Information needed: Team Ludachris.

  1. I was with Chris initially on a month to month basis and then switched to 3 month, left for a bit & did a 6 month contract. You can do month to month but he doesn’t advertise it. I think I paid around $320 for the month to month. The only thing with lump sum is if you decide to stop coaching, he doesn’t refund you for the months after you wish to stop coaching, which he states in the contract before you work with him. Posing is included a few times a month while you’re in prep at no extra cost. Once you get closer to show day, posing becomes more frequent.

  2. Yes!!! Chris is nothing but professional. He is super honest but also caring/nice. I decided not to compete with the CPA/NPC which is why I left but he is a good person.

  3. I was with Team Ludachris a couple of years ago. I wasn’t working with Chris directly, although I did for maybe 3 months once my coach left the team.

  4. I will, I hope he is monthly because I would like to get started with him soon to add some size before I compete hopefully next year. I love how the wellness competitors under him look. I loved the coach I was with but too much time has lapsed since I been with him and Chris’ reputation speaks for itself. Plus I love Marisa she’s from my state and pretty cool as heck…

  5. Thank you for filling me in. I’m definitely leaning on getting started with him for a building season to add size to my glutes/hamstrings, prep and reverse.

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