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  1. Interested what Daraja feedback and her and Paul's opinion of what they did "wrong". I don't love the pink although photos aren't very accurate to what they look like in person. I feel like everytime they try to change her look too much it backfires. Like after overall for pro card and win at pro debut, they changed too much for the Arnold. Then went back to original Daraja and started winning again. I think same thing here, tried to change too much, put on too much muscle, maybe not the right suit, not her typical hamstring/glute conditioning, and it was a miss. Last years look IMO would have had her closer to top spot. Even on a "bad" day Daraja is still one of the most impressive athletes up there, which is pretty freaking incredible.

  2. She looked amazing, but she did appear to be a bit fuller than the other athletes in the top lineup. So if the feedback is to tighten up a bit, then at least that can be achieved between now and the cutoff date for Olympia qualifications.

  3. Maybe it’s just early in the season...not uncommon for competitors to start out on the fuller side the first show back and then tighten up more and more. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Daraja never comes in perfect her first show of the season. She’ll really peak at like her third probably. But I also think her lighter hair and suit changes affected her placing a bit. Wasn’t as flattering or WOW as her previous looks.

  5. When I saw her back adding creatine back in I was a little nervous at what it would do to her physique. I hope she can make whatever changes to put her back on top because I would like to see her back at the Olympia

  6. I think it was Chris Cormier commenting 🤦🏻‍♂️ doesn’t surprise me. Super obnoxious because Dennis James says the same cheesy, blatantly sexual comments at the Arnold and Olympia.

  7. daraja looks a lot bigger than usual. Like a film of water on her lower back and glutes or something. A bit disappointed for her for missing that top 4 but definitely seems fair.

  8. Just a thought- Ivi Escandar looks awesome, but she should delete that spin that she loses her balance out of. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. I'm so confused by that first callout and the rotation of the top 5. Aimee definitely seemed to hold center the longest. Aimee, Ivi, Romina and Jazzy seem to be the top 4 for this show. I was surprised that Daraja wasn't in the mix, but she looks a little fuller than usual... at least she has time to dial it in for her next show.

  10. Jazzy’z glute/ham tie-in OMG...wish Jordan would have been in the top 4. She looked a little off today. Same with Daraja. Even a fuller Daraja is still stunning. Romina looks great from the front but her glutes look off to me.

  11. Men's open bodybuilding lineup seems a little weaker this year than usual. Maybe because this show is so far out from the Olympia? Still some solid contenders, but no major standouts, like in previous years. Akim, Kamal and Phil look good.

  12. Yeah I haven’t been watching the podcast (Fouad’s) as much as I used to do idk why. But you’re right it does seem like a lot of them are waiting till the O. I don’t remember why but I think it was maybe the shift in timing from later in the year COVID Olympias back to this earlier Fall schedule.

  13. Aimee looked so balanced! Is this her second pro show? Definately a breakthrough. Jazzy looked also really good (as all the other ladies). Love Daraja’s shape but she needs to come in a bit tighter.

  14. Looks to be Aimee, Ivi, Romina, Daraja, Danielle Coombs, Jodie, Jasmine, and Jordan Brannon. Not in that order, but Aimee is dominating center and Jasmine and Ivi are being switched off the other center spot.

  15. Probably not if you're only watching for bikini, since the bikini finals are pretty quick (especially if they're not rejudging). Definitely worth it if you enjoy watching the men's open individual choreographed routines.

  16. I would not unless you really want to see it. But then again, I think there are replays for a given time so you’ll be able to see the whole thing.

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