Whats the best way to get rich in bitlife?

  1. Date/marry someone that's older than you makes over 1m a year since the dating app thing works now, I've done it a couple times to start with good money

  2. Being a pro athlete gets you tons of money, depending on the sport you can get contracts for 200 million + it's a great way to get rich

  3. Live in Monaco. Buy mansions when you are 18,19, and 20. They will cost 10-20 million. Age up until 117, then sell them. They will each sell for 300-450 million. You can easily become a royal in Monaco and do this. I’m at 65 billion after several generations

  4. Get a job as an exorcist, then marry someone who's 80+, but rich through the dating app. Do that second step as many times as you like; you can even kill them yourself if waiting for them to die takes too long.

  5. I become the queen/king (and kill my parents/any older siblings), get married, have a kid, kill my wife/husband, give everything to my child in my will and continue that cycle until I’m loaded

  6. I start with a sports career in the USA. During my career I will max out my acting lessons or an instrument and become a pop star or actor once my sports career comes to an end.

  7. if u have god mode be bron asprince in monaco and u have automatic gaurnteed billionare status. invest in a lot of real estate. one time i kept something in the family for around 60 years and it got up 50 million dollars.

  8. It depends, you could marry with an older man or woman using the date app or just migrate to Emirates and just try dating with someone who´s royalty.

  9. I did the UAE or Saudi Arabia and would marry into royalty. You can typically snag a prince that way. It does take awhile to make a lot of money in those countries. If you have god mode. Make your character good at sports, basketball and American football, move to the US for free with the team and then when you retire move back to Saudi Arabia or the UAE and pay minimal taxes and enjoy the low cost of living. Repeat with each generation.

  10. Do acting- get famous and make a YouTube early- you can make up to $8-10M a year in promotions easily if you can get to like 100M subs.

  11. Work couple of year, move to Monaco and marry royalty. Or work there as a brain surgeon, laat years of your career you will earn 1mln+ a year.

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