Would you date an Asexual person?

  1. I wouldn't because it is important to me that my partner feels sexually attacted to me. I know some asexual people do have sex, but the attraction is important to me personally. I definitely think asexual people are capable of being just as loving, but it wouldn't work for me. I know there are plenty of people who would be thrilled to though!

  2. This is how I feel too. No judgment on aces but for me, sexual desire, attraction and contact are such important parts of my relationships that I wouldn’t be able to have one that was missing those.

  3. I'm very very much not ace, but I married an aseuxal person. Won't lie, it can be a bit difficult at times, but we make it work. Communication is key.

  4. Do you have any advice on “making it work”? Totally cool if not. I’m in a relationship with an allo person, but I’ve been questioning if I am ace and slightly stressed about navigating the situation.

  5. I wouldn’t mind too much. Masturbation is still ok but if cuddling is off the table then I’m out. I need CONTACT

  6. Just being my friend means you are required to understand and accept the fact I will be cuddly. Even if it's just reaching a leg across the couch to put my foot against 'em, I want to be making contact 99% of the time.

  7. Excuse my ignorance, but you said in a few comments that not all aces are sexrepulsed. I was just wondering what the label entails, because I think I might have a wrong idea about it then.

  8. Ace means that a person doesn’t experience sexual attraction to other people. They don’t look at someone and go “I want to have sex with you.” That doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t have sex with someone that they are romantically attracted to. They might do it because it feels good or because it can be romantic or for their partner if they feel indifferent about it. In terms of their relationship with sex, aces can label themselves as sex positive (enjoy having sex but don’t experience sexual attraction), sex neutral (don’t feel any type of way about sex probably wouldn’t seek it out in their own), and sex repulsed/averse (no sex, some might not even be comfortable talking about it). This can vary for the same person over time as well. Some ace people are able to feel sexual attraction under specific circumstances, like having formed a close connection with someone or just very rarely for no particular special reason. It really depends on the person. Dating an ace person doesn’t always mean that the relationship won’t include sex, it would just require more discussion and it might be a different experience if it does.

  9. Am ace. For me personally, I'm not necessarily repulsed by sex, im just indifferent. Sex is just sort of a thing me and my gf do sometimes (from what I hear, less than other couples). It's... fine i guess. Like it's sorta fun and i enjoy the closeness, but it is VERY clear who wants it more. Personally, i don't really need nor want sex all that much. It's not very important to me, and i don't understand how others are able to base entire relationships with people off sex, but hey, different strokes for different folks. I just kinda don't see much point in doing it, cuddles just feel better to me.

  10. No, I could not. Even if my partner was sex positive, I want to have someone who physically wants me, initiates sex out of physical desire, and enjoys sex for both the intimacy and the satisfaction of lust. I’m pretty kinky, and I want my partner to want me in the same way I want them. I like the idea of my partner lusting after my body, and I don’t think I would be happy if my partner wasn’t physically attracted to me.

  11. Well this made me feel awful. Not because of anything in your life, just caused me to reflect on my own life. I think my partner, with a low libido, does not “lust after” me and it really hurts. I am in a loving and committed relationship but feel empty without that mutual attraction.

  12. I think it would largely depend on the person. Physical attraction and sexual attraction are different. Like, I'm on the ace/demi spectrum and while I'm not sex adverse, I'm still ace. For me, I still experience physical attraction. If I see a beautiful woman, the attraction is there. And I definitely am a boob/butt person. But it's more of a warmth, a want to admire. Like, I could stare at them all day and not get bored because they are so fucking beautiful or sexy. But it isn't, damn, I want to fuck them. Does that make sense?

  13. I personally find sex a very important factor in my relationships and also have a very high libido so I don't think I would ever be compatible with a sex-repulsed asexual but I could probably make it work with a sex-positive one. I'm also pretty kinky and you'd be surprised how many sex-positive asexuals exist in the kink community.

  14. yeah kink isn't always "they tied me up and then we fucked". kink doesn't have to include sex. it can and often does though.

  15. I wouldn’t, because it isn’t just the act of sex I want in my life - I know some asexual people do have sex - but it’s important for me to feel desired sexually. It’s so exciting to know how much my boyfriend wants me. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship without that.

  16. exactly! You worded it perfectly, even if an asexual person wasn't sex repulsed i wouldn't be okay with being intimate with someone who's not sexually attracted to me

  17. Honestly that'd be my ideal partner in terms of sexual compatibility. I don't identify as ace but could if I wanted to as I have an extremely low libido and general lack of interest. I'd be content never having sex past wanting a child someday.

  18. You say not all ace are sexrepulsed, which i get. I have a question though, does that mean that they do not mind sex or that they enjoy sex?

  19. Ya, some ace people are neutral or even enjoy having sex. They just won't seek it out for themselves and typically only happen when their partner desires it.

  20. I was in a relationship with a closeted asexual & the sexual incompatibility usually makes it a deal-breaker for me. I know from experience that I need a sexual/romantic partner to feel sexually attracted to me. With that said, demisexual is part of the asexual spectrum & as long as we have a good chemistry/sexual attraction fit, I would have no issue with dating them. There are plenty of bisexual people on the asexual spectrum, however! I am just not one of them personally.

  21. Probably not. If I really liked a person then maybe I could make an exception but I think I'd feel unfulfilled in a sexless relationship where my partner isn't sexually attracted to me

  22. I’m pretty much in the same boat. To feel sexually fulfilled, I don’t just need to have sex on a regular basis, I need my partner to enthusiastically want to engage with me sexually, and with me in particular. I didn’t realize until my current relationship how important it was to me to see and feel that my partner is sexually attracted to me, either because they initiate sex and make me feel sexy by the way they talk and move and look at me, or because of how they react when I initiate.

  23. I wouldn't date an aroace person for the same reason I wouldn't date a gay man or straight woman: an obvious lack of incompatibility.

  24. I probably wouldn’t date an ace person. I see you’ve said that not all aces are sec repulsed but I want someone who actually loves sex. I can’t get I to with someone who isn’t enjoying themselves. Or maybe I could have an ace partner if we had an open relationship.

  25. Some ace people are sex positive and enjoy sex they just didn’t experience the attraction the causes most people to initiate sex

  26. My partner is asexual and I am bi, sometimes it causes issues because I am sexually attracted to them, and many other people. But they really don’t feel that. Also I am always horny and they are not, this mostly leads to difficulty in sex frequency we would be ok with. We are monogamous so I just mastribate all the time ( at least once a day) and we have sex more like once a month if we are lucky. But our relationship is the best friendship and romantic relationships I have ever had. I think they would prefer no sex, and I would prefer daily sex, and once a month seems to be about right to keep us both happy enough.

  27. I mean I have nothing against asexual people I wish I could just say obviously but there’s unfortunately assholes in the world. And I mean the only reason why I would be hesitant/wouldn’t date someone whose ace is because I’m a very physical person. And while I know it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be repulsed but for me not having someone making advances, experiment, talking about sex or make me feel desirable In that way I just won’t have feelings other than friendship. And so honestly I think it would be a shithead move for me to do because I feel like if I were to go into a relationship with someone knowing how they are and what they need, ignore it, and then leaving them because I’m not getting what I need out of a relationship would just be messed up.

  28. Most people who have a sex drive also want to be desired. It’s a recipe for disappointment and discomfort for both people to have severely mismatched sex drives. It’s not much different than a sex addict dating a normal person. The mismatch would eventually cause either resentment or fidelity problems.

  29. Not necessarily. My partner and I learned that he was ace after a few years of marriage, and while there was definitely a tough time adjusting, we’re as strong as ever now. It helps that he is very affectionate in our day to day life.

  30. Personally I feel that I like sex too much! Nothing wrong with not being like that but I feel that a partnership for me would work better when there is a mutual sexual desire for each other.

  31. Lmao OP getting mad that a few people here think all aces are repulsed but then thinking that bi people are sluts themself

  32. Yea man, sure. Bisexuality to me is that I love anyone in the genders I’m attracted to (which isn’t important to me), but I don’t personally have a high sex drive. I can take it or leave it 🤷

  33. Am I put off of asexual people because of their asexuality? Absolutely not. Would I personally date an asexual person? I don’t think I would, but that’s entirely because of my sex drive and needs. My partner is, sexually speaking, in to me which is a big deal for me. Previous relationships haven’t worked out due to an incompatibility with them, sexually, so experience teaches me what I do need in a relationship.

  34. I would, if I knew upfront to manage expectations and if they were open to other forms of physical intimacy (cuddling, hugging, etc), and if they aren't so sex-repulsed that they don't mind talking about sex/media representations of sex, etc.. Sex isn't that important to me, and I am much more turned on/satisfied by having an intellectual/emotional connection than a physical one.

  35. Would absolutely date an asexual person. I’m happily married but just in the situation that I wasn’t, I’m not sexual enough or dependent on the physical touch of another so no matter where on the ace spectrum a potential partner might be, I know I’d be completely happy and fulfilled as long as I loved the person.

  36. I don’t think I would be compatible with an asexual. I probably fall under hypersexual and am primarily a sub. While I know not all asexuals are sexreplused I think it would be difficult for me to not feel insecure with a partner who’s sexual interest didn’t match mine.

  37. I definitely would, but only if they’re poly and/or okay with an open relationship. I need sex in my life and prefer to have it in my relationships. While I understand that not all ace people don’t have sex, I would prefer a partner who experiences sexual attraction and enjoyment to the same degree so it’s something we can share enthusiastically (I also do have a very high sex drive and it would hinder me if my partner wasn’t sexually attracted to me)

  38. Hey, I’m biro, demiro, and somewhere on the ace spec. Before I give you my answer, I’d like to clarify that being bi doesn’t equal being allo. Being bi defines who I’m attracted to, not how much. I’m still fairly young and I haven’t felt sexual attraction or thought about sex at all.

  39. You keep saying not all aces are sex repulsed. Then what makes people ace? I would date anyone that I can share affection with and if that doesn't involve sexual attraction, it won't work for me. Would aces be interested in dating with me? Then exactly what part of them are ace?

  40. It means they experience little to no sexual attraction. This has nothing to do with how they feel about sex itself, just that they won't desire it. So no, someone who's ace wouldn't be compatible with you.

  41. I feel like it wasn't really explained properly - asexuals just aren't attracted to particular people. We never look at someone and think "wow I wanna have sex with them". But this has nothing to do with libido (aka wanting sex in general), we can still want sex. Everyone is different, there are aces who want sex all the time (they are rare, I admit), there are aces who don't even want to think about anything sexual, and everyone in between. The only thing they have in common is not being attracted to particular people in sexual way. So if you aren't strictly set on "my partner must be sexually attracted to me", you could date an asexual person.

  42. It depends. I have a fairly high sex drive, so I would be worried about that being an issue, but as long as I like someone I'm willing to date them

  43. depends where they lie on the spectrum. i wouldn’t because it’s very important to me personally. Even if they are halfway on the spectrum, i’d prefer all the way sexually attracted to me.

  44. I would, I think it just depends on where they are on the spectrum. I like the idea of sex, and I'd say I'm a pretty horny person, but I don't think I need it in a relationship to be happy

  45. I would need more information. It's not an automatic deal breaker, but I've been in long relationships with people who have dramatically different sex drives (I don't want to label someone without their input but I would not be shocked to hear one actually is somewhere on the ace spectrum and just didn't realize it). I'm not gonna lie, it made things difficult for me, and a lot of that came down to feeling undesired, more than the actual lack of sex - I can achieve orgasm without a partner but I can't achieve that level of intimacy, if that makes sense? It led to a lot of resentment and it was really a blow to my self esteem, and a lot of that may have been helped by more knowledge and communication, but the impact it had on me is still there and I can't go through that again.

  46. I don't think I could. I really want to have sex with a person that I love. And I wouldn't get any enjoyment out of it unless I knew they were enjoying it too.

  47. Personally, no. Because sex is part of how I express love and without it I’d feel disconnected from my partner (I’d only want to have sex if they share that desire).

  48. I would. I tend to value emotional intimacy anyway, and I don't think sex (whether penetrative or not) is necessary for a relationship to be healthy.

  49. I mean I’m most looking for mural attraction and compatibility. I know that attraction is going to look different but if the vibe is there, we can try. Idk I don’t too much dating experience so I’m not going to say never and draw lines in the sand based on something “sounds”

  50. Hmm, I guess I’ve never really thought about it. Sex is important to me, so an ideal partner would be sexually attracted to me. But it might work if we were poly.

  51. I'm ace and sex natural/positive normally have my bouts of being repulsed so I wouldn't mind and would date someone who is also ace

  52. I’m bi and I’m dating a sex positive asexual currently. As long as the person has the same values as me and wants the same things from a relationship as I do (e.g. sexually, romantically, etc) then we can work out how to make it work for us. She doesn’t experience sexual attraction and could happily go her life without sexual connection with someone. However, I have a high libido and she is happy to be in a relationship where sex is frequent occurrence.

