Strategies for (essentially) a beginner player

  1. I'm going to assume that you are like me when I was young, and with every RTS I played I felt the need to establish an amazing economy, then build the best base, then create the biggest army, then obliterate anything standing its way.

  2. I have exactly the same problem! I played this game for many years and have returned to it now after 10 years or so. I used to be able to win against 2-3 hard AI, but with this new patch 2.22 I cannot even win from 1 hard army. I'm playing Rohan vs Isengard. Do you guys have ideas how to approach it?

  3. Making small forces that are made up of 2 units archers, 2 units pikes, 2 catapults with a hero is a good way to play, its just strong enough of a force to hold a position but not too terribly much to have to replace if they all die. For good factions, pick your strategic position, build an archer tower, put the archers in. Build a statue (armor/attack bonus) and a well (healing) and put pikes in porcupine formation in front of the well and archer tower. Place the catapults along each side of the defensive position.

  4. Sounds good! That’s fine, I’m mostly referring to BFME2 here. Will that not work as well with evil factions since the isn’t a well option?

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