I'm guessing since you watch BCS, you have good taste. What are you watching after it ends?

  1. I’m actually watching Mad Men for the first time ever. It was my mom’s favorite show of all time and she suddenly passed away in 2013, when the 6th season was still airing. Thought I’d owe it to her to watch the entire thing and finish what she started

  2. I finally finished off Mad Men for the first time and yes, it’s superb and cringe and terrible and amazing.

  3. I love Mad Men!! The feeling of the 50/60s has been portrayed so well and the character development is terrific.

  4. Mad Men was one of the shows I was considering starting once BCS ends. I’ve never seen it either but have heard great things. I think this comment has made me decide it will be the one I pick! Sorry for your loss.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss. My mom passed late 2019 at 60 years old, and was/is quite the ordeal. That’s cool that you have something to watch that reminds you of her.

  6. Mad Men is my favorite show of all time for reasons I can’t comprehend lol. Don Draper is just one of the most well written characters along with Walter White and Tony Soprano. All of the other characters in Mad Men have a ton of depth to them as well

  7. I've already watched Severance and it was reaaally good. Absolutely recommended. Everyone with the Apple thing subscription, please go watch it so they don't cancel it 😭

  8. Severance is great. Favourite new series of the year. The shots of Kim’s new work life at Palm Coast sprinklers reminded me of Severance

  9. Oh Severance is just brilliant. So good to the point that I wouldn’t even be annoyed if Adam Scott nabbed best actor over Bob (still think Bob will win, and deservedly so)

  10. Good choice. Didn’t realize Christopher Walken was in it when I had started. While on Apple TV, you should check out For All Mankind, if you haven’t already.

  11. started watching 'The Sopranos' for the first time. being another incredibly character driven show, i think it makes for a fitting replacement for BCS.

  12. I'm in season 5 right now. I feel like this show has inspired a lot of the great shows that came afterwards including BB/BCS. I only found that out while watching it for the first time. Would highly recommend.

  13. Just started rewatching Sopranos for probably the 3-4th time. I’m pretty sure Cranston said there is no Walter without Tony Soprano. Sopranos is my favorite show, with BB and BCS close behind.

  14. Same, I'm on Season 3 and it's so good. You can see how it was so groundbreaking, and how it influenced other great shows that came after (Mad Men, BB, BCS, etc).

  15. Watched it for the first time a few weeks ago. Beware that you will literally be addicted to it. I couldn’t stop watching. It’s so good that I’m already itching to rewatch it since I know I missed some stuff

  16. I’ve just finished s1 of Mr Robot. Gonna continue that. Succession, Severance and The Boys is also on my watchlist. No other show will come close to the connection I have with BCS though.

  17. The start of season 2 of Mr Robot is going to seem weird the first time you watch it but stick with it, it will all make sense. Mr Robot is probably the best show I ever watched. Enjoy!

  18. I'd say Mr Robot is THE greatest series ever produced. Better than BCS and BB. Sam Esmail knocked this out of the park. The show has some serious depth and requires your full attention. Do yourself a favor and PIRATE this tv show as I feel it's the only proper way to watch it.

  19. I've been really thinking about going back and giving a re-watch to The X-Files. At the very least taking a look at the first 5 seasons, which I still think is great. I have a particular interest in going back and watching the episodes that Vince Gilligan wrote. I didn't know that Gilligan was one of the x-files writers until after I got into Breaking Bad, and once I learned that I really wanted to go back and revisit his work on that show. I still haven't done so and maybe the end of the ABQ universe would be a good opportunity to finally do it.

  20. This! Just started rewatching BCS, halfway through season 1 now. In some ways, even better the 2nd time around. So many minor details make sense now.

  21. I watched Succession last week and I’m already on a rewatch. It honestly might be the best show on tv. I might still give the edge to BCS, but I understand why I have seen a lot people giving Succession the crown. It’s been a while since a show has captivated me as quick as Succession did and I’m a picky bastard.

  22. BCS binge so I can get the full story straight through. A year between seasons makes it hard to remember the little details

  23. I've watched BB three times, and just fully caught up with my second viewing of BCS for the finale. I still feel the need to go rewatch them all again.

  24. Nathan Fielder is brilliant. The Rehearsal is a lovely and heartfelt evolution of Nathan for You. I find it less overtly funny than NFY, but equally enjoyable and more thought-provoking. I think the most recent episode has been my favorite yet.

  25. How do you recommend this show? I got stuck say it starts as awkward dry cringe humor and then evolves into this meta narrative made of layers of recursion

  26. I recommend this show to everyone. Great performances and a very human story. BCS-ers, if you enjoy interesting and beautiful cinematography, you will get eyefuls every episode.

