Texas Pro Wellness

  1. Best Devyn’s ever looked. And what a debut for Jennifer Zollars (far left). I remember how much bigger and more conditioned she looked than all the other amateurs two weeks ago...you really get an appreciation for the level of competition the pros bring in this photo...they all have it.

  2. This is the best wellness lineup we've seen probably since Boston Pro. Even Pittsburgh and NY Pro after the top 3 it was kinda whatever. Everyone in this top callout looked really really good. Definitely agree this is Devyn's best package to date. The red suit girl next to Devyn could use a touch more glutes. The bleach blond girl and the blue suit girl should trim their hair... Is Jennifer the one that won overall at the USAs? I remember her. She has a lot of potential for sure.

  3. Hey guys! Jen Zollars here. Thank you for the positive feedback! I’ll continue to work hard and come back again with a bigger and badder package! Much love to you all! ❤️

  4. You have a LOT of fans here. When will you compete again? You crushed it! I’m curious what the judges had to stay though because it’s honestly really hard to find flaw with your physique (see our thread from USAs). I figured you were top 3.

  5. After seeing her chasing that qualification all last year and not being able to give her body a break until after the Arnold, I really want to see her win a show outright this year.

  6. Wonder what Jennifer’s feedback was. It looks like she could use more glutes all around...would make her front pose more impressive, in addition to her back pose. She looks a bit too heavy in her front pose. Her tan also looks a little too dark for her physique here? I know a lot of professional tanning services will go darker on tans with blondes wearing red. I think it makes her glutes look smaller. Unless it’s just that spot of lighting on the stage. Also interesting that Amanda Burnett (long blonde straight hair), whom she beat out for the overall at USAs two weeks ago, beat her here. Just goes to show that different judges can see things differently.

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