Team Hammer making misleading posts on his client after Nashville Pro. She didn’t make top 3, not even top 15. But his post says otherwise. She was top 3 in masters but he never mentioned that.

  1. Saw her on stage in person, she looks really good. But yeah definitely a misleading post, he needs to be more specific that it was masters

  2. His stories were all about how she was holding centre stage first callouts but not once mentioned masters. He just wants followers to see that he can coach a pro in an American show and be successful. His ego has gotten so big over the years, I used to look up to him from his podcast years ago.

  3. Its soo misleading to be sharing that she won top 3 in the “biggest pro show they’ve done”. It was freaking masters. Nowhere did he mention her placing in the bikini pro show. Her husband also posted that they just missed top 10 but she placed 17th, which was the cap for the show so it might have been one of the last place.

  4. The scorecards scoring numbers were right (as always ) but the ranking is a little off outside of the top 10. Happens often…but for a competitor trying to gauge placement, standing etc it might matter. Thank god I played scoreboard sports 🏈 I have a ton of respect for all you competitors and judges. Tough job. Yea, but don’t mislead. Not cool for credibility

  5. Her coach never mentioned masters and posted on his story that she was Centre first call-outs in the Nashville show… but didn’t say it was masters. It’s misleading and discredits her work as an athlete

  6. He does this frequently. One of his natural bikini girls was the only girl in her class and he said she came first… because she was the only one competing in her class😭

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