Apparently She’s going to the Canadian Natural pros? Is she natty?

  1. Do you know what the drug testing is like at the natural pro shows? Do they just stop taking it in time for it to not show on the tests?

  2. No… he’s good at timing the PEDs. I’ve never seen someone have shoulders like that and still be naturals. Glutes are hard to build and the fact the made so much improvements in a short amount of time…

  3. Her glute progress was pretty insane in a short amount of time if I remember correctly but 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. This is why other coaches recently posted it’s fucked up to have his competitors at natural shows. It’s clear she’s not natural. Looks phenomenal, but she could’ve taken a year or two instead of rushing.

  5. I mean I doubt she’s natty but you can achieve this look natty. I have a friend who just went pro at masters nationals and she looks better than this and she’s natty 💯

  6. Yes I have seen competitors look like that natural, especially when carbed up and everything for show day. Does that mean she’s natural and didn’t use a fat burner to get her lean or anabolics to help her grow prior? Who knows.

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