Med Talks 🗣️: Antipsychotics

  1. Been on Abilify for a few years now. At first I was on a very low dose and it didn’t do much. My doctor wasn’t really attentive or really cared. When I got a new doctor I was put on a higher dose. Abilify has never been my AP of choice but doctors I speak to don’t want to change it because it’s working.

  2. I had a bad experience with Abilify last year while on fluoxetine, couldn’t sleep for a week and felt really irritable yet crawling out of my skin from energy. i’m not sure whether this was a bad hypomanic episode caused by the fluoxetine (which i had been taking for months already) or a side-effect from the Abilify.

  3. Personally Aripiprazole has worked pretty well for me as a short Asian American 1st gen (child of immigrants) living in NJ. Started in 2013 and have thankfully been on 2-6mg a day at any given point of my relatively stable life. I only needed the one hospitalization, although I thankfully haven’t tried illegal drugs, alcohol, have supportive parents, stable economy, nice teachers, God’s grace, etc. It’s hella expensive, so you do need insurance, as apparently costs 2k a month or something, but I pay 0 monthly somehow. I’ve gained weight, but tbh it’s also from poor college habits so hard to say. I THINK the one seizure I had was from another med, idk was only when I started. I also take valproic acid/depakene/depakote liquid form because I struggled with pills, and escitalopram for anxiety. Also vitamins like B12 and digestive thingy called Wakamoto (Japanese) help too, along with good ol therapy and coping and whatnot. Helped me graduate college at 24 so 10/10 recommend staying on whatever meds are right for you!

  4. I've been on this med since Mid April 2020 and this, along with Prozac, has been keeping me feeling like my normal self. Also, I'm very fortunate not to have any side-effects from the Abilify.

  5. I'm in a depressive period, I started Abilify 2 mg a month ago and I feel lethargic and unmotivated to do anything. I know some people find it energizing but it seems to be the opposite for me and it is worsening my depression. I'm thinking of stopping it. Does anyone has the same effect ?

  6. Abilify has been pretty good for me, but not perfect. I've been taking it for nine months. I was put on it as a maintenance med--I wasn't manic or depressed when I started it. I was started on a low dose of 5mg, but I seem to be pretty sensitive to it, so my dose was lowered to 2.5mg. It worked better at 5mg, but it still works okay at 2.5mg, and the side effects are less.

  7. I’ve been on Abilify for almost 2 years. I started at 2 mg and worked my way up to 25 mg. Initially, and with dose increases, I had increased anxiety and some physical agitation, but that went back to normal after a couple of weeks. It’s knocked out my paranoia, irritability, hallucinations and stabilized my mood.

  8. helped me mentally but i couldnt stand the physical side effects. tremors random body movements my hands and body would go completely numb and wow it worsened my insomnia. atleast i didnt gain weight.

  9. Abilify gave me racing thoughts, eventually escalating to racing suicidal thoughts to me being in a psych ward back on zyprexa.

  10. Started on Abilify in February this year after being stuck in hypomanic episodes on and off since October last year. Definitely not the norm for me, but I'd missed multiple doses of my Lamictal and it threw everything off. I was on it until about June probably and decided to go off since I was back to my baseline. We were using it as more of a short term med. Well... when I got off of it I plummeted straight into a major depressive episode. Now I'm back on it and just starting to feel "better". Had some mixed episodes here and there, definitely feeling the aggressive side of my hypomania as I'm coming back up. Looks like this is gonna be my new long term med since I ditched the Seroquel and all the nastiness that came with it haha so far all good things, no bad side effects with the Abilify.

  11. Bipolar I. Generally my experience with Abilify has been very positive. I've taken it in combination with Prozac/fluoxetine and Effexor/Venlafaxine (current regimen). It's definitely tamped down my manic symptoms, and overall my mood has been very stable while I've been on it. It does have a short half-life, or so it seems to me - if I miss more than a couple of days, I can lapse very quickly into a hypomanic or manic episode.

  12. I've tried Abilify several separate times to treat severe Bipolar depressive episodes. Below 5mg it felt completely ineffective to me. 5mg was the first time it did anything for me, but once it kicked in it was always the best. I would feel perfect for a while. My issue with Abilify was that I always ended up needing to increase the dose because it would stop being effective.

