1. I dont think that's confusing. You like both genders. What you look for in each gender is someone who reminds you of both. Best of both worlds. Makes sense.

  2. Or my version is just anyone who I can hangout with. Mistaking friendship as something more ... (Jk I have actually dated quite a bit before, my friend as well but prob gonna stay single a while since I gots to get through matric with full distinctions. I moved schools which is a reason we aren't together but also cuz hehehe he hella bonkers and I didn't feel right dating him)

  3. Thats me I’m a femboy But I’m into goth girls. Tomboys. Just girls. Idk my type for girls. Femboys and tall boys. who could warm me up. And nearly any boy😭

  4. I'm drawn to cute faces and charming personalities regardless of gender. Bonus points if we can have deep conversations but also share moments of silliness. And if I feel comfy and safe around you, that pretty much solidifies it. So if that's you, cute guy, girl, or enby person, promise I'll have a crush. 😌

  5. I think the discrepancy is caused by men not putting effort into their appearance by default, causing the standard encounter man to be more ugly.

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