Looking for a detail oriented posing coach for bikini and wellness!

  1. Daraja has been great to work with! She’s able to give constructive feedback and will toss on her heels quickly to demonstrate herself. She also took some screenshots and videos of our sessions for me to reference later.

  2. I just did my first session with Posing by A (Angeline) and she was great! She’s straight to the point, very professional. Tells you your bad habits and how to fix them. It’s quick but I got more from a short session with her than any other posing coach!

  3. I’ve been working with Phoebe! She has her own business the posing portal and she is SO SO detailed in her feedback! Definitely check her website out!

  4. I did sessions with Daraja and loved her. So sweet, attention to detail was great, she explained things easily, and she was affordable compared to many. As someone else said, she will throw on heels and show you, take screen shots so you know what is the correct pose so you can compare later.

  5. I loved working with Toni Gaddis (Bikini pro). Her company is Details Matter Posing. She is very specific with her posing critiques, will do screenshots. Her pricing is very reasonable IMO

  6. We all know jazzy is the queen of posing! If you want the best of the best 💁🏻‍♀️ I’ve also seen some of Lynsielove work and it looks like she does great! I’ve never worked with her though. Jazzy I did work with for a short time and loved every session!

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