Where is the line drawn for supplements and natural competitors?

  1. Even over the counter meds like bronkaid/ ephedrine are banned in most natty organizations. As others said there are lists of banned substances on website for natty orgs and natty shows of NPC/IFBB

  2. It depends on the federation. But my coach did say a lot of medications / prescriptions can pop a drug test in a natural federation and if you’ve had any in the last year that’s something to consider.

  3. Agreed that it depends on the federation. I compete in two different ones, and Ephedrine is banned in one but not the other. Definitely check their website or ask for more details if you aren’t sure.

  4. I always found emailing the federation with questions helpful. I have often sent screenshots of ingredient lists to them to make sure they were ok. I have also had to get exemptions in the past for medication (I have ADHD and take stimulant medication). I would see if they could take a look for you.

  5. Which federations grant exemptions for ADHD medications? Does the NPC grant exemptions for them in their natural shows like the Ben Weider Pro/Am?

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