1. Is why I don't like calling myself pan despite fitting the definition. I don't like that the term has origins in accusing Bi people of transphobia.

  2. This is exactly the reason why I’m holding firm on using bisexual, even if it requires further explanation. I feel like no matter what gender/orientation someone is, being bi always requires a clarification of some point (are you monogamous? Threesomes? Okay but you still like guys better right? Etc)

  3. I say I'm bi because it's socially useful. People know what bisexual means. In precise Tumblr terms, I'm omnisexual. But even most queer people don't know what that means, so it would be pointless to go around calling myself that.

  4. Yup! And yet, pointing that out is considered pan-phobic. Like, no, I witnessed the Internet giving birth to the word pansexual, and it absolutely started out from a misunderstanding of the word bisexual.

  5. Heh, I started calling myself pansexual literally just because I like the flag better. Before that, I said I was bisexual. End of the day, people are hot

  6. Bisexuality isn’t transphobic because Trans Men are Men and Trans Women are Women and bisexuality include men and women :))

  7. But that would leave out enbies. More accurately, bisexuality includes heterosexuality and homosexuality, and heterosexuality includes attraction to all genders that are not your own, including enbies (unless you are enby yourself).

  8. Bi is a spectrum and pan and Omni are microlabels under the bi umbrella. You can identify as bi even though pan is maybe more specific for you.

  9. Gonna get flamed for this, but I just say bi/pan at this point because I’m fucking exhausted of trying to make anyone else feel comfortable with my sexuality. Path of least resistance. 😎

  10. yeah lately i’ve been struggling with deciding whether I should even use the word Bisexual anymore since Pansexual is just so much simpler and doesn’t have any focus on gender.

  11. im a bi trans man and have a nonbinary (demiboy) partner. i get so mad when people claim that bisexuality is transphobic or excludes nonbinary people

  12. I think this is an underated comment. Pan was not a term when I was coming of age and non binary gender was not a thing anyone I knew talked about. Bi doesn't mean I am a gender binary of attraction...but I don't change to pan because dammit it took a long time for me to become comfortable with my identity as a bi lol.

  13. Fun fact, hoping I'm remembering this correctly, enbyphobia is a part of transphobia, as trans doesnt have to mean opposite like man to woman or vice versa but just from something to something or different

  14. i like saying im bisexual because... that's what i like saying. idk, that's just what i prefer calling myself. it's honestly that simple. im mainly t4t, so i prefer dating other trans people, including nonbinary folks. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. Being bisexual doesn't imply that there are only two genders just like being bilingual doesn't imply there are only two languages

  16. The only difference between a bi person and a pan person is how they identify. It still means the same but it has a different name, WHY CAN’T PEOPLE LET IT GO.

  17. Being bi is unique to each individual and so no two individuals are the same. Sexuality is fluid and can and does shift and evolve over time, sometimes more overtly for some folks.

  18. I said pan for a while because of this but it never really felt right because of the whole "I don't see gender" feel of it. I do see gender and I specifically like it. I like all of em. And I like those outside of the construct too.

  19. the bi in bisexuality comes from being attracted to genders alike your own/experiencing homosexual attraction (1) and being attracted to genders unlike your own/experiencing heterosexual attraction (2).

  20. being attracted to trans people doesnt make someone a different sexuality. claiming that it does is just transphobic. if a straight woman is attracted to a trans man, shes still straight. if a lesbian is attracted to a trans woman, shes still a lesbian. same for bisexuals.

  21. how is that anything other than true ? if you claim to not be attracted to trans people in particular whatsoever, then yeah you're probably just transphobic.

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