  27. I really enjoyed Cowboy Bebop and I normally can't stand anime. It's very brisk and punchy and lots of action with a great soundtrack. I'm not ready for Better Call Saul to end bro :(

  28. cowboby bebop is sooo nice. i'm also not r into anime, but bc that was the first anime show i watched fully and since then i can't fins sth that matches that standard.

  29. My wife and I are on her first watch of Breaking Bad. So I'm looking forward to finishing that, then on to El Camino and BCS. It's fun watching with someone who knows nothing about this universe and seeing the reactions.

  30. Yes!! I just showed Breaking Bad to my husband for the first time (he has been wanting to watch for a few years now and we finally both had the time to sit down and binge it) and seeing his reactions to events I saw unfold on TV years ago was so fun. We immediately jumped to El Camino and then BCS and I'm so glad he loves them just as much and I do.

  31. I’ll be starting the Sopranos for the first time and starting a rewatch of the Americans (for me, a top 5 greatest TV show ever)

  32. I…I love you? The Americans ties for second fave along with BCS! Peep Show sit at the top (it was the right show at the right time) and Sopranos is about 6th or 7th. Have fun watching it!

  33. I need to watch that! First episode didn’t do it for me but obviously you can’t judge a show off one episode

  34. I was thinking Westworld. I’ve heard many good things about it. And Aaron Paul is obviously a plus point. Also, all those who are about to start severance, you’re making a damn good choice.

  35. We Own This City. I'm a big fan of David Simon's work and it's only 6 episodes so easy to watch. Severance is also on my list, heard great things about it.

  36. Rewatch Mindhunter maybe. Goated cinematography and acting. Too bad netflix renews what's popular instead of what's quality, but it makes sense financially ig.

  37. So I have to correct you on this because I'm so salty about this still. It technically wasn't Netflix's fault! Fincher didn't want to keep doing it because of how long a season took and he wanted to do other things. Really annoyed me and put Fincher on my shit list, especially considering Mank wasn't even that great.

  38. I am watching Mad Men for the first time. Really enjoying it. Not liking that Sal just got fired and looks like his story line ends!

  39. Gonna add to the chorus recommending “The Wire.” It’s a bit slower paced than BCS but it has the same kind of payoffs. Streaming on HBO Max in the U.S.

  40. The Americans is sure to be a dead ringer for you as a BCS fan. It's got the same deliberately slow, simmering pacing, but with MASSIVE payoffs too, and simply incredible acting, writing, and drama. Absolutely stuck the landing too. One of the best works of fiction I've ever seen.

  41. Good question I don’t know what series I’m going to get into next. I’m thinking about re-watching Breaking Bad.

  42. Over the past few years, I’ve been persuaded to give ‘Hell on Wheels’ a chance - any thoughts?

  43. Currently watching dark while waiting for new episodes. After the finale I’m starting Ozark and serial experiments lain

  44. Figured I’d watch the wire after bcs is over. Big sopranos guy along with bb universe stuff so in terms of highly regarded shows it seems like a good next step. Though to be honest, I have a hard time imagining I will any time soon. Tv is sort of an occasional thing to me and the standard bcs has set is certainly going to make it hard to want to jump into something for a while

  45. Just coming in here to say that a good movie for Better Call Saul fans to watch or rewatch is Jackie Brown. Highly recommend and it’s got Robert Forster in it (he is also really sexy in it for some reason)!

  46. Sopranos......but one thing i am scared about when it comes to old and famous shows that it's very easy to land on a major spoiler on the internet . Please don't SPOIL

  47. I highly suggest Mr Robot. I am going to rewatch it and decide the debate of which is better personally in my head once and for all. Last time I watched it I liked it slightly more than Breaking Bad, but BCS added so much to the plate that I don't even know anymore

  48. Newer/Current shows Succession Barry Severance Ozark Yellowstone Atl You Loki White lotus Ted lasso Mythic quest It's always sunny is the best show ever also

  49. I started “TURN” today, and it seems promising enough. 4 seasons of it, and they cover Benedict Arnold eventually. I’m currently watching The Rehearsal as it comes out weekly. Excited for Kevin Can Fuck Himself season 2 as well. Can’t wait for I Think You Should Leave Season 3, though, I have no idea when that will be. Also, probably gonna try to get back on the For All Mankind train. I keep hearing that season 2 is transcendent

  50. I’ll be finishing the sopranos which I was watching at the same time as BCS. After that I’ll probably watch the Wire or Succession

  51. I recommend watching Animal Kingdom it’s a TNT show that’s really good basically it’s about a women that built a criminal empire and has her sons and her grandson working with her. The series is about to end but it’s a great show to fill the void.

  52. I’m actually a big MCU fan outside of the breaking bad universe so I’ll be watching daredevil (I never watched any of the non MCU marvel shows). I feel like now is a great time to do so!

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