Another day of Carla saying she’s quitting the sport… How long do we give her until she says she changed her mind lol

  1. I kinda feel for her. She seems to be really hurt; broken… it seems like she truly loves the sport but her genetics (or training preferences?) doesn’t allow to get any further.

  2. Yeah you can tell she loves the sport and that’s why she always returns after quitting, but she internalizes her placements so viscerally and you can tell it breaks her. I feel for her too but it’s hard to watch

  3. What bothers me with Carla is she always insists she fits the criteria perfectly. She does not. She doesn’t seem capable of being objective, taking criticism, and using it to improve, and that is an integral part of this sport.

  4. Couldn’t agree more!!!! She even says in her stories (previously from that screenshot for this post) “I’ve done everything I can…” but I disagree. Her posing needs work, her physique is top heavy not the bikini balance they want, and in my own opinion her overall look is not polished. It’s not the tattoos- I hate that she wants to “champion” being a heavily tattooed bikini Olympian but then will in the same breath turn around and solely blame the tattoos for the lower placings. It’s not the tats…

  5. Competing in a sport where your physical appearance is constantly judged isn’t for everyone. Especially for these pros who’s entire lives are dedicated to it.

  6. Low placements is always an opportunity to do better by taking the advice and doing just that. But not for everyone.

  7. Her tattoos hurt her for sure. I judge amateur shows and I personally don’t like them. If I had to choose between same physique but one without tattoos… definitely the one without.

  8. So question about this, is it because it takes away from the “bikini aesthetic” or can it be difficult to see their definition, true shape, etc because of the tattoos? I have 2 half sleeves myself and always wondered this, so would love some insight!!

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