1. James an attorney? In his dreams. Lmao- he’s not eloquent nor well-spoken at all. He sounded so uneducated on that collab he did with Adam.

  2. Unlikely. He basically said he won't go after coaches in public. He said he would text them first and let them do the right thing privately. We all caught Tee editing her stage photos and they were taken down afterwards.

  3. Blows my mind that people engage with goob tbh. He's not a legit unbiased source for shit. He's just using people's personal data as a way of saying "hey you didn't send me deeply personal info... YOU'RE LYING" or "you sent me some juicy gossip, thanks for the free content!" like.. Lol. It's like when Nick Trigili said that the Olympia last year was facing a shortage of Bikini girls and they sent out special invites to girls 😭 these dudes actually don't care about bikini.. Just the views

  4. I actually asked him about this and he said “yeah i did that” and sent me all the documents. The twist here is - he put out a video entirely debunking the girls SA claims but nobody is talking about that. He did something stupid but I can’t imagine how I or you may handle it if someone was making false SA claims to damage your rep. She never rebutted the video that had EXIF data and photographs proving she had made it up entirely. That reeks to me, so I stay off of this one.

  5. So messed up to go after clients/former clients like that, threatening to sue them. That is a form of ABUSE, mind control and manipulation. LL was in tears over James getting a lawyer involved. Or an alleged lawyer.

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