The finale showcased something about Walt

  1. Waltuh the kinda dude to bitch about Reddit Gold being clearly made out of pixels and having no Au in it's composition

  2. Nah that's not his regret. It's obvious that his regret is letting Jesse get captured (from the ticking watch Jesse gave him), but he doesn't want to reveal that side of him.

  3. Yeah, Gus was just "someone he worked with" and Walt just goes out and fucking kills him out of the blue?? Not trying to get political, but that's a little bit of a yikes from me dawg.

  4. If Walt had just learned to shut the fuck up and get on with his job they would have all lived happily ever after until Walt's death and then Gale would have taken over. It was Walt's erratic behavior that caused the blow out and for Gus to seek a replacement in Gale even though he clearly was not the preferred choice.

  5. Gale and Gus really were kill or be killed and Mike he did think he had a reason but a bit of thought before killing someone would have been good. It’s not quite as irrational with context lmao.

  6. The entire friction between Walt and Gus was because Walt was being a dick though. All he had to do was shut up, work with gale, and do his job. But he couldn't. Gus was willing to treat him as business partner. But he did the math and realised the millions he was making wasn't enough. If he had of kept it polite he and gus had compatible personalities, and it's completely reasonalble that he could have renegotiated his salary.

  7. the break uo with gus is actually being a jerk. There was no real reason for Walt to ever consider killing Gus when he started working for him. He could have cooked meth, make a fortune, until he someday died or retired.

  8. The thing that struck me was being reminded that he’s not just a horrible person but a pain the arse to be around. No wonder he didn’t seem to have any actual friends before he started cooking

  9. Just look how he taught his classes and connected with his students (or lack of connection). Remember when Jesse was looking at his old schoolwork and Walt had given him an F in his test and wrote Apply Yourself! on the paper. He was a genius but had no people skills. He thought he was better than everyone.

  10. Exactly but he himself never applied himself. He had a mediocre life even though he was a genius. He self sabotaged his business venture and claimed it was all him and none of their work, but how come he couldn’t do it on his own, and they became billionaires without him? They couldn’t have just coasted for like 20+ years without having their own talent but he refuses to see that!

  11. I took the “apply yourself!” scene completely differently. I saw it as an “oh fuck what have I done with my life” moment from Jesse, like him seeing that as an adult at rock bottom was a wake up call. Ironically from the piece of shit Walt albeit the mentor/teacher past mr white. I don’t think it was exactly him being a dick. If you actually look at the scene, Walt was kind to say that to Jesse at that time. Jesse was fucking off and Mr. White gave some advice.

  12. He had people skills, just not morally/ethically good ones. He’s manipulated people, probably almost everyone in his life, he knew how to work people’s weaknesses and apply tension. The only time his skills didn’t work was when he was working in his company and left, maybe that was his regret, not manipulating his old partners?

  13. Watching him teach was actually amazing though. His whole speech about carbon and how diamonds, the guy who made them and the women who wear them are all made up of carbon. He’s incredibly good at making learning engaging by telling stories like that one.

  14. In El Camino, he thinks Jesse didn't graduate high school, even though he was on the stage when Jesse got his diploma. Dude is an absolute asshat.

  15. This is a good lesson for everyone. It's not how good you are at your job, how smart you are, or maybe not even who you know... but it all depends on whether people want to work with you or not.

  16. If Walt *did* choose the path of businessman and owner of Grey Matter, he would have been just as bad, maybe even worse. This guy is not above throwing people he cares about under the bus to achieve his goals. Main reason why Saul redeems himself, but not Walt.

  17. his lectures seemed fine to me bruh pretty sure he was just a normal decently strict teacher

  18. Oh come the fuck on. That's a normal thing MOST slackers will see on their papers, and we're talking about a high school student who's future ended up him willingly going into the drug world.

  19. Yeah, lol. The time-machine thing is a common segue into talking about regrets, and most people just roll with it. Instead he goes full Neil deGrasse Tyson and refuses to give an honest answer anyway.

