Support system during prep

  1. It’s because I’ve been wanting to do it ever since high school and it basically saved me, because I wouldn’t say I had an eating disorder. But, my approach to food was very wrong (starving myself, restriction, and etc.) bodybuilding has shown me that I need to eat to fuel my body. But, if they did support it that wouldn’t necessarily change how I approach my prep. It just hurts seeing them support my siblings because it’s what my parents like. They don’t come to my competitions either.

  2. My parents aren’t the best support during preps. My mom tries to understand, but also constantly asks me not to get any smaller. My dad just makes comments about me being too lean and how it’s not pretty and then proceeds to poke my ribs. Unfortunately, they’re not always going to understand why we voluntarily choose such an extreme sport and that’s okay.

  3. How old are you? You seem a bit young. My parents don't necessarily support me, but they don't NOT support me. They went to one show early on and we're like hmm weird (my dad especially). It's BORING as hell to watch amateur shows IMO. My husband went to one show and he wasn't exactly thrilled either, but does like to watch certain divisions of pro shows and enjoyed the Olympia. I'm in my mid thirties and don't really care if anybody supports me as long as they don't actively try to sabotage me or anything. Friends who are also competitors will be your biggest support system I've found. Either team mates, friends you make competing, or even social media friends.

  4. I’ve had zero support from the two people I consider to be my best friends during this prep, but a massive amount of support and encouragement from a work friend. It’s really interesting to see who shows up for you in this sport

  5. I don’t know many bikini competitors who have 100% support from family and close friends. There always seems to be someone (or several someones) who are utterly outraged at the idea of prep 🤷🏻‍♀️ Heck I’m in my 40s and I still got bitchy comments from my 70 year old parents about my hobby. Ah well…sucks to be them since I have no intention of quitting anytime soon 😬

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