How old is everyone?

  1. 30. Been playing much more frequently since the pandemic started last year. Been considering joining a league.

  2. 47, played off n on most of my life however never in a league. Bought a 1964 9ft Gold Crown 1 during this pandemic. I will be joining a league once this is behind us

  3. 67 ... I've been playing pool in league for 20 something years. I finally reached '6' status just before Co-Vid. Now I'm soooo rusty, even with a Gold Crown 9 in my basement.... I'm in Maryland. I met my husband playing pool.

  4. About to turn 40 this month. Been playing competitively (APA) for 5 years. Learned the basics of how to play when I was a young teenager, played all the time, then didn't really pick up a cue stick (aside from the isolated bar table once or twice a year) until I started APA.

  5. 35, Played from when I could hold a cue stick until 18, off and on at pool halls and bars, but just recently purchased my very own table.

  6. 67 playing 55 yrs got a gc1 2 josswest 2 bludworth schon players adams cuesticks. High run 123 in straight pool ranked a 7 and run my age every year

  7. 45. Been playing at the same room since I was about 10. My older brother took me there to play video games but I would always end up playing pool instead

  8. Alright...saw one at 1951..dob...same...but still prob 'oldest' dog here so far. Came back to table after 40+yrs but like never left...but better......LIVIN IT....& loving it. ;)

  9. 25, and only played for about a year. Only people who play around here have been playing for 20+ years, so it's a great learning experience. And I almost always get my ass kicked.

  10. 69 but not far from 70. Been playing since I was 10 or 11. Was so long ago I’m not really sure😀 I still enjoy playing and never get tired of it.

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