Peter about BCS ending...jeezzz what are they doing to us

  1. You know what when you put it like that the plot doesn’t sound that bad but then you take into account that within 2 episodes she went from good, to burning down an entire city, to being killed by her lover/nephew. Just so rushed.

  2. They have yet to disappoint me, it would be crazy to start having doubts now. This last episode that we got might be the best hour of television I’ve ever watched. They have a tough task in wrapping up not just the show but over a decade of storytelling, but there is no other team I would want on the job.

  3. Wonder where on the controversial ending spectrum it will end up. Like will it be closer to the GOT side or closer to The Sopranos side

  4. good. i'd prefer something that's controversial and risky but potentially amazing to something like breaking bad's ending which is safe and a crowd-pleaser but only just good

  5. I'm confident it'll be great. Then again, I enjoy "weird" ambiguous endings that are open to interpretation so it sounds like it might be right up my alley.

  6. Sounds very promising to me. I love bold, considered endings and I have nothing but trust for the team behind this show. Putting all my faith into this. It's gonna be good.

  7. Gene sees Kim in Omaha, they each take a big sloppy bