Is Adair no longer an 🥚?

  1. So I have a theory about her “high calorie” diet…. In a podcast, she talked about how she was too nervous to follow the meal plan that James wrote for her (concerned it was too many calories and gain weight) and she just did her own thing during the 1st few months of working with him. So she continued to lose weight on a “higher” calorie diet and James kept adding in food it try to slow down the weight loss. So it would totally make sense that eventually she’s up to 2000+ kcals diet with a “crazy fast” metabolism when in reality she was eating way less. Competitors obviously get more attention/recognition if they diet on high calories but I think very few actually get stage lean eating over 1200kcal (unless your taller than 5’8). So with time she actually started following the meal plan, hence the lower calorie prep!

  2. If she removed it, she's not with him anymore. James wants every single one of his athlete to put the egg/@Team Atlas tags in their bio. Can't wait to see who her new coach is.

  3. She has an amazing physique and seems so down to earth. I did see on her IG stories that she is currently doing her own nutrition and training. So I guess we will see next season when she starts to compete again

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