  53. i would totally date an asexual person. sex is not at all an important part of a relationship to me and i barely even think about it. as far as i’m concerned, that’s almost a bonus (not that i don’t love my allosexual boyfriend). just seems like less to worry about for me

  54. If this person was ok with me having sex with other people casually, I think I would. My sex drive fluctuates, and I see sex as something more recreational than an inherent part of love.

  55. I have dated asexual people. My sex drive is pretty high, and it usually causes conflict. I've told myself not to fall in love with people that I don't have compatible sexual desires with, but love happens anyways sometimes.

  56. First of all, I‘m confused from the question. There are bi people on the ace spectrum as well as there are homo- and heterosexuals on it, but the questions makes it sound as if we‘re on different ends of the same question but this would only be the case if you believe the prejudice we all are sluts.

  57. Tbh I probably wouldn’t. I don’t need to have sex all the time, I can go long periods without it, but I feel like somewhere deep down I’d feel a bit self conscious that my partner wasn’t really sexuality attracted to me. I wouldn’t want to make them feel like they need to have sex with me to make me feel better about myself.

  58. I personally wouldn’t since sex is incredibly important to me. Yes, I understand that some asexual people do you have sex . So I wouldn’t be their type either. I look at it the same way as a cis bi female, I wouldn’t also be dating a gay man. I am not there type, and they are not mine.

  59. as a demisexual, yeah, i totally would! but being demisexual always makes me feel like i’m too allo for other ace people and too ace for allo people 😂

  60. Probably not. Romantic attraction begins with a mutual sexual attraction for me. If I dont feel like they are sexually attracted to me, the relationship probably won’t go anywhere.

  61. Depends on the gray scale of asexual they are on. Sex is important to me, so someone who wouldn’t enjoy it is a no however if someone likes to do it, like maybe a couple times a week, I would.

  62. I don't think I could. I could Love one, but being in a relationship without sex wouldn't be easy. I could picture it in a poly relationship.

  63. I would, as long as they were comfortable with non-sexual romantic attention. It’s hard to imagine my partner having no involvement in my sex life. I haven’t dated an ace yet and I imagine they’re all different.

  64. It's very infrequent for me. Generally around autumn I get kinda horny for some reason and then have no libido for the rest of the year.

  65. I’m demisexual and dated a demisexual, it was amazing cause we both had a high sex drive. I wouldn’t date an ace because I don’t wanna make them uncomfy with my horny ass LOL

  66. I would not because sex is very important to me, and I need my partner to be sexually attracted to me. While some asexuals are more neutral on sex, we still wouldn’t be right for eachother, someone that cares a lot about sex and sexual attraction, and someone who doesn’t care or has a negative opinion, are doomed to fail.

  67. Probably not because I do enjoy having a partner that’s sexually attracted to me, but I feel like it would really depend on the person and where they fall on the ace spectrum. Like I don’t think dating a demi sexual person would be a problem for me at all, but dating someone sex repulsed probably would be

  68. Honestly I don’t think I could. Even as a polyamorous person. Every connection I have is unique, but all of them include sex. It’s important to me.

  69. I would not, but not for disrespectful reasons. I have a very high sex drive. Sex is a very important part of a relationship for me, and I want a person with a sex drive that’s close to mine. I know not all aces are sex-repulsed, but some are and some just aren’t interested in sex. I’m not compatible with a person like that. There is no compromise that wouldn’t make one or both parties miserable, I know that from experience.

  70. No, due to incompability. Even if not all asexuals are the same and feel the same about sex as OP is pointing out. Not being sex repulsed, being ok with sex, all of this is not the same as being allo. One person gives a beautiful example comparing what sex can he for asexuals with giving a message and the pleasure is to please the person and you have actually nothing from it and I think it is great but it woudn't work for everyone and I would be worried I would feel too guilty to except it like this and I think it would not work out for me.

  71. No. I have a high libido and it's important to me to feel sexually wanted. Sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship for me and basically the main difference between my romances and friendships.

  72. I dated an asexual girl. Was absolutely crazy about her. We didn’t work out, but I definitely remember her fondly. I just respected who she was and we had plenty of lovely intimate moments without having sex. She was plenty affectionate in other ways. Point being, yes, absolutely, if I were single I’d date an asexual person again if I liked them.