  20. Me too. Worked with a very talented programmer. He would assume your knowledge to be at his level. Any simple request would descend into a diatribe of how what you’re describing won’t work. It would take so long to get back to the point you would give up.

  21. Tbh, that's unfortunately how many of the people I've worked with (in tech) have been. But I suspect a fair share of them have either been on the spectrum, or just lacked soft skills.

  22. He is pretty bad in Breaking Bad. It isnt until you zoom out and see it from a different character’s POV that you see how annoying he is. There is a reason he dies all alone with nobody to miss him

  23. I've been rewatching it lately and it's kind of hilarious how pathetic Walt is as a person, right from the start, basically. When I was younger seeing it for the first time, it didn't really occur to me so quickly.

  24. That mindset is pretty common actually from what I’ve read on here. Reminds me of Skyler and her coming off as a total bitch initially, but a rewatch makes you realize she was not that wrong 😂

  25. Rewatching breaking bad is pretty eye opening imo. We’re so programmed to automatically root for the protagonist of tv shows, and the first time I saw it I definitely did to a point.

  26. Rewatched it with a friend a year ago. I gave up on him veryyyy early on. My friend adores BCS but is always telling me how there are very few likeable BB characters and Walt is just an insufferable dick head very early on in the series.

  27. I did a rewatch of BB last year and I gotta say the POV sympathy is strong, especially at the start. In the first episode of BB, Walt really doesn't say all that much - the emphasis isn't on him, it's on his life and all the reasons it seems mediocre at best, and then they drop the cancer diagnosis on him. When you actually see him interact with people he's an asshole, but by the time you really see him actively engaging, you're really sympathetic.

  28. 10-20 years agora there was also a lot more focus in snarky/complicated anti-heroes. It started with House, but you can also see it with Iron Man, and whatnot, and eventually it transitioned to more straight-forward wholesome heroes like Captain America at some point.

  29. It made me realize Walt has a really big problem with misdirected anger. I probably should’ve realized that earlier, but I guess when Walt was the main character it was hard to see. When he feels inadequate, he turns to the people in his life and makes them feel stupid. He wants them to know he’s smarter than them and that they should feel stupid for even daring to question what he does. The reason he hyper fixated on the drain pipe and the fly is because his life felt out of control, so he seeked out things that WERE in his control.

  30. When rewatching breaking bad, it’s clear Walt was always an asshole, and how I initially felt bad for him because of his cancer, and probably turned a blind eye when he was being rude at the start of the season. For instance, he literally blackmailed Jesse in episode 1.

  31. he was a total pushover until he got the diagnosis. Thats why the entire cast of characters in the show didnt believe he was an asshole drug kingpin until it was right in front of them

  32. Yeah in their scene together this episode when Walt goes "you were always like this?" a lot of comments regarded it as some amazing put down. But it applies just as much to Walt. Walt fucking sucks as a person. Just a pathetic insecure turd who would be an eternal pain in the ass to be around.

  33. Wasn’t the first thing he said to him something like “I knew you wouldn’t amount to much but cooking meth?” Lol. He was such a dick.

  34. One of my favorite parts of the first rewatch was defending Skylar to friends who had only watched it the initial run. She’s so easy to despise because she disrupts the narrative and gets in the way of our “protagonist”, but on subsequent watches it’s so painfully obvious what a victim she is to this demon man.

  35. Honestly, on rewatch, if there wasn't Jesse so there's one main character I can actually relate to, it would be unwatchable. Seeing one asshole without almost any redeeming qualities being a dick to everyone around him for 5 seasons, that would be too much to me.

  36. I noticed a stark contrast of my opinion of him on my first watch versus my second of the whole series. Initially you want to root for him because he's trying to be noble and protect his family financially after his inevitable death; but once you know how the story plays out you can see through the veil and realize he's just on a drawn-out blaze of glory through to the very end. This is why peoples' opinion of Skyler changed so much too, we all realized afterward how she was essentially being held hostage by the situation.

