Why is my skin purplish? 40 G and it started a few years ago. Is this normal??

  1. I would go to the doctor. It looks like fresh stretch marks. I have a ton of stretch marks but none of them have ever looked like this. That being said, everyone is different. Go to a doc.

  2. No, I do get heat rash but this is constant, not intermittent. I'll ask my GP. My dermatologist didn't seem concerned.

  3. Definitely get it checked out since it’s a change that should be checked by a doc but to ease your mind a little in the mean time - not sure your age - but I had a similar issue and it would come and go (mostly stuck around) and it when my doc checked it was basically hormonal and from starting peri menopause. Essentially a boob hot flash haha

  4. That would make sense! I'm 41. I'm not sure when menopause will start as all of my older female relatives had hysterectomies at a young age.

  5. I’ve had the same thing for years now. Mine seems to be surface-level bruising from wearing bras that are too small in the cups. If I wear a sports bra for a few days, it fades. But as soon as I wear a “real” bra, it comes back.

  6. Is it always there? If you just took off a bra it might just be markings that haven't had time to revert back to normal coloration. I feel like i've seen this on women who have just recentely done some sort of bdsm play but normally goes away within a a few hours to a day.

  7. I'm going to put in a vote for stretching skin too. Also think back if you've scratched particularly hard recently as I sometimes get it. But I strongly agree with others about getting checked out. X

  8. It may be rosacea related! I have it on my face and upper chest. My dermatologist said laser treatment was essentially all they can do because the medications and creams didn't work. I'll try it on my boobs, though and see if it helps.

  9. Are you wearing a bra that fits? Regardless go to a doctor. I'd feel much better if you went to a professional and have it turn out to be harmless rather than not go to a doctor and have it be dangerous.

  10. Have you recently had a growth spurt? Your stretch marks look fresh so it may be new capillaries trying to establish blood flow to new tissue.

  11. This doesn't look like fresh stretch marks to me. There's some pitting that with the redness has me super concerned you need a doctor asap.

  12. Have you thought about bringing this up to your regular doc or GYN? It could be a life saving decision, or at a minimum, an option that brings relief or peace of mind

  13. I would definitely bring this up to a doctor. I had something similar and it was a weird type of rash I can’t remember the name of. All in all harmless but because of how it presented I had to have a biopsy. Better safe than sorry.

  14. When I was 42 I had to stay flat in bed for 15 months. I had a cerebrospinal fluid leak and couldn’t be upright for more than an hour before I had a spinal headache. During this time I spent a lot of time with my laptop on my chest, watching movies, YouTube or reading Reddit out of the bottom of my eyes. I developed red marks like these on my breasts from the heat of the computer resting on them with no barrier for 8-12 hours each day. It took over a year after I was well again for those marks to fade. But definitely see a doctor.

  15. I would get it checked out if i was in your shoes, under the assumption you are a not actively in puberty or have very recently quickly gained ALOT of weight.

  16. Several questions. Are you wearing the correct bra with the correct support? Do you exercise so that they bounce? Has your weight fluctuated? Have you had babies? Do you have diabetes or thyroid issues?

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