Why did it have to be a J&E unlock…!?!!?

  1. I typically buff Esau defensively and Jacob offensively as wel as use Jacob to enter rooms on second floor to protect red health.

  2. I have 800 hours on the game and haven’t gotten it once :( I have like half the unlocks on tainted lost and still haven’t seen it with him too.

  3. You get it the same way you reliably get other secret room items, which is by abusing items/cards/runes/soul stones that can put item pedestals in secret rooms and reroll them.

  4. I remember watching J&E runs back when it was a mod (I watch a lot of Hutts), well before Repentance was even announced, and thinking what a great, really fun sounding idea. I couldn’t wait to try it one day when I switch over to computer (I play on Switch)

  5. In actuality I do enjoy playing them, I really like how it changes up almost everything, even down to using bombs and the like. I’d say it’s much better than Lazarus, personally.

  6. just keep at them and pray for mama mega. I just unlocked Magic Skin, they're playable, just require a lot of practice.

  7. I always take the first part of alt path for the 2x double items plus free boss item - but I rarely take the mines route… maybe I should give that a go I’m just not so sure I’ll be able to take that path plus still make boss rush, at least consistently. Worth a shot at this point 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. While they're far from easy, calling them the hardest characters is a massive exaggeration, they're honestly not even close to tainted lost, and it's harder to win with tainted jacob too

  9. I don’t know what y’all are complaining about, yeah they’re difficult but they also are incredibly good damage early and effectively have double the tear cap of any other character. There’s so many items that have multipliers that don’t stack, that you can give Jacob some damage and luck+tear effects and still give most damage and cap tears on esau

  10. I ended up getting the unlock a few hours ago, wasn’t even too busted though I did have quad-shot Polyphemus. I made a post earlier that shows the stats and items, but yeah wasn’t so bad - I enjoy J&E but they’re objectively a bit more difficult and/or at least have their own learning curve. I really just meant it’s a decent item behind a difficult character.

  11. I think there’s a philosophy that the more difficult a character is, the better the unlocks are. Hence why Jacob and Esau have some of the best unlocks

  12. I’ve considered at least knocking difficulty down to Normal to get the unlock but idk yet if I want to have to redo boss rush in hard

  13. Oh I agree. I’m just having a tough go at Boss Rush specifically with them, I actually don’t dislike J&E personally

  14. And of course it’s a boss rush unlock at that. I’ve never played on anything but hard since I unlocked it (was hard an unlock? Been awhile). However, I’m seriously considering unlocking this via an easy run - as I believe that’s a possibility, correct?

  15. Worst part is I unlocked it 200+ hours ago and have still never seen it. I go to secret rooms every floor if possible. It feel like the only rooms I never see items in.

  16. Now that I think about it, birthright popped up in the next run’s shop after I unlocked it - I believe it was a tainted Isaac run, and was a hard carry lol go figure

  17. I just unlocked Godhead yesterday finally! Lol that’s why I decided to go for Rock Bottom, figured yeah that worked yesterday this will work today.

  18. The item is such a free win that the game would honestly be too easy if it wasn't locked behind the CBT that is J&E

  19. I’m tired of people hating on Jacob and Esau, one of the most fun characters if you just play them right and don’t stack all your items on one character. Way too many use Esau as another Isaacs heart which just completely defeats the purpose of playing as them

  20. Not hating at all, I rather enjoy playing as them - that has absolutely nothing to do with (perceived) difficulty.

  21. Yeah luckily I got the basic unlocks and mega Satan done in two good runs (I was gunning for Birthright after I learned about it), right after unlocking them. I’d like to at least get Tainted J&E unlocked as I’m hopeful that I’ll be ok at controlling Esau - however - hectic rooms will likely be stress incarnate.

  22. Yeah I keep landing boss rush but too weak in items or health to do much once in there. Just keep hoping for a few good start items 🤞

  23. J&E actually have a yore a few great unlocks (Birthright being a huge one as well) but I get what you’re saying lol

  24. It’s a good one to have, though I’m pretty happy I worked on Birthright first as that feels like it’s probably more comin to proc

  25. Yeah I believe all their items have thematic meaning - like the jawbone with Samson, and the wisps with betha- wait

  26. Oh for sure, I just already have their other good unlocks. Figured I need to unlock it at some point anyway, and I like J&E but find them to be pretty difficult at times - and I’m generally not great with boss rush with a lot of characters to begin with lol - I like to explore, full clear, be able to focus.

  27. I believe they were actually made for the antibirth mod, different devs (who ended up working on Rep with Edmund & team) - but the sentiment still stands lol

  28. It’s not. It’s an Azazel unlock that requires you to have a J&E coplayer, and it doesn’t matter if they die during the run.

  29. J&E have so manny good unlocks is imposible it is not intentional. Eddmun you beautiful bastard I want stairway to heaven without wanting to go to heaven myself thank you

  30. Get as comfortable as you can with moving Jacob around Esau. By either bumping into a wall to line them up or holding Esau stationary and moving Jacob around him - having them in line with your target can give you a higher more steady DPS. It also helps get you comfortable with getting them back together if (no - WHEN) they get split up during a hostile room.

  31. Since Repentance I’ve gotten guppy (maybe) two times? I used to go Devil a lot more often when I ran AB+, and I still do as lost/keeper and their tainted chars, but I mainly run angel for everyone else.

  32. I hated them at first. Now I actually like them. They're unique and can become insanely overpowered. If you hate them wait for tainted lost.

  33. I did unlock it a few hours after posting this - let’s see how long until it shows up lol 🤦🏼‍♂️

  34. My strategy for them was to give Jacob any “% chance” offensive items and Esau any flat damage items. That’s just for the early floors to really make use of their starting attributes and make the best use out of the items I was given.

  35. Somehow, my Rock Bottom run was the only point where J&E didn't feel agonizing to me. The actual boss rush actually felt really calm.

  36. I’m stuck playing on Switch currently. I need to switch over to my MacBook Pro but I’m not excited to lose all the progress so far in my Switch 😔

  37. I don't know why everyone hates J&E so much, it isn't too big of a hitbox increase if you keep them together and they get a ton of stuff to work with. I would argue they're one of the best characters in the regular selection.

  38. Oh I enjoy playing as J&E, actually, I just meant it’s a powerful unlock, behind a fairly difficult character - but also one of the harder paths (because of the time constraint - especially while taking first part of alt-path and grabbing second boss item).

  39. what I did was play co op with my partner, he played J&E and I played a character with strong carry potential like tainted Lilith or Bethany or something, I don't remember exactly, but we managed to unlock pog bottom and birthright in the same night !

  40. I think it's supposed to be the rock Jacob used as a pillow when he escaped from his brother. Also what everyone else said about high challenge high reward.

  41. Yeah! I read that, like with Samson and the jawbone, etc. pretty good they did thematic unlocks like they did.

  42. I feel the same way about birthright like I want to play the game but I have a want for birthright that can’t go away

  43. I’m so fucking sick of people hating on Jacob and esau, they are really underated and are incredibly fun characters if you know how to play them well

  44. Plug in your controller Start a run as Jacob and Esau with your keyboard Then press start on your controller and play character you want :D

  45. J&E literally unlock the most essential items in the game, Rock Bottom, Birthright, The Stairway, Magic Skin, Genesis and Damocles

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