  37. Walt couldn't even have a good connection with his son. Hank was more of a father to walt jr than walt.

  38. Every time I rewatch Breaking Bad, I pick up on new aspects of his arrogance I didn't see before. Maybe it's because you first meet him as he's coming down with cancer, so you relate to his initial behaviour as him venting his frustration, but even in the moments when Jesse's learning something from him, and genuinely seeming interested in the science, he's so condescending it ruins any incentive for Jesse to actually apply himself further.

  39. I‘ve never gotten this argument. Obviously he’s being disingenuous, he’s Heisenberg. But if he never left Gray matter literally none of the above would’ve happened. He’d be a billionaire, and the very idea of cooking meth would be a joke. If there’s just one action he could change, I absolutely believe he would pick this one. Who the fuck wouldn’t?

  40. You could say the exact same thing about Saul. With all the shit he's done he says his greatest regret is breaking his knee in a slip n fall? Both characters hide their real regrets through lesser ones.

  41. Agreed. I found Walt's contempt for Saul particularly maddening just because of how much Saul stuck his neck out for him. Connected him to Gus, facilitating his own rise through the meth trade. Saved him from being found by Hank in the RV. Gave him the vacuum repair number. Aided in fucking poisoning a child. Sure, Saul is a tacky, fake, irritating guy to be around, but Walt trying to take a moral stance against Saul's underhanded ways (which gave Walt everything he had) is just another level of hypocrisy, beyond even Chuck.

  42. Walt was always so bad to Saul, never fully appreciated him and treated him like an idiot. Saul is not an idiot. He is not even average. He really is quite intelligent. To be fair, everyone, not just Walt, sees him as a clown bc of his whole gaudy persona though

  43. While this is totally true, a lot of that blame falls on Saul himself too, Jimmy was used to being on the receiving end of constant berating and being put down, but he was willing to put up with it if he could get something out of it, its kinda sad and really telling of his character.

  44. Random but I’ve been working in the OR for 2 years and haven’t rewatched Breaking Bad since. My first thought while watching that scene was “he sounds like a surgeon”

  45. Agreed. The one in BCS finale, Saul asking Walt the time machine and saying what is the thing he regrets. He answers it with Grey Matters - Schwartz stole his works. Then Saul saying, he should sue them but Walt didn't. Maybe because it is not true. He is so delusional thinking it is Schwartz fault but it always stated that he is the one who sold his share but then he holds grudges because it is now multi billion company.

  46. He also says to Saul that "he's the last lawyer he would call" to sue Elliot and Gretchen. But Saul is the only lawyer who could win this case even if they didn't steal his works. Walt was oblivious to anyone's talents except his own.

  47. Yeah that’s the whole fascinating thing with Walt. He always put on a big show that he was better that virtually everyone else but he really couldn’t have gotten anywhere without “lesser people”. The junkie former student showed him the initial ropes tucco, Gus etc, distributed his product in ways he couldn’t, Saul built up the empire and in two seconds found a way he could have been made mine morally (well not maybe the most morally but a bs lawsuit isn’t a meth empire).

  48. It wouldn't have worked anyway because Walt totally walked away, he frames it like he's a victim. But it was probably his ego which fucked him again.

  49. I’m not sure, before going completely off the rails Walt is shown to be appreciated by everyone in his life, sure people think he’s boring, but all of his colleagues and friends seem to really care for him. He was always arrogant, but I think that the Walter we see in breaking bad is him finally releasing all of the frustration he had with his life, manifesting itself in putting down other people. He’s an asshole, but I don’t think he was always like that like people say, I think the he became so bitter and angry with himself over time that he went on to become the absolute ass we see in breaking bad.

  50. I feel like people are ignoring the context of that scene and acting surprised by Walt’s attitude. When Saul gets to Ed’s shop in granite state, they both watch him on camera acting unhinged. He’s at his lowest point in his life, so the unstable asshole side of him is cranked up to eleven. This wasn’t out of character for Walt, it was logical in that context.