  13. Abilify has worked pretty well for me. I've been on 20mg for about a year now? Not sure as time is hard to guage. It was keeping me level until I started getting break-through depressive episodes that we're now treating with lamictal on top of the abilify. So far all my bloodwork has come back perfect, but I do have to get it done every 6 months to monitor my levels and make sure I'm not developing diabetes.

  14. I've been on Abilify for about 3 years now, after various other antipsychotics. I have told people that it feels like I'm just "normal" now and not even on meds. It's really amazing for me, thankfully. I do have less desire for sex and it may take a while sometimes to have an orgasm but it hasn't been an issue for me and my husband. BUT I am a mom who really, really, really cares about exclusive breastfeeding for the six months after birth and Abilify greatly reduced my milk supply in the second week after my son's birth. He didn't gain weight that week and I had to start supplementing with formula. Anyway, because of that one side effect, I am considering going back on Risperidone/Risperdal for the rest of my current pregnancy and for the first 6-12 months postpartum.

  15. I have been on abilify since this January for my lack of motivation to do things I used to love. I’m allowed to choose between 0’5mg to 2’5mg depending on how I feel. I can say it’s useful and that it hasn’t as much side effects as other medications i take. When I’m on 2’5 mg sometimes i have some anxiety but anything else apart from that.

  16. Abilify was the first AP I was put on during an acute episode and it worked amazingly. Early side effect that went away was constipation. Sleep problems persisted and after a few months, TMJ/jaw clenching became a problem. I’m really thankful for Abilify for showing me that I don’t have to just survive my manic bullshit by myself, but for long time use I didn’t find it helpful.

  17. I have had good luck with abilify. I started it during a manic episode and it has helped keep me stable since then. At first I was on 30 mg a day, now I’m on 15mg. I was also able to lose weight while taking it just by counting calories. I’ve had negative side effects with other medicines, but abilify seems to be a good and necessary part of my cocktail

  18. Took it alongside escitalipram (an SSRI) during a depressive episode. It helped my mood quite a bit, however I felt the need to move around a lot (akethesia) and it became too much on higher doses and had to switch. However, I am generally quite susceptible to akethesia, and I haven't been on a mood stabilizer that hasn't caused it, though abilify was certainly the worst. I had no other ill effects.

  19. I've had a positive experience with Abilify. It takes me from full blown mania to a hypomania and almost gets rid of all of my hypersexuality symptoms. I'm working to find a medication I can take alongside it to get to a more level state.

  20. It was awful for me. I was a teen (14-16) and it basically made me a zombie. I couldn’t keep my head up in class and was tired all the time. I gained ~20 pounds.

  21. I have bipolar 1 with mixed episodes. I’ve been taking 2mg of Abilify for about 6 years. I haven’t had a single episode since. I don’t love the side effects, like weight gain, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and I have a bit of TD (tardive dyskinesia) too, which really sucks. On the whole, my life is finally manageable, so I’m willing to put up with the side effects. It really has saved and much improved my life.

  22. I have had overall a good experience with abilify. In the beginning I suffered several side effects and literally everything made me cry (even an upbeat song coming on my playlist). After a few weeks the side effects mellowed out (I still sometimes cry inexplicably or uncontrollably) and now I have the motivation to do things like exercise and save money which I haven’t had in years! Plus, I feel a lot more stable than when I was just taking lithium.

  23. My doctor put me on 20 mg. I couldn't remember any day previous or form compound sentences, and I could barely drive out of fear that I would lose focus. I was literally living less than day-to-day. I also gained 60 lbs, and slept up to 16 hours a day. I switched meds finally and I can think again.

  24. i loved being on it before i got the side effects. it took me out of one of my worst manic episodes and helped my mood, but i had such severe dystonia in my eyes i had to go to the ER. i really liked it so if it works for you, great!

  25. Took quetiapine for a few months back around 2010 and my mental health was the worst it had ever been. I experienced hallucinations and I was a walking zombie. I honestly can't remember a lot of it, because it was a blur. I was switched to risperidone and I've never experienced hallucinations or psychosis ever since. I had never experienced them prior to quetiapine, either.

