1. I came off the pill back in September (didn’t have a period on it). Got it back in December - started prep in April & lost it in June 😑 when I was about 7 weeks out

  2. I lost my period the last month of my 5 month prep and gained in the back the next month so I just skipped one period, I was never on birth control though

  3. Similar experience! It took me like 6 months to get mine back. I went off the pill when I was like 12 weeks out from a prep that was prob like 24 weeks.

  4. I went off the pill and didn't get it back for about a year and was very regular for about two years. Then I did a prep, but had to call it off before the comp and my cycle vanished for another year. I just got it back last week thank goodness.

  5. For me, it is more when my weight came back up. I’m 5”4 and lost it <120lbs. I got very lean/small during my last show. Got pregnant 3 months after my last show.

  6. I stopped taking the pill before I started my first prep so I could make sure I got my period naturally. When I competed in 2019… I would say I lost it about 6-8 weeks out of my 28 week prep. It took about a year to get it back

  7. Being on HBC (hormonal birth control) will shut you down (by stopping LH and FSH signaling from your brain to your ovaries) and the degree of your secondary hypothalmic amenorrhea will depend on what BC you were taking and for how long.

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