Any IFBB/NPC bikini YouTuber recommendations?

  1. Go watch missy truscott and give the bikini girls a miss - most of the popular bikini YouTubers just promote products they’re sponsored by, weird booty band workouts, crying in the car, and cheat meal/ restaurant footage (but only of the table spread and never of them eating any of it). Chikara transformations is wellness but has a very detailed prep to stage series - food, workouts, posing, check-ins, mindset, PEDs, daily life on prep, etc.

  2. I used to love Jennifer Dorie’s YouTube videos last year while I was prepping! Higher quality productions than most other YouTubers. It was a lot of day in the life videos, but I loved it for watching while I was doing cardio

  3. I used to like Shiva Sheevs, she doesn’t compete anymore but used to have pretty good content during her preps. Kerrigan Pike used to put out good videos as well, I’m not sure what her recent videos are like but her older ones got me through some cardio sessions

  4. lexie mait has a good combination of prep/offseason vlogs as well as educational content! for just prep series, i’ve liked watching ashley lutz and kerigan pike

  5. For life-style and background stories I used to listen to the confession of a bikini competitor on iTunes, and Emily Hayden? on youtube. For training videos Lauralie is great.

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