You are in deep legal trouble! You can only have one of them represent you. Who would you choose?

  1. This is tough because I feel like Kim is definitely the better lawyer if operating within the confines of the law and basic human decency, and she could probably get me a largely reduced sentence... but Saul could get me completely off the hook with corruption.

  2. Ya. Basically it all boils down to how fucked you are. If you aren’t guilty and need the best defense then Kim’s the way. But if you know there is evidence and chances are you’ll go to Jail, better call saul.

  3. As a lawyer, I feel ethically obligated to answer Kim because she would win “the right way.” I’ll leave it at that except to say, hey, a win’s a win.

  4. Depends really what kind of legal trouble. If I did something on Lalo’s level I would choose Saul any day of the week. If I am innocent or I am having a Mesa Verde kind of problem, I would pick Kim.

  5. Depend on the context. If im right I definitely choose Kim. If I killed someone come here my boy saul

  6. It depends whether you're guilty or not. If you are you'll want Jimmy to just find some sort of loophole through any means necessary to get you off the hook. If you're genuinely innocent, you'd go for Kim.

  7. Jimmy, I just feel like it would be a lot more comical and worth the legal fees and even if I wound up in jail I'll have a funny ass story to tell.

  8. Like, Kim 190%. Unless I’m a criminal, then still Kim. If I need a lawyer I want one I can trust and I feel like has my back. Kim does that. Jimmy on the other hand will do anything to win. I might not be ok with anything to win.

  9. Saul, any day. I don't trust Kim at all anymore. She can change her mind on a dime. Saul always gets his clients off, one way or another.

  10. You’re kidding, right? Sure, Kim is worlds better than Jimmy as a lawyer, but Jimmy can get you out of anything.

  11. They help each other, so either one of those brilliant minds would work!!! Maybe Saul though for the comic relief!🤪

  12. I think the answer is Kim. I can’t think of many (or any) of Saul’s clients that had a good outcome long-term. Sure he might get you off by doing something shady, but Kim in a vacuum will be a better lawyer and give better advice.

  13. I’d find some way to make the stakes high for Saul so he would get off his ass and actually help me, seems like a real good lawyer. But only when he may face consequences lol

  14. Hi i’m Saul Goodman did you know that you had rights constitution says you do and so do I, I believe until proven guilty every man,woman, and child in this country is innocent and that’s why I fight for you ALBUQUERQUE!

  15. I’d like to say Saul because I know he has a great understanding of the law and its loopholes from watching the show. But… I think if this were real life and I didn’t know what he was capable of, I would be really nervous listening to his smooth talk and wondering if he is legit. I’d also be really turned off by the clientele in his office and honestly, the flamboyant way he dresses. Unfortunately I think I’d judge him like a lot of people do :/

  16. Kim, because she’s the better lawyer. If she needs to use more drastic measures, she can always have Saul help out too.

  17. People keep saying Kim would play within the rules when she’s the one who came up with the plan to get Huell off the hook completely after assaulting an officer.

  18. I'd choose Saul every time because he will do whatever it takes, legal or not, to acquit me or get me a deal. What do I care if he risks his own career on my account?

  19. I would want them to collaborate to help me. I like both of their styles. One is a bit more honest than the other but both know what they are doing...😆by a bit more honest, I was referring to the times when Kim helped Saul with something, let's say, less than ethical.

  20. I was going to say this is a stupid question, because obviously Kim is the more competent and careful lawyer, but then ... Saul does have knack for making problems go away.

  21. Kim is technically better on paper but I doubt she can get me out of a death sentence in the middle of desert where the judge is a crazy drug lord.

  22. I’d choose Kim. I’ve seen her wits in action and witnessed her energy explode in that “nervous knee shake” that she does. Kim’s a fighter and she’s not above wallowing in the muck if it’s called for.

  23. Definitely Kim. Saul's not going to give me the deluxe treatment of fucking around to get me off the hook. Can't afford that. Kim though, maybe.

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