  26. I’ve been on it for a little over a year. I’m on 200 millivanillis of seroquel. Recently had them up it to 300 and it was a mistake. I got panic attacks and had a terrible time falling asleep because it felt to me like it slowed everything down to much. I went back to 200 had a good night last night. I can tell when I take it that it effects me pretty heavy I have slowed breathing basically all slow internally.

  27. I was on Seroquel for about 7ish years. It worked really well, but I got some really intense munchies, I was a zombie in the mornings, and I really just wanted to try Lamictal on its own. Getting off of it was a bitch. I felt like I had a constant hangover for weeks and then my entire body was itchy on top of it. It was brutal. Even if I just took it at a low dose one day to help me sleep and didn't take it the next day I'd have the hangover withdrawal crap. Never want to take it again.

  28. Hey all, so I started taking Seroquel XR 50mg about a week ago after being diagnosed with bipolar and initially it helped me with my mania induced insomnia a lot but I feel like my manic episode is still continuing on and every once in a while after taking it at night I get a really bad panic attack bc it makes me feel “too drowsy” if that makes sense?

  29. I'm on 350mg of serequel. I'm foggy, sad, no motivation to do anything or enjoy anything. Even after I sleep 10 hours I find no joy. I'm flat. Is this something that I have to live with? Do all bipolar meds used to treat mixed episodes do this? Bc this sucks.

  30. I started a few months ago and I am always hungry now.. does anyone know what that'd about and how to stop it?

  31. Has anybody experienced memory loss with seroquel? I’m on 200 mg and have been for a little over a month and I’m struggling significantly with long term memory loss. I have vague to no recollection of certain major events and lengths of time spanning weeks.

  32. I was on that medication from late December 2019 to early February 2020 and it did not work at all(thankfully, when I landed in the psych ward back in early February 2020, they took me off it). In hindsight, I should've gone to the hospital sooner than I did because it caused my heart rate to go up really high(at one point, my pulse oximeter read 168bpm). Also, it did absolutely nothing for the mixed affective episode I was experiencing at that time.

  33. Lots of sleeping, lots of eating. Basically like being high all the time. I also had one hallucination on it and it scared me straight for two years.

  34. Best sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life. Went from sleeping 4hours at night and 4 hours in the day to sleeping a solid 8-10 every night. Have to make sure to take it at 8pm so that I’m not drowsy the next day however.

  35. I can’t go on like this anymore….My dr refuses to take me off serequel even though it makes me sleep 12 hours a day and a walking zombie. It’s been 6 months and I can’t take it anymore. I’m currently Finding a new dr and After watching dr Tracy marks on YouTube I learned that vraylar could be a good alternative. Anyone have any luck with vraylar. My current dr never even heard of vraylar as it’s newer med in Canada …..I’ve tried olazapine, abilify and risperadone already with bad side effects… I’m from Vancouver Canada and pharmacy said could cost around $180cdn per month but I’d be willing to try. First I have to find a dr which is very difficult because there is a shortage of drs here with long waits!

  36. I was previously on ER 50mg + 25mg but I had to have it increased to ER 200mg 2 weeks ago to help with disassociation and depression.

  37. Finally working my way off Seroquel after massive weight gain and scary sedation over 2+ years. Started at 200mg and I'm down to 125mg. Have been tapering 25mg per fortnight and the goal is to be off it (or as close to it as I can be safely) by December. Being supervised by a psychiatrist, for the record. I hate it this drug so much (also prescribed Lithium, Lexapro, Rexulti and Valium.)

  38. what does of quetiapine are u one ? so after 2 years im finally down from 800mg to 350. i reduce to 300mg next week. been a anxious paranoid mess but feeling more myself with the less dose ( im also on tropimate 100mg)

  39. I am currently on 300MG of Quetiapine XRT. It’s helped me significantly come down from mania. First time in my life taking it. The psychiatrist upped it to 600MG. I’m hoping it’ll do even more good than it’s already doing. It definitely makes me super drowsy though. I’m not too concerned about weight gain as I’ve lost over 50 pounds in the last 8 months due to depression and anxiety. I could use some weight gain. I’m just hoping I’ll see more benefits now that it’s raised. Any one on this high of a dose?