  73. I would but only in a polyam arrangement. I wouldn't be able to live a sexless life, but I could absolutely love and be committed to someone as long as they were comfortable with cuddling and kissing type activities still.

  74. I’m so down to date an asexual because emotional nourishment is key for me, and, I already relate to dating relationships as a non-monogamous thing, because I’d rather not rely on one person to tick all my boxes - full monogamy ain’t in my nature.

  75. Probably tbh. I like the idea of sex but having had it it's kinda gross honestly, would much prefer a partner I could just cuddle with and talk without too much focus on sex

  76. Sure. I don't mind not having sex because I'm honestly a little terrified of intimacy further than making out but aside from that, as long as we love each other, I'm more than happy to not worry about that.

  77. It guess it just depends on where the person falls on the ace spectrum. And as long as they're comfortable with me being polyamorous. Sex isn't a requirement in all my relationships, but I would need some form of physical affection.

  78. I’m hypersexual and sexual interaction is a very important part of how I feel and express affection, so for a long term relationship, sexual interaction would kinda have to be on the table.

  79. Sex and sexual attraction are essential parts of a relationship for me, so I wouldn’t be a good match for an ace person. I do know some people in ace/allo partnerships that have figured out a way to make it work for both parties (usually some form of polyamory), though, so I’m certainly not representative of allosexual people across the board.

  80. Yeah I would. Sex is nice but honestly is not that important to me. I'd like to know ahead of time however before I'd get to the point of considering dating, which if you're not my friend might be hard to just bring up. Asexuality is also kinda a spectrum. some of my friends who identify as ace note that while they don't want to be touched they're fine with touching a partner sexually.

  81. I married one. But I’m also demisexual myself. You can be both bi and ace - I don’t feel sexual attraction towards a person until I care about them, and once I do, then gender just doesn’t matter to me.

  82. I'm 20+ years married to an absolutely wonderful asexual woman. Initially we didn't know she was Ace. We'd have 4hr foreplay sessions which she liked - they felt nice to her but didn't really arouse her.

  83. Well, I'm demisexual and bisexual, so probably. Not completely sure how I'd feel about being with someone who is sex repulsed, but I'm not against trying to work things out.

  84. In a heartbeat. Then again, I'm pretty extremely demi. Maybe actually Ace. So I don't think I'm the target audience for this question...

  85. I had a weird friendship with a woman where we would fuck people and talk about it in great detail while we cuddled each other to sleep every night. She always stayed over or invited me over. Is this what being ace is like? We did it for years. I didn't know what ace was back then but I know for a fact that I don't personally view sex as a mandatory requirement for romantic relationships.

  86. Depending on what flavour of ace-spec they are, absolutely. I have recently been researching and exploring possible ace-spec sub identities that resonate with me such as Loquisexual, Sapiosexual, and grey-ace. It would be better to ask if an allosexual bisexual would date an asexual, or if an asexual would date an allosexual bisexual, since they are not mutually exclusive 😊 ENM would be important for me in this situation, which is another huge consideration when asking if an allosexual of any flavour would date an asexual of any flavour 🏳️‍🌈

  87. Probably yeah! I like sex but feel no issue living without it as long as there’s emotional intimacy and cuddles.

  88. As long as they are not sex repulsed due to some trauma I sometimes have periods where I'm hypersexual and when that is returned it makes me feel validated and wanted in that relationship, I feel like they would get tired of me fairly quickly if they were absolutely apposed to sex and I would feel ugly and unwanted.

  89. Already dating one for over seven years. Ngl I was bit insecure at first when we were still figuring things out in our relationship. But as time went on I even felt relieved that certain aspects aren't that important anymore. There's no pressure to always have sex or have it at all. Still there's a lot of love and affection. We're friends, but our relationship is not only platonic at all. Actually it made me rethink how I see and want romantic relationships to be. It made me question my sexuality again and while I still identify as bisexual most of the time, I feel okay with the label demisexual too. I think today's societal expectations of romantic relationships are somehow limited and fairly sexualized. While sure, for a lot of people sex and sexual attraction is a pretty important aspect of a romantic relationship, it's totally possible to have a romantic relationship without the sexual attraction part. Sometimes even without the sex part. And those relationships should be celebrated more and not be infantilized just because some people don't get it.

