When does this show get good?

  1. Thanks for the honest reply. I don’t want to give up on it. I want to LOVE it. But your reply has me questioning if this show is truly for me. I usually always agree with Reddit.

  2. It's good in a very very different way from breaking bad, the slow pace pretty much continues for the vast majority of the show. The second half of season 5 and a lot of season 6 are closer to breaking bad but still slower. The show isn't for everyone and there's a decent amount of breaking bad fans who don't care for it because of the pace and lack of stakes, its much more of a character study with minimal plot movement especially in the first two seasons. I'd give it till like the end of season 1 to see if it grows on you but if you're really not into it at that point then you probably won't love the later seasons too much either, personally I loved it since the very beginning but I wasn't sold on it being in the same tier as breaking bad until around season 3

  3. I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere as near good as BB. Because frankly no other show I’ve watched has been as GREAT as that. I’ll watch until the end of season one on your recommendation. Thanks for your reply.

  4. I don’t want spoilers. I am genuinely asking when it’s going to get good? The only story that captivated me so far where the two men skateboarders. Saul was brilliant there. I want more of THAT.

  5. NOTHING is better than BB. I know it isn’t going to be the same duh. I’m stating at least Cobra Kai caught my attention. I’m genuinely asking will this get better? If it stays like this then it’s not for me and I don’t want to waste my time if I will only feel meh about it.

  6. It’s BB’s equal in many ways but requires patience and attention of its viewer. Saul Goodman’s superpower is his mouth and his schemes — BCS is a talking show and a scheming show. Walter White was a main character who got his hands dirty from his very beginning in the crime world, Jimmy isn’t that same type of character. I’d at least watch through 109 Pimento since it kickstarts the first major conflict of the series, or 202 Cobbler since that’s the first major connect of the plotlines. Hell, you’re almost to 106 Five-O, which will reel you back in if 105 lost you a bit (105 is one of the lowest rated episodes in the series fwiw)

  7. Ok I love everything you said in your first paragraph. It just happened that the episode I finished watching ended up being the lowest rated one lol. Now I’m being encouraged. Thank you. Lol

  8. I would say end of the first season-beginning of the 2nd it started to suck me in. I had to restart the first few episodes like 3 times over the years because I just couldnt get into it at first. Now its one of my fave shows of all time. Keep going!

  9. it took me to about late season 1, more specifically the episode "five-o" to really get into the show. breaking bad was an action drama about a dying man and the lengths he'll go to to justify his actions. better call saul is a character study about how someone's trauma can slowly morph them into a monster.

  10. Part of the charm of Better Call Saul is its slow pace. Breaking Bad was a character study at heart, but with a lot of action and dark humour to give it wider appeal. BCS focuses almost entirely on the character study, and the shocks are relatively few and far between.

  11. Thanks. After reading a few replies I’m gonna give it til season one and a few episodes into 2. If I don’t like it more by then I’ll give up. I don’t want to, so I hope I can enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to.

  12. Based on your post you would probably enjoy only enjoy the cartel side of the show and other moments here and there. Otherwise it is just a dramedy with deep character study and a lot of experimental cinematography. The first episode sets the tone for the whole show just to give you an idea.

  13. Dramedy with character study and cinematography, huh. Had I known this from the get go I would’ve began watching it with a broader perspective. I love all that stuff, so I’m thinking it’s going to grow on me. Thanks.

  14. I get what you mean and all but you were hooked on bb because it's a fast-paced suspense show where the main character murders two people in the first episode. bcs is not that show.

  15. The more responses I read the more excited I’m getting. I’m happy I asked these questions here. Gonna watch the next episode right now. Thank you.

  16. I watched the first two seasons of BCS before I ever watched an episode of breaking bad. The next episode which is five-0 is one of the best. I liked it the first time I watched it. After watching BB I rewatched BCS and that made the episode that much better.

  17. When I first started watching, I expected it to be about how he transformed himself from a lowly PD to a badass criminal lawyer, and that’s just not what the show is. It’s more so a tragedy about a guy who can’t overcome his own tendencies and broken relationships no matter what he does, but he falls in with the right people and does just enough scamming to get by. He doesn’t become the Saul Goodman that we know until halfway through the final season, though he shows glimpses before that. To me, his arc feels closer to Jesse’s than Walt’s, if that makes sense.

  18. I always thought it was good, but its a slow burn drama. Saul/Jimmy is not Walt. Walt dives into being Heisenberg. Jimmy gets chipped away until he becomes Saul. To get the tragedy if that you have to see who he was before. And the parts of himself he loses along the way. Season 1-3 are about Jimmy McGill...the try hard former conman turned lawyer. Seasons 4-6 are about Saul Goodman, the burnt remains of Jimmy McGill.

  19. Be aware that it's a slow burn, and the payoffs (at least before Season 5) aren't going to be as explosive as those in Breaking Bad. BCS is considered a crime drama, but is more focused on the psychology behind why those crimes are committed by the key characters, and the mental toll it takes on them.

  20. I mean i kind of see it the opposite. Better Call Saul had me hooked from the beginning. In fact, episode 105 was the one where i fully fell in love with the show. Season 1 of Breaking Bad had some badass moments, but i honestly wasn’t fully into that show until late Season 2

  21. The pace is definitely different than BB and there will be plenty of scenes that will feel unneccessarily dragged out but it is more of a character study. Saul's character is about the journey, not the destination. There are definitely powerful moments in the show. But if you're expecting action packed, intensity and lots of drama filled in every episode, then it's not going to be that.

  22. The fastest pace of the show is mid season 5 to mid season 6. There's small bouts of action along the way, you'll probably start liking it consistently around season 4

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