Question about “decreased need for sleep” in bipolar disorder criteria

  1. When hypomanic, I often don't feel tired. So I may not notice that it's 3 am until I look at my clock. It's not true insomnia. I can fall asleep easily if I choose to go to bed. But I will wake up at 6 am feeling rested.

  2. I can't read all that, I get overwhelmed looking at text walls. But when I'm manic I only need 4 hours sleep to feel fine. When I'm not, I need closer to 10

  3. When I'm hypomanic, my thoughts go too fast for me to be able to sleep. I'll usually stay up late, sleep 2-4 hours a night, and then wake up early (anywhere from like 3:30 to 5 am) ready to take on the world.

  4. I have a similar experience. Definitely feeling hypomanic and it is effecting my life, but I still sleep a normal amount when I finally can get to sleep. Makes me doubt my diagnosis. I have been told maybe it is cyclothymia instead. Not really sure. It’s frustrating.

  5. During my last manic episode I was able to maintain 7+ hours of sleep, but it wasn’t enough to stop the train from rolling on and I ended up in the hospital. Everyone goes through a different course with this illness

  6. I am like you and also get a pretty normal amount of sleep while hypo manic. I have bipolar 2 so depression is more of my baseline and hypomania for a few weeks or few months multiple times a year in between.

  7. Sometimes I am absolutely wired regardless of how much I sleep, and other times I am dead tired. Sleep is only one of the criterion though so you can have a hypomanic episode without your sleep being affected.

  8. Sometimes I can sleep 4-5 hours a day and feel rested, sometimes I need full 8 otherwise I'm gonna be sleepy as hell. Both while hypomanic. I just kinda experience either.

  9. Insomnia is very different from the decreased need for sleep experienced during hypomania and mania.

  10. Usually I do and can function on less sleep while manic, like I’ll sleep every couple of days but I had a big manic episode which I slept like 7 hours which I thought was really weird. So yeah sometimes even when I have the full hours of sleep I can still have an episode. I also think decreased need for sleep can be subjective as it depends on what’s normal to the individual and you don’t need to have that symptom, it’s really interesting how we have similar and also different experiences with this disorder

  11. I cranked a whole 2 weeks on 3 hours a night cant remember if i was manic or hypomanic but after that whole ordeal i crashed hard slept about 15 hours a night for 2 weeks before having another hypomanic episode where i slept about 5 hours a night and had mini crashes every 3 or 4 days because of the sleep.

  12. I’ve only experienced hypomania/mania while sleeping a normal amount since taking medication. My episodes are also much less severe, but now when I’m starting to go manic(less experience with hypomanic) I start suffering from disturbed sleep, maybe 5-7 hours of sleep, nightmares and stress dreams, false awakening loops and sleep paralysis, and when I’m up I don’t feel tired but I feel some med side effects of not sleeping properly/sleeping off side effects.

  13. A decreased need for sleep has always been the first sign for me that I’m heading into hypomania or mania. However, according to the DSM that is only 1 symptom of the 7 symptoms listed under section B of the required bipolar criteria, and only 3-4 symptoms are needed to meet section B criteria.

  14. Signs for me are: I don't feel as tired, don't want to sleep at the time I normally go to bed (eg I still want to do things like sew and watch series), I feel wired when I'm trying to fall asleep and wake up before my alarm with racing thoughts. At the same time I will feel tired throughout the day when I don't get enough sleep and I still tend to sleep for about 6.5/7 hours (normally I sleep for 8 hours).

  15. yes me. i can’t fall asleep at all and so i’m running on about 5-7 hours. i require at least 8 to function.

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