What competitors do you follow who have non-fitness jobs?

  1. Lawna Dunbar is a teacher. Ashlyn Little went to school to be a dental hygienist. I don’t know if she was working as one before she switched to coaching or what. India Paulino was a police officer. I’d love to hear more and see more of these competitors’ 9-5 jobs. It’s very inspiring to see/learn how others manage to keep fit despite very busy work schedules and lifestyles.

  2. Devyn Cambre is a nurse and so is Alexis Adams. Vania Auguste is a teacher. That’s all I can think of from the top of my head right now

  3. Liz is a graduate of West Point. My neighbor went there. Kids that go there are often same ones considered for Ivy League schools, but you need to meet physical qualifications and get a Congressional nomination, as well.

  4. I remember watching a interview with Janet Layug. It was prep for the Olympia( exactly the year, she won the title ). She said she was still working as nurse, but changed to part time that year. I thought that was impressive and super cool.

  5. Maya works an office job. I don't think she's actively competing but she made it to 2020 Olympia with a full-time job. She's also natural. Her story inspires me a lot

  6. Exactly- you make a good point. Many of these women have CAREERS- not just jobs. I would imagine it would be short-sighted for a some of these ladies to walk away from what they’ve built.

  7. There may be more out there who have normal 9-5 jobs but they keep their Instagram content focused on fitness because they recognize that’s what their audience wants to see

  8. I feel like most have non fitness jobs? Competing is expensive after all. Lawna Dunbar is a teacher. Brittany Gillespie is a nurse. Elenoa works a corporate job.

  9. There are so many bikini pros that you’re probably right! I think my perception is skewed by those placing top 5 at shows - it seems like whenever I look them up they’re coaches, but that’s a small segment of the overall group. It’s probably realistic to say the top competitors (Olympians and those high on the points leaderboard) are overwhelmingly in coaching/fitness and it’s more of a mixed bag with the rest of the competitors.

  10. There's nothing wrong with being fulltime fitness-- if your passion happens to be your profession, congrats and more power to you. It does mean though you have access to more fitness related resources, circles, atmosphere, etc. than people who don't.

  11. Most of them actually do have fitness related jobs. They may start out at a 9-5, but eventually build a coaching brand and take online clients. I like following competitors that have jobs other than fitness coaching because it’s relatable. Competing is a hell of a lot easier if you can work from home and make your own schedule.

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