  51. That's all well and good, but if there's a time people are allowed to be pissed at someone trying to make small talk has to be immediately after:

  52. All of it was his own fault. His brother in law dying and him being abandoned by his family is all on him by being involved with god damned Nazis and being an insecure prick couldn’t apply his brain for one second when it came to his money. He wouldn’t have been caught if he didn’t keep that book from Gale too. All he had to do was leave when Mike and Jesse wanted to. Or leave when Gus was forcing him out. Everyone including Saul were trying to stop him from doing every shitty thing he was going to do and he didn’t listen because like always he was condescending to others and believed himself to be a god.

  53. I think this would hold more weight if it wasn’t parallel to the scene with Mike and Jimmy in the desert. Mike’s plan went completely left, he and Jimmy were nearly killed, they’d been trudging through the desert for more than a day with no end in sight, and he had to manage Jimmy’s frustrations and motivate him to continue with the journey even if he didn’t have clarity on how things would end. Mike could’ve chosen to project his anger/guilt on Jimmy but he didn’t and I think that’s why Walter stood out as such an annoying asshole.

  54. It also showed him fixing the water heater if you remember he tried to fix every single problem in the show he thought he could fix everything all the way down to the very end. Supreme arrogance

  55. This is after Walt has lost his mind after losing his family and his empire. It’s no indication of how he would have normally acted several decades prior. Did you forget he wasn’t always a raging psychopath??

  56. I'm in the middle of a rewatch of BB and just watched the Salud episode last night. I used to think that Mike got a raw deal in the end with Walter, but not so much on this rewatch. Mike was nothing but a threatening thug to Walter. He was about to pull the trigger on Walter, only Jesse got to Gale first. Mike beat the living shit out of Walter in a bar when he proposed to do something about Gus. I liked Mike, but he poked the Heisenbear one too many times.

  57. I think Mike just always saw Walter for what he really was but was constantly forced to tolerate him by Gus. He probably knew from the very beginning that Walt was likely to cause huge problems for everyone due to his unpredictability and arrogance.

  58. As he is, and as he should be portrayed (outside of BB I mean). When you zoom out from his perspective you realize how much of a brat he is

  59. News flash bro.. Walt is an idiot. He makes dumb decisions and ruins anybody who comes in contact with him. He is impatient, careless and difficult to work with. That’s the whole point of Breaking Bad😂

  60. i’m confused why people always use the term sexual assault when describing that walt and carmen scene. he was being a little weird but attempted assault is a pretty strong way to describe leaning in for a kiss and getting rejected

  61. I’d say it’s harassment, not straight up assault. Walt did straight up sexually assault Skyler in the beginning of Season 2 tho

  62. The only people that were able to have a good working relationship with Walt were a bunch of Neo-Nazi bikers. That’s actually really funny lmao.

  63. It kinda is, though they acted deferentially toward Walt until they no longer had to, though he was underestimating them and they knew it.

  64. It also occurred to me on a rewatch that Walt - after the fallout with Gretchen (a smart scientist his age) - goes for a 18 or 19 year old Skyler who jobs as a waitress while probably in college. Their 12 year age gap isn't that strange when he's 50 and she 38, but 31 to 19 is a bit more odd.

  65. It’s a characterization of Walt from Saul’s perspective. It’s like a clash of two worlds, both with their intensely unreliable perspectives. Saul looked a certain way from Walt’s perspective in BB and Walt looks a certain way to Saul in BCS. It’s a one-way mirror for both shows.

  66. This is actually pretty spot on. I always hated how Walt teached his kids when he was still working. He spouted big words, trying to impress the students, without ever actually explaining things.

  67. It was also shown in BB that he was an asshole to his students and that most of them were totally disinterested in chemistry. He could have done some money on the side by giving his students private lessons, but he was too insufferable and had to go work in a car wash

  68. I think Heisenberg is impossible to work with, Walt isn’t as menacing. Walt’s disposition is much more docile. But maybe in a high up position his Heisenberg qualities would come out

  69. Unpopular opinion: Walter isn't any more of an asshole than half a dozen other characters on these show who get a pass.

