to find more positions that lead to it and it's popping up more frequently lately :D

  2. triangles. been working especially on setting them up cause before i could only do them if they were dangling right in front of me

  3. I have been spamming arm triangles to absolutely everyone last 5 weeks or so. I have been following to the T the New Wave Danaher instructional of attacks from mount and man I am getting confortable with it. Specially since with the far trap grip hr shows I can transition to jujis and to the back at will with a lot of people now. Thanks Mr Danaher.

  4. Kimura, I'm seeing them everywhere from so many odd angles, and catching people by surprise with their arm overhead but still getting shoulder locked.

  5. I want to try smothering, but my mount is not good I get thrown off…. Also most of my training partners have about 30-40 pounds on me 🤷🏽

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