Aimee wins Tampa Pro! Happy to see a new Olympian!

  1. I remember her from the “I’m a genetic freak” mumble jumble a while back 😂. Good for her. She did look really good today. Well deserved win.

  2. I know….the like “superior Native American genetics” so I don’t need steroids posts she did really got me. She does have great genetics but so does Isa, Janet and lauralie but never hear them say anything like that.

  3. Who ever posted the other day “this is her show” was spot on. LOL it was a reach and girl delivered. Wether she gives me cocky vibes or not Can’t be mad at the game or the player. 💁🏽‍♀️

  4. Yeah. She won the show fair and square. And she’s gonna do great at the O. Just like any sport some top athletes might not be the most lovable social darlings with the finest PR skills🤷‍♀️. By the end of the day they get judged by their stage performance not by their internet likability.

  5. Yeah that’s pretty typical for pro shows. People aren’t making money off this. What they win will likely only cover a portion of a prep.

  6. I hate seeing the low amounts compared to mens as well. I listened to bikini and the brain podcast once that kind of made this make sense to me however….. note I said kind of.

  7. I’m happy for her, and I do think she looks great, but her cringy posts about how she “graces the stage” do not make her likable. Unfortunately, her “freak genetics” did not provide her with intelligence as evidenced by her illiterate posts. The height of stupidity was a story about how she’s got the most supportive husband because when she was trying to get her business off the ground he would look up “fat girls” on IG and say, “If she can do it, you can too!”

  8. Literally 90% of bikini athletes pose with an extremely similar routine. I know a lot of people added the hands on hip pose after Lauralie made it infamous at Arnolds but there were a few pros doing it before her (one person who comes to my mind is Chloe Margraitner in 2020

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