  70. Not only is that in keeping with Walter White as a character, but it's also a deliberate contrast to Jimmy McGill's final act. Unlike Walt, Jimmy takes responsibility for his mistakes in the end and faces the consequences head on. He acknowledges his own failings, without pushing them off on someone else. Ultimately, Jimmy is the better man.

  71. Walt made a pass at the principal, and desisted when she rebuffed his advances. Is that what we're calling "sexual assault" now?

  72. Walt was a delusional psychopath, the whole birthday party at Eliot's place was bizarre. They saw him coming a mile away, a mark waiting to be taken.

  73. I always assumed that Walt wasn’t ever able to fully be himself until he created the Heisenberg persona. And prior to that he was reined in and masking, pretending to be a normal person. All that to say: I don’t think he was such an unmitigated dick when working in the lab.

  74. I disagree in some aspects. I think real reason why he was not lead scientist was because of gray matter. I assume that one of the best scientists are often invited to work with this multi billion company and there is no way you can avoid them in this field. I think this is real reason why walt is not in this field he tries to avoid them at all cost as he wants to believe that he is his own man and prove that without him gray matter would not exist by living independently and eventually creating drug empire.

  75. I always have an idea that Walt was a decent man until he got cancer then he doesn’t care about anyone anymore except his family.

  76. Walt has a very sensitive inferiority complex and he masks it and defends himself with an outsize superiority complex. You can see it from the beginning of his story until the end, in so many moments: The way he struggles to deal with Jr.'s disability when teaching Jr. to drive, the way he attacks the kids mocking Jr. in the store, the way the memory of his weak dying father bothers him, the way he refuses to tell his family about his cancer diagnosis, the way he snaps at Gretchen when he remembers whatever her family did to wound his pride, the way he talks to Saul even when Saul is saving him*, etc.

  77. This is after Walt is paranoid and blinded by rage and regret. I always thought he left Grey Matter because he had feelings for/a relationship with Gretchen and she ended up dating Elliot and he couldn’t stand to be around them.

  78. What is showed me is that Walt's story about Gretchen and Elliot became more deluded the further he went. Which totally makes sense in that period of time during Breaking Bad.

  79. I think the important detail of the scene is its happening before Felina, before he spent time isolated and in hiding in New Hampshire. Walt is in a perpetual state of denial throughout the series of why he is in the meth business. The admission to Skylar in Felina was his moment of acceptance, that he plainly liked the danger of it all and the rush of being the most dangerous person in a game of dangerous people. The same is true of Jimmy and his scams. He takes risks like he does as Gene not for the material gain but the feeling that he snuck something by someone and the dangers of the work just lead to a bigger rush when he completes a successful heist.

  80. I really hope that a post that was this highly upvoted was not removed by the mods. It’s so frustrating when communities are coerced into a certain kind of posting by mods, rather than letting the community decide what it wants.

  81. I wish the weirdos that worship Walter white would see this. Walt is a loser, even when he builds his empire, he totally lucks out on a tonne of stuff and eventually fucks it up.

  82. First off, all those saying 'This is Heisenberg, not Walt' need to settle down. He is who he is. All you need to know about Walt's character is in the scene in the finale, when Jimmy asks him about regrets.

  83. Nope, my boy Bravo Vince confirmed it. Walt broke up with Gretchen at the same time he left. They went to go visit Gretchen's parents 4th of July weekend, then Walt packed his bags and left because he felt insecure about their wealth. Them he went on and sold his share in the company soon after

  84. We’re not exactly account for character development here though are we? All these events happen in Season 4+… Grey Matter happens waay before Season 1. Walt’s a completely different person, hell Walt doesn’t even do those acts you mentioned, it’s Heisenberg. Yea sure, the Season 4 Walt is a monster, but that’s because Seasons 1-3 made him that way. I don’t believe based on the few flashbacks we get that the family orientated pre-BB Walt is that way inclined

  85. Walt was always an asshole. At the first watch i always rooted for him. But most people only felt sorry for him because of his cancer and felt him noble because he did it for his Family. But if you think about it, he said it himself. He did it all for himself. Walt was just power hungry and no one was better than him in cooking meth.

