Have you ever had something thrown at you?

  1. Unfortunately, yes. One group threw a battery, and it hurt when it hit. Another group had a broom stick that they tried to stick into my rotating wheel. Another guy on a two-lane road came all the way over from the other side and played chicken with me. I dove into the ditch (no shoulder, low traffic road). So there are a-holes out there, and some of them mean to do some serious harm.

  2. Yes, a few times in 40 years. Nothing has hit me though. All it's done is reinforce my belief that cars make people stupid.

  3. I always think it's interesting that our minds always remember the bad but not the good. Like try to remember the face of the last stranger who held a door or did something nice, probably can't. But I bet you know exactly what that dickhead who cut you off looks like...

  4. Yep. Someone threw a McDonalds (full) cup of milkshake at my head from a van. Luckily the lid stayed on so I only got a bit over me but I was fuming. Sadly he was driving too fast for me to catch his number plate. I'm also a 5'2" woman who's still reasonably inexperienced on my bike. A month prior that impact would have caused me to crash. Fucker.

  5. Regularly, when I lived in a college town in a rural county. "Get a job!" -KSSHHH- (sound of breaking beer bottle). Motherfucker, I've got a job.

  6. My two outstanding instances were pennies and a full 32oz beverage. Both convinced me that road riding wasn't worth it. I still commute and ride roads, but I avoid any with moderate traffic now.

  7. I was stopped at traffic lights once, years ago, and someone in a passing car emptied a bag of frozen peas at me.

  8. What kind of person must you be to think that throwing a bag of frozen peas at someone is a logical thing to do?

  9. 5 years of riding, twice, a empty bottle, and someone dumped a chemical on me as they drove by in providence ,ri. No clue what it was, just had a strong chemical smell, showered when I got home.

  10. Someone threw a basketball at me as they drove by in their car (well, the passenger threw it), luckily they missed!

  11. Ashtray contents. A car was parked with two tires on the side walk, two tires on the road, so spanned the area usually used by cyclists. A passenger was out getting a hot dog. I rode around to the driver side, and yelled "OY!" as I passed. A bit later the car passed me on the left (closely), then hovered, then launched the ashtray contents at me. There was a cop car a length or two back. Saw it. Flagged me down, asked what it was all about. I said they were parked on the side walk, covering the bike lane. Cop said ok and took off. Sorry, but I have no idea what cop did afterwards, it turned at the next corner.

  12. I've been riding (as an adult) for about 16 years, and only had one incident like this, when a car load of teenagers tried to shoot me with a paintball gun. Luckily they missed.

  13. I've had an empty plastic drinks bottle thrown at me. I've also been honked at, sworn at, threatened, had someone deliberately swerve at me, someone lean out and try and grab my handlebars, cut up too many times to count, spat at, knocked off twice but despite all that my worst day on a bike is better than their best in a car 😄

  14. Someone threw a rock at me. I was in the bike lane. it hit me in the back as they sped off through a red light. I pursued but they sped away. hurt. no idea why.

  15. Had a bottle dropped on my head as I passed under a bridge on a canal path. Chased them..how they panicked when I turned, rode straight up the embankment and through a space in the wall up onto the bridge.

  16. no but i was driving once when my friend threw a deodorant stick at a cyclist and hit him in the back. I found it hilarious at the time. THis was 12 years ago, I was 17 and I know how dickish, and dangerous it was. I fear the day when karma catches me

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