  40. I’ve had very positive experiences with Seroquel. My doc gradually increased me to 300 mg. I haven’t put on weight. I do think sometimes I need a bit more than 8 hours of sleep, but my lifestyle can accommodate this easily. I will say one night after taking it, I woke up to pee and the drowsiness I was experiencing was so severe, I fainted? fell asleep? on my way back to bed. I fell to the ground and scared the sh*t out of my bf lol. Have been on Seroquel since Sept. 2019, and was at 300 mg by Summer of 2021.

  41. Love it, haven't had any psychotic symptoms since starting it or any hypomanic episodes. My mind is much quieter too and I'm having no side effects besides weight gain. It didn't help my depression at all

  42. I felt great on Seroquel actually, most effective mood stabilizer I've ever been on (at least during a depressive episode). However the sedating effects were way too much - I didn't feel rested unless I had about 16 hours of sleep, despite having very few depression symptoms and my sleep apnea was being treated.

  43. Does anyone have any experience eventually stopping quetiapine/ mood stabilizers altogether? My neurologist suggested I potentially reduce the number of medications I’m on to help with my migraines (Prozac, Vyvanse, Seroquel) but my psychiatrist thinks that because I’m on such a low dose (25mg) it probably isn’t necessary… obviously I will defer to my doctors before actually doing anything but I’ve heard that some people are eventually able to eliminate part of their medication regime after many years of being consistent with it… I have bipolar ii that’s been very well managed for about 7 years now and I’ve been able to lower dosages of all my medications gradually with no ill effects over that time.

  44. First 24 hours felt like my brain was on fire. Had a loss of coordination, some mental fuzziness and fatigue. That all passed, now dealing with some fatigue and muscle soreness. Not helping me a lot yet, I have definitely had some more ups then normal but some of the previous depression is still present so far.

  45. started it 5 days ago, maybe feel a tad better but I also have ocd and that is nowhere near gone. Gives me extreme fatigue and I end up sleeping the entire day.

  46. God I loved caplyta. Nothing has ever helped my depression like caplyta. Unfortunately, it also made me have diarrhea every day. I have IBS, but it kicked that shit up to 100. Had to go off of it but I might go back on someday. Idk.

  47. I started this during a severe depressive episode as a “last chance” drug because I really didn’t want to go inpatient. I physically felt horrible at first - worst headache ever, felt overheated and hot/cold flashes, nausea, lightheadedness - to the point I couldn’t work or stay standing for long at first. I would take it at night right before bed, and the physical side effects eased throughout the day. Side effects reduced in intensity and duration over time, I went back to work after two weeks, and now I basically just feel overheated and physically off for a couple of hours if I don’t sleep enough and wake up too close to when I took it the previous night.

  48. This did pull me out of a depression, but then it just made flat. I also gained weight and had extreme fatigue. I just went off of this medication. I do hear that it works really well for a lot of people though.

  49. Has anyone noticed an increase in general mood, like a greater outlook on life, and more importantly a greater sense of motivation? I thought my adderall was starting to work better, since I switched from generic to the brand name. But I just realized today that this new found positivity and productivity more coincides with my starting of Vraylar. It’s just a trial period, but it’s going really well. I hope my doctor can get this approved. I’ve already tried three times through my PCP and my insurance company really isn’t having it.

  50. I’ve read some comments about pretty serious weight gain. Can anyone elaborate? Is it that Vraylar makes you hungry all the time? Or does it actually stimulate the body to store more fat no matter what you go?

  51. I had severe anxiety and avoided driving my car. My heart would beat so fast while driving and everything felt like a threat. I had to quit after a couple weeks.

  52. Sorry about posting in the wrong spot! Hey all, I've been on 1.5mg of Vraylar for almost 2 months and It seems to be working on getting rid of the mania but I'm so damn depressed I don't want to do anything, I don't even want to talk to my therapist about it, though I did try. I have a psych appt on the 7th, is there something I can ask for to help? I've been on all the anti-depressants out there and I also take Seroquel 300mg at night. I also have PTSD and this is a bad time of year for me, but even before August I was super depressed.

