Tee Miller dropped team Atlas from her bio

  1. I promise I'm a real human and not even a little bit famous whatsoever. I'm not even in the fitness industry. The "common following" method Goob used was not accurate at all. Correctly identifying who I am (or worse, incorrectly doing so) does no one any good.

  2. Totally expected. Between Liana’s exit, Lucia’s weird live and post, and Tee not eating like you’d expect from an Atlas athlete, I’m not shocked.

  3. I couldn't finish watching Lucia's live, just the first like 3 min or so. It's so sad. Hopefully her body is recovering OK. Seems like Lucia is still with James and still prepping though.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me...It just didn’t seem to work for those two. I also don’t really like how James has talked about Teresa not being able to follow a diet. Like that’s personal stuff that should stay between a coach and a competitor IMO. It came off as if she’s not dedicated or disciplined. You don’t look like that without discipline and dedication. Maybe she’s just not willing (or needs to) to follow a 900-calorie diet. Maybe she needs an IIFYM approach, which there are plenty of coaches out there who use this practice.

  5. She was following a macros approach when she was with Team Biolayne. Seems like it was a bad idea to jump ship.

  6. The caption - so spot on! He could launch a whole smear campaign based on misinfo against someone else. I still can’t believe how many people just took that as proof

  7. I personally don’t think this is a surprise: she wasn’t coming in with the condition that most of his girls have. He even said on his stories “Tee needs to come in tighter she needs to suffer”, so I’m sure her protocols were just that and she was coaching herself. If her protocols were just fish and 120 mins of cardio she probably was like eff that this shit will back fire super quick. So I can really see her not following the plan and not willing to take the risk. Now this is just me going by what her physique looked like at the time of her shows. I think sometimes it’s too late, you realize your decisions and just not worth it. 🥲

  8. I do wonder if she plans to compete again at all this year or if she’s just over it. She posted a video of herself having a slide of pizza the other day. She still looks pretty good.

  9. I’m still seeing James reposting her pics or videos. Is it to let the public know he still supports her? Or make them think she’s still in the team?

  10. Not sure. Maybe she is still with the team. The water is so murky anyway. Didn't he act like Lauralie was still on his team after Tampa when she wasn't, and basically did the same with Alessia?

  11. Maybe I was wrong. If there's new development I'm happy to edit the original post and apologize for misleading the group.

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