  90. I will be honest. I’m not sure if I could I’m a human being with sexual urges and I’d like to be intimate with my partner. I’d have to be deeply in love to make this concession. So probably not

  91. I would not. Sex is important to me and an important part of my relationships. I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t enjoy and want sex to do it out of obligation because they don’t mind, even if they don’t find it repulsive

  92. Not at all. Sex is a big part of relationships to me and I would never understand being with someone who doesn’t want to have it. Not hating asexuals at all but no.

  93. I couldn't. I would happily be friends with aces, but I am far too sexual a person to be in a romantic relationship where sex isn't a major part of it, with an equally enthusiastic partner. I've tried before with a low-libido partner and it was unbearable. This is not just a physical need, it's more like a soul need, it's also an emotional need, it's who I am and how I define intimacy and true connection with a partner. Having lots of great sex with someone I love is like the ultimate goal of a relationship for me. So asexuality is one thing I'm really just not romantically compatible with.

  94. I love everyone and there's so many things I could easily get over, but for me personally I think I would fare better with someone who wants sex as much as I do! That being said, if the person I like happens to be asexual then we could figure it out from there !

  95. Personally, I’m not sure I could be with someone who was not sexually attracted to me, which is what I believe ace to be. Sexual attraction/intimacy is something that I desire a lot, so I would definitely seek that out in a partner as well. But who knows, maybe if our relationship went well I’d consider it, but it would be on an individual basis. I have nothing against it at all though. Love for all!

  96. As someone who has been in a fair amount of relationships on both sides, it's not an absolute deal breaker with me, but I generally feel a lot closer with someone when we have that extra layer of connection. It's starting to slowly be a deal breaker for me, just because it personally makes me feel a lot closer to the person I'm dating.

  97. «Other way around? Its not exactly opposite is it? Someone who is attracted to more than one gender, and someone who doesn’t have sex. It’s not the same… I don’t want to give up sex. It’s important to me and I don’t want a relationship without it.

  98. That’s an interesting question. I think if there’s good chemistry then why not? I feel like the bisexual umbrella is pretty large so I wouldn’t see any issue. Personally I feel that intimacy and a sense of connection are the building blocks of good sex, but they are not dependent. So long as those feelings are present, that’s all that really matters. I think most people would want that romantic connection before sex anyway. To my knowledge some aces are completely open to the idea of sex but only if they have a romantic connection with their partner. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But yes, I would have no issues with dating an ace if we had good chemistry and a romantic connection.

  99. Eh, matters on the person tbqh. I def wouldn’t be able to date anyone who’s sex repulsed, that’s for sure. And I’d prefer if my partner was attracted to me. But it’s not a deal breaker.

  100. Nope. Sex and feeling desired is very important to me So, if someone I knew was ace asked me out on a date, I would tell them I would prefer to just be friends as we aren't compatible.

  101. Personal it depends alot on them. I'm really into bdsm and thier is alot of ace aro people in that community. But I'm also super uneducated on ace aro relationships . So I guess my real answer is I'll try to make it work and if it does it does and if it doesn't it doesn't.

  102. Very much depends, asexuality is a huge spectrum. I can however say that i wouldn't be able to make it work with someone who's sex repulsed

  103. Honestly? No. I need sexual activity for a relationship to work, and I need to know my partner wants me like that. If they weren't into it or worse just did it because they knew I liked it? It wouldn't work. Plus I'm serially monogamous

  104. I'm dating an asexual gal and I love her pretty much. Not having sex in kind of a bummer (pun intended) but is not a dealbreaker for me. Just hanging out, hold hands, do stuff together, cuddle, chat with her makes me so happy and that is enough for me.

  105. Yeah definitely. I don’t really like sex anyway and I hope I never have to do it another day in my life again. So for me it would be perfect. I’m not ace though, I just don’t really like sex. I can feel sexually attracted to someone and think I would want to have sex with them, but actually doing the thing, noooo thank you.

  106. I think I would, if we can find a common ground that makes us both happy. I'm a little older now and I think my libido is just dying so... wouldn't be losing much. They'd just have to be ok with me being affectionate (hugs, kisses etc) and emotionally a little needy. I'm kinda affection-starved.

  107. Hey that's how I feel! Though I'm younger and just never had much in terms of a libido. I don't care much for sex, but any partner of mine gets to deal with how physically affectionate I am.

  108. Yes, I’d be open. I’m not one to look for hookups, so relationships are my first thing. Aces, pans, bi, gay, are labels that transcend friendship and intelligent engagement. It would be interesting to compare the intimacy of a close friend to that of a fwb.

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