Competing and Anti Depressants

  1. I'm prepping on SSRIs (so not Wellbutrin type) but I find everything the same in terms of muscle but have to be super aware of holding onto water more than I did before getting on anti-depressants... I get bloated easily if I'm not hitting my water goals. I've started taking dandelion root to help with water retention and I'm looking pretty lean so far. Not super far along in prep yet so hopefully its not an issue when getting my leanest.

  2. YES! I find that i definitely hold more water. Its rather frustrating. Glad I'm not alone there. I would love to know how you are doing further along in prep you get.

  3. I prepped on Wellbutrin. It was my first prep so I don’t have anything to compare it to but it was actually easier for me to drop body fat then when I previously did a much smaller cut

  4. Side note Wellbutrin made me sweat like a pig and the sweat has a ….. scent. I came off of it because I couldn’t stand it anymore with all the cardio I was doing.

  5. They tend to cause unfavorable changes in the gut microbiome which can alter hunger signaling, insulin sensitivity, and even change hormonal balance in men and women.

  6. I think that happens with many meds. I’m taking Milixicam, an NSAID, for a strain tendon. My stomach is NOT happy.

  7. I am following this… just started Wellbutrin 2 weeks ago and I am actually dropping weight, although I am not cutting 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I agree, and my attitude and mood toward life is 1000 x better, I believe that in its self will help prep performance. I would love to know how your journey goes on wellbutrin, I've been on it over a year but I have not prepped yet on it.

  9. I did one prep without Zoloft and one with Zoloft. I felt liken it was easier to lose weight and be more focused with the prep on Zoloft.

  10. Prepped on wellbutrin and pristiq many times, no issues. Me without my anti-depressants… really can’t imagine pretty much anything in life going real well 🤣 but tbh I think it depends on the person how meds impact weight if at all. That being said, wellbutrin is supposed to be an appetite suppressant for most

  11. I used to be on an SSRI and Wellbutrin. When I stopped the SSRI, I started losing weight without any change to eating or exercise. When I stopped Wellbutrin, my weight still decreased, but I was definitely working out more then.

  12. I recommend Wellbutrin! It helps with weight loss and gives an energy boost. It helps with nicotine cravings and inversely cravings in general. That is the only antidepressant/anti anxiety that i know that does not cause weight gain

  13. I prepped on an SSRI and the thing I noticed was it made my food focus and cravings intense. I looked it up and apparently it’s a side effect of the particular medication I take (citalopram), made the last few weeks a real struggle tbh

  14. I bet that was rough. My combo actually kills my appetite, but also feel like it slows my metabolism and make me retain water. We shall see! thanks for your reply

  15. Definitely took my down a notch too, but I also feel like its slowed my digestion and metabolism some. I also retain more water on it.

  16. Had zero issues getting lean on duloxetine (cymbalta). It’s an SNRI. Also it’s the medication I’ve had the most success with in terms of anxiety and depression. Been on it since it first came out in 2004. Life-changing. Like I haven’t had problems for YEARS. No issues with dieting

  17. Have you had any issues with heart rate? Started Cymbalta about 1 month ago and simply can’t workout without feeling nauseous cause my BPM goes waaay too high

  18. I'm on Wellbutrin, Buspar, AND I was forced into chemical menopause bc of my very large fibroids (Myfembree). I'm producing little to no sex hormones including testosterone as my pituitary gland has been temporarily shut down. Wellbutrin in particular is known for weight loss vs gain. Despite my hormones being in the shitter, I'm still losing a decent amount of weight as a natural and older (36) athlete.

  19. Will they supplement testosterone for you? Just curious how they address an issue like that. I had low testosterone for a female but not out of range low. I’m a few years older than you.

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