  86. You’re discussing Heisenberg. Not Walter White. You say he’s impossible to work with; to that I say the other teachers at the school seemed to like him. Elliott & Gretchen were fond of him. When he transforms into Heisenberg then he becomes a whole different beast. That’s when his ego starts to go unchecked.

  87. I find it a bit funny when the fanbase gets really technical about who was really Heisenberg who was really Walter White yadayada. Alter egos in the end are apart of the same person. Which side a character embraces says a lot about them but Heisenberg always resides him and vice versa

  88. What is the in-universe reason he settled for teaching science to knuckleheads and not using his mad science skills to land a research job.

  89. Even the way he seduced Skyler. He noticed her love for crosswords and got her attention from there. And he knocked her up as a response to his flight or fight response to potentially not living up to the standards Gretchen's family might impose, rather than happily become a part of it. For all of his intelligence Walt had the instincts of a bull.

  90. Are we all just going to ignore that this scene took place after everything he had built had been burnt to the ground? I'm not trying to justify what he did but come on have some common sense here, he was not in his best state of mind.

  91. He went to Cal Tech which is one of the most prestigious and selective schools in his field, and he also contributed towards a project that won a Nobel Prize. He could have easily gotten a non-teaching position somewhere.

  92. Remember, Walt’s motives for becoming Heisenberg were very different from Jimmy’s motives for becoming Saul. Walt wanted a meth empire ultimately because he wanted to show people how talented and dangerous he was. People like that don’t necessarily work well with others.

  93. He also shows arrogance/stupidity, he's a chemist but he wants to talk about cutting edge theoretical physics, and upon mention of wormholes he blabs something about quantum mechanics. To me this showed he really knew nothing on the topic, and just wanted to blow off Saul, since wormholes are a theoretical phenomenon from general relativity, which is about as far from quantum mechanics as you can get.

  94. Nothing to contribute to your post but honestly this “Walt” felt way different. Maybe they could explain it away somehow and I liked the cameo but it just wasn’t him.

  95. Remember back in BB when Saul first goes to vacuum cleaner's house and Mr Clean shows him the cctv footage of Walt pushing like a cage lion? That is the Walt we saw in the cameo. It fits, just have to remember that it is Walt at that specific time in his life.

  96. Also remember that he is 2-3 days out from having his life completely ruined in almost every way

  97. He's acting basically how he acted in Fly, Granite State (beginning), or the episode where he's removing all the rotted wood

  98. It's the day after Hank died. He's lost absolutely everything. It's the nadir of his life so it makes sense he'd be more agitated than usual.

  99. I’ve always wondered how much he actually contributed to gray matter. I’ve always felt like it was just his ego saying he did more than he actually did because he’s such a selfish prick.

  100. Perhaps the moments with Wally you were referring to was a time when he was already jaded. Would be unfair to judge a man without knowing his full story, aka his own spinoff. Saul is a good example of this considering how people have said they view saul in bb in an entirely different way now that bcs is over.

  101. Even his big regret was not a regret at all. He never accepted responsibility, just blamed others for manipulating him into decisions that were entirely ego-driven. What an asshole.

  102. If you think Walt has no people skills you're a fool. The point of his character is that he will bend over backwards for people. As he began breaking bad those skills got more and more transparent but he didn't realize. Walt was always very charming and good hearted in his life

  103. You don't have to be "easy to work with" to get some amazing research scientist position, these ppl are almost never easy to work with lol

  104. Saul came to walter not the other way around. He got into buisness with a drug kingpin, knowing the risks. He eve helped him poison a chilld ffs. Saul is not devoid of responsibility for any of this, he's not a kid.

  105. we’ve never gotten the full story of what went down with Walter and the Schwartzes but we got a little closer in this finale when Walt said he thought bailing was the “gentlemanly thing to do”. Implying a love triangle but not spelling it out for us, even after all this time. Thank you, Vince!

  106. Most of the examples of "how he treats people he works with" are other criminals involved in the game, that's the furthest thing from a normal work environment. The examples regarding civilians are also after he gets his cancer diagnosis, which made him a completely different man.

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