Adam @Teamelitephysique is doing a collab with James. He explains in the comments why he’s doing it. He’s become plain-old unlikeable.

  1. Ohhhh shut up, Adam. Two fat dudes that spend their time starving girls and crying on Instagram acting like they're something in the bodybuilding world, when in reality they're nothing without their athletes... You know.. The people who are actually putting in the hard work. 🙄

  2. THIS! Adam is literally nobody without Ashley. I always found it weird how out of shape guys will go into coaching bikini girls.

  3. These people get waaay too hang up over other people/Redditors discussing them. If you’re a public figure of some sorts, you have to expect not everybody is gonna agree with you and discuss your views. This is so childish to take it so personally. If you think you’re doing that great, just move on from whoever doesn’t like your way. Being so obsessed about “getting back at Reddit’s meanies” shows that you know you’re doing something shitty but won’t acknowledge it imo.

  4. Kinda off topic but I’m starting to find Phoebe really annoying. Always commenting fake hype on bodybuilders posts and associating herself with very problematic people.

  5. I feel like she tries to get along with everyone. Not saying it’s right. I’m sure it’s easier to look pass the BS when you live on the other side of the world and only interact with these people like 3 to 4 months out the years.

  6. I’m just being a hater but I really want her to know that putting a logo on some tshirts is not developing a clothing line. Kids were doing that on custom ink in middle school. But hey, make that coin.

  7. Well, NotNickTrigilli and I said that his picture with his Toxic t-shirt gave off cuck energy. I stand by that statement. 😈

  8. He is dying on the anti toxic hill. And he was WRONG! Of all things to make a stand against he chose to believe Goob…. He harassed Margaret, a 9 month prego lady, good job. And guess what guys? Goob and him require the following in order for Margaret to be exonerated…. The person responsible’s cell phone mailed to goob. So, in order to vindicate herself, TAB has to not only find the person/people behind the account, but commandeer their cellular phone and mail it to goob. Is anyone else thinking that’s insane? If you look back, bikinibabe didn’t target ANY suit maker that DIDNT lie about materials acb, Cj, and ingrid all were caught in straight up lies with proof!

  9. We need to all email angels and tell them we want to buy a “non toxic shirt” y’all know they made it

  10. I didn’t mind Adam much until recently. Actually considered TEP for my next prep. But this stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  11. Same! I’ve learned a lot from him, but I won’t be part of a team with drama 🙅🏼‍♀️

  12. "I never want to start a fight"; next breath "Reddit losers". Yeah way to spread positivity by calling an entire user base "losers". I love coaches collab as a concept. And I think bb coaches should collab more. These two though...

  13. Right? It’s one thing to be happy about bodybuilding growing. It’s another to support negative characters.

  14. You can be a well-known coaching business without participating in drama, actually caring about clients and not giving sweeping generalizations about preps, bodies, and methods, not being a butthurt child when others disagree with you, and giving out good info. Lauren from Locofit comes to mind.

  15. Yup, one of the reasons I left TEP. Bye, I don't want to be a part of a politicized, dramaseeking team, I'll go look for someone that cares about their athletes instead of being talked about.

  16. when you run with snakes you become one just remember that adam lol. since you wanna be so relevant on reddit here’s your moment king

  17. I love how he is attacking the “reddit losers” as if we, along with Gymsnark, weren’t representing his target audience lol. Also, this collab is so fake and all business. Ashley and Adam can’t stand James because of that time James critiqued Ashley in his videos.

  18. I'll probably be downvoted but I'm actually a fan of this. I don't care for Adam nor James personally. However, as coaches and their knowledge in bodybuilding/bikini, I'm all ears.

  19. James does not have knowledge in body building. Sure, he understands the look, has his method(s)/protocol that sometimes works. He knows the look, but he is a one trick pony. He can’t problem solve, he doesn’t vary methods, he doles out cookie cutter programs.

  20. James knowledgeable ? 😂You can’t be serious ? The only thing he knows is putting girls on PED’s eating 700 to 900 cals and doing 2 hours of cardio daily. How the hell is that knowledgeable coaching ? That’s causing so much damage health and hormonal balance wise unnecessarily and causing ED’s !

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