  53. So this made me really dizzy and nauseous for the first two weeks, I was able to counteract it with something I'm apparently not allowed to talk about on this sub even though it's not illegal for me. Now I don't have many side effects, I have an incredibly consistant sleep schedule, I definitely notice the antipsychotic effects, less anxiety, more concentration, and generally calmer. One month in and so far so good.

  54. Anyone feel like they had a honeymoon period with Vraylar? Is this supposed to happen, like balance out in it? It feels like it’s helping still but not nearly to the degree the first month I was on it. Like I “balanced out” but a little too far back. It didn’t make me manic, if you’re wondering. It just made me able to do everything I wanted or needed to do with little to no effort. I feel like now I’m back in the state of having to force myself to do things, though maybe less than before.

  55. I have schizoaffective. I take 4.5 mg, initially at night but now in the morning. It had been interfering with my sleep when taking it at night. It causes akathisia the first time I was put on it but that has been eliminated with propranolol. It works well for my depression in addition to my psychotic symptoms. Not sure about manic symptoms because I’ve been on a therapeutic dose of lithium for three and a half years. I have not noticed weight gain, in fact, I have lost weight since starting, about eight pounds. My blood sugar and A1C have decreased as compared to before I switched from olanzapine.

  56. Vraylar has been the most effective antipsychotic for me with few side-effects. The most noticeable issue is a severe drop in blood pressure. I can no longer bend over or have my head below my chest, lest I get light-headed and pass out. I also have to be careful with standing up too fast, more so than before.

  57. I've been on 1.5 mg of Vraylar for 3 years. I was amazed at how well it worked. Never felt "normal" like this in my life before. Unfortunately, about 2 months ago it stopped working so my doc increased the dose to 3 mg which had very negative effects. I'm devastated. I've heard other people have had this problem and haven't found another alternative with the success they had with Vraylar. Any thoughts or suggestions? I also gained 20 pounds. Ugh!!! I see my doc again later this month.

  58. I have been on 1.5mg of vraylar every other day for 3 years in combination with 600mg of lithium. The vraylar is definitely the heavy hitter, I haven’t had an episode since I started it. I felt a little amped up from it at first but that calmed down. I gained weight at first but that evened out. Honestly I barely notice anything! I feel really stable.

  59. Anyone feel like they are in a haze since taking Vraylar? I’ve been on 1.5 mg for 2 weeks. I think I’m going to stop taking it. I feel like I lost my personality. I have zero motivation. And just feel so blah and down. Not seen many people talk about this. But someone else has to have experienced this right?

  60. I had never heard of it but my doctor put me on it two months ago and it's as if I am slightly a different person! Anyone else had success stories around this drug?? Still have a ways to go but I am pretty impressed.

  61. Latuda is the only medication that stabilized me when first diagnosed. Ive been on it for over a year now. I have to take it at night because after about an hour I get that uncomfortable body restlessness feeling but if im asleep it doesn't bother me. Latuda has been great for me though. 40mg is my sweet spot, lower or higher I feel dizzy and foggy and exhausted the next day (strange lower doses do that as well as higher) No weight gain with this med for me. It stabilized me to a huge degree but in the months since getting used to it I have had lamictal 100mg and wellburtun 450mg (both doses worked up to slowly) to help with the depression that Latuda couldnt quite manage. Overall I love Latuda, made a night and day difference for me.

  62. Latuda is the only med added to mi list that actually worked! Been on so many others. Started at 40mg and increased to 120mg. However, at the 120mg level, I started developing what looked like tardive dyskinesia...

  63. Does anyone have any suggestions for antipsychotics that don’t cause akathesia? I’m taking seroquel xr right now, and while there’s no side effects, it’s not really doing anything for my depression. Latuda was the absolute worst with akathesia and resulting panic attacks. Abilify also came with akathesia and made me feel anxious and irritated.

  64. I am awaiting testing for my blood sugar because my doctor suspects I have pre diabetes. I have been on Latuda for several years and it has worked wonders for me. My weight has gone up about 50 pounds though. Anyone else have this experience?

  65. Has anyone tried Latuda on alcohol. I’m an addict and currently abusing alchohol. And when I try to take my Latuda at night it makes the restlessness like 4x. It’s so extreme I worry I might hurt myself if I do it, so lately I don’t take my medication at all. Just pure drunk mania baby. 😂🙃😞

  66. I just switched to Latuda the other day, right as I got back from working at a convention (masked the whole time, being careful, but you know, it was a convention). I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and runny nose, and today the congestion is worse. I don't feel bad otherwise so far.

  67. 2 things: I slept basically as much as I could and I basically became a binge eater, or rather eat anytime I could and wanted to eat the rest of the time. I gained about 40 lbs in 6 months.

  68. Latuda is the only med that has worked to stabilize me without any dealbreaker side effects. I started at 20mg and titrated up to 60mg. I had mild akathisia each night after taking it until I fell asleep, but it didn’t last all day and subsided completely after about 6 months. It did raise my cholesterol, so my doctor does occasional blood tests to check on it but not as often as with lithium.

  69. Latuda got rid of my lingering depression. In the 6 years I've been on I haven't been depressed at all. I still have bad days but it changed my life. Bipolar 1

  70. Latuda is the first medication that actually took away most of my symptoms, and one of the first meds I was given after BP2 diagnosis. Abilify and Wellbutrin triggered hypomania.

  71. Have been on for about 1 year. Very little weight gain. It is one of the most expensive antipsychotics and most difficult to get covered by insurance. I will say it does make me feel a little "weird" like restless and so I take it at night. Some nights notice it some nights not.

  72. I take Latuda for irritability specifically. I take a low dose (20 mg) and experienced high anxiety at higher doses. The side effects I experienced was drowsiness and nausea after taking it. I stuck with it and took it closer to bed with a meal and gravol. After several weeks, the side effects went away and I am no longer irritable. I can just take it with dinner now as it no longer makes me drowsy or nauseas.

  73. I've been on Latuda for about 3 months now and it's the best medication I've tried for my BP1. I haven't come close to having a manic or severe depressive episode once on it, and I've been through some pretty trying times since I started it. I do experience restless leg syndrome on it, but my psych prescribed me Gabapentin and Propranolol to combat it (I take one or the other depending on time of day). I've been told the RLS should go away after 6 months or so on Latuda, but it is pretty intense without the additional meds. Outside of RLS, the only other symptom I experienced for a little while was a noticeable increase in body temperature. I would have to turn down the A/C, I would get so hot. That lasted about two weeks or so and nothing since. No weight gain, no sleepiness, or other common side effects.

  74. My current mood stabilizer. I take it at night due to severe anxiety and mild akethesia that kicks in about 2 hours after taking it. They say it's supposed to help with depression too but I haven't seen it - I've needed to take an antidepressant in conjunction

  75. The combination of 40mg latuda + 200mg lamictal has literally saved my life. I have mild tardive dyskinesia as a side effect of latuda, but I literally don't care because it makes my brain work so well. My mood is incredibly stable on this combo and has been for years with the exception of a few very brief manic episodes and one depressive episode that almost landed me in the hospital. Nothing's perfect but this combo + Prozac is pretty damn close for me.

  76. I started this med after having a negative experience with Abilify. I know it is similar but I felt much less restless and intense with Rexulti. It did numb me somewhat at first but I moved to a low dose and now credit it for being able to feel okay. I also take lamotrigine, which does well for mood, but I had lingering psychotic symptoms and 0.5 mg Rexulti knocks them out.

  77. I started zyprexa and gained 30 pounds but it seems to be a miracle drug besides the weight gain... sort of. I am having no issues with mania or depression but I feel very flat and lifeless. I don't have any motivation anymore and I don't enjoy the things I used to enjoy (hanging out with friends, hobbies, etc). I'm not funny or creative anymore. It almost feels like depression but without the sadness. Has anyone else experienced this?

  78. Olanzapine completely eliminated my racing thoughts and left my mind clear and calm. With this, my irritability is gone, as are anger outbursts. I have gained weight but it has levelled off. 5mg nightly for last year and half.

  79. Absolute game changer for me. I find it makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning, but once I'm up and moving I don't feel too groggy. 20mg at night, usually 7pm or so and I'll be asleep by 10 which is a huge improvement for me personally. Was on seroquel before and am having much better results with olanzapine! Really helped calm my racing mind and with anxiety as well.

  80. Zyprexa helped me sleep in a psych ward at 15mg. Zyprexa helped me cope for..a month? until I had to get back to work. Made me feel like a zombie, so I went to 5-10. 5 does nothing, 10 still makes me less a zombie and more like a turned off robot that occasionally works but doesn't enjoy anything.

  81. I'm on this currently and I've gained a lot of weight on it. Hoping to stop it tomorrow. It does help me be stable but the constant desire to graze is too much for me.

  82. Can anybody who takes Zyprexa tell me how long the grogginess the next day lasts? I'm on day two, so I know my body is still adjusting. This is just a curiosity then anything. Todays not as bad as yesterday's. Thanks so much!

  83. I hope this is where my med belongs, it’s a combo of anti psychotic and anti epileptic, Vraylar. I started on 1.5 mg and was upped to 3 mg daily. If we are discussing stabilization it is a miracle drug for me. The only side effect I’ve experienced is weight gain, about 40 pounds total since I began taking it. I leveled off but it’s really hard to accept the weight gain. I’ve never been really overweight, I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. But me and my husband have discussed this several times and we both agree the weight gain doesn’t matter at all compared to how much success I’ve had on the medicine. Don’t get me wrong I plead with my doc for some sort of miracle weight loss pill at every appt, but alas there doesn’t seem to be one. I’ll just go back to exercising and hope for the best. 😂😂😂😩🙄

  84. Thank you all for posting your experience on this drug, you guys really make me feel like I’m doing the right thing for once & this medication is finally the ONE that is ACTUALLY going to make me better instead of worse… phew 😅 I’m taking 1.5mg right now but my doc said that I’m probably not going to see the TRUE RESULTS until I get up to 4mg which doesn’t that sound like a lot? Idk if that’s a high dosage or not? But I’m probably hopeful about this one, let’s hope/pray it continues to be the one! 🙏🏽🤞🏽

  85. I was on Risperidone 0.5mg for 10 days and it practically lobotomised me and absolutely chemically castrated me. I begged the psychiatrist to take me off it and was in absolute tears during the final call. Fortunately the psychiatrist I talked to then was aware it can have extreme adverse effects on people in the autistic spectrum and advised me to discontinue immediately. Few days later I was back to normal.

  86. I'm on rispiridone, 2 mg a day, and while at first i did have some weight gain, it was only 5-10 lbs and I've had no trouble losing it now that I've been on it for about 5 months. did have some sexual side effects at first but again, got back to normal after a handful of months.

  87. I've taken risperidone for about 10 years now. I was only officially diagnosed with bipolar (or told) this past February, but later found out they had it marked in my chart almost 12 years ago. They put me on Seroquel (quetiapine) first and that resulted in hallucinations and feeling like a zombie, but I've actually reacted really well to Risperidone and I feel like it's kept me mostly stable ever since I've been on it.

  88. Really good drig used it for 2 years now 2-5mg and almost 6 mg just because i was psychotic. Now it helps with stability with lamotrigine 200 mg and switch between that and lithium when i have mania or depressive episodes. Helps a lot.

  89. I'm currently on risperidone. My side effects all went away in a few weeks and I feel stable and happy. No sex drive though.

  90. I was on that medication from Early February 2020 to Mid April 2020. It certainly helped a lot with the mania, however it left me feeling very depressed. But what got me off Risperdal was that I started developing a physical reaction to it(thankfully, this time around, I didn't need to go to the psych ward to get off the medication).

  91. made me so apathetic. it made me gain ALOT of weight . don’t know why my psychiatrist prescribed to me when she knows how i feel about my body..

  92. Risperidone was okay for me but I had to discontinue it because it stopped my periods and I wanted to get pregnant a second time. Other side effects: high cholesterol (it lowered soon after stopping the med), flattened affect, needing to sleep at least 9 hours every night, and very low sex drive. So it was effective but I couldn't live with the infertility it caused for me.

  93. Risperdone was added about a year after I reached my 200mg/day lamictal. I was on 1mg risperdone for about...5 years before stress started to wreck my mental state. I was upped to 1.5mg. It's worked well there.

  94. I took it for about two years. It didn't make me tired per se, but it did make me sleep longer. When I was taking it I slept on average 11ish hours a night. After stopping it for another med I started sleeping around 7. Sleeping that much made me lethargic in other areas of life and severely impacted my overall productivity. It also made me wet the bed occasionally.

  95. Geodon just seemed to flatten everything for me. I wasn't experiencing the highs and lows of Bipolar I, but I wasn't experiencing any other feelings, either. As an added bonus I gained about sixty pounds on it, in addition to having pretty bad insomnia. Not recommended.

  96. its handled my episodes well and its a perfect sleep aid. I will take it and after 1 hour i will be passed out have a solids night sleep. However, the next day i will feel like i complete zombie and i hate it . The only side effects I’ve got is fatigue and mental fatigue.

  97. I am confused because I've read that you need to take geodon with at least 500 calories, but my psych said I didn't need food with it. Which is correct?

  98. Whatever you do don’t go cold turkey on this medication. I ended up being hospitalized. I works well for me when I am taking it properly, the only thing is that I need to switch to a higher dosage of it when I’m going into a manic episode but if I stay on that higher dosage for longer than 5 days I turn into a zombie. But on average it works for me.

  99. All in all positive experience. Started at 20 mg once a day, now take 60 mg twice a day. Been on it a year and a half.

  100. I am having a good experience with this medication. Depression is much better and my mind feels clear. Mood is certainly more stable.

  101. I've been on Saphris for 4 years. I use this as a monotherapy for bipolar1 with psychosis features. It is sublingual. Make sure to get the black cherry, it's the most tolerable. I've gotten used to the taste. The generic dissolve really slowly and basically sucks, so request brand name, if possible. Doses higher than 10mg a day start to be pretty sedating and trigger anesthesia for me. I have also put on a good amount of weight with this med at a higher dose- seems to really increase my appetite. Currently I am on 5mg once a night before bed. It helps me go to sleep and I don't feel sedated when I wake up. I am not having severe food cravings at this dose or akathesia. And it manages my bipolar1 and psychotic features very nicely, even on this low dose. My recommendations would be to be on the lowest dose tolerable to control your symptoms. You will have fewer side effects. I hardly notice that I am on psych meds, which is really nice.

  102. Does anyone know the full lifetime of 6mg extended release invega? I’m getting really sick from it and can’t stop licking my lips and getting these electric shocks through my whole body

  103. Does anyone care to share your general experiences with this med? I start it in two weeks (me and my psychiatrist are adjusting other meds as well in the mean time). I've been on Risperdal before, which I hear is the "parent" of invega, so I'm expecting good things. Thoughts?

  104. I've had great experiences with Invega. I switched from Seroquel 400mg to the starting dose of Invega and updosed to 9mg. There are side effects such as grogginess, and restlessness. I randomly jerk around at times. It does get more bearable over time. I do have schizoaffective bipolar type it's drastically reduced hallucinations, and I have no more highs or lows as far as mood/mania. It's definitely a more light medication than Seroquel. It's coupled with lamictle, and has made me finally stable.

  105. I was extremely restless on Abilify. My muscles were weak and jittery; overall a horrible experience. They had me on the slow release injection AND the pills. (Don't remember the dose)

  106. I have been using quentiapine for a few years now- my latest hypomania was greatly reduced with an increase of the Seroquel generic. I was having trouble sleeping and with a large dose at night I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep easily. I avoided worsening symptoms and full blown mania. I take a small dose in the morning as well.

  107. I have been on abilify for the best part of 2 years alongside lamotrogin and while it kept me stable for a short time it's now not working as well as it was.

  108. I've been on abilify for 2 years. Started at 10mg and now at 30. It has completely stabilized me along with my other meds (lamictal, effexor) and has taken away all of my anxiety. I don't feel flat, but normal. I'm lucky I've had no side effects whatsoever. I know other people have.

  109. Hello, I have bipolar 2 and I am taking 400mg Lamictal and 100mg seroquel down from 100mg. I don't take it consistently because the dose is too strong and I'll be contacting my psychiatrist to decrease my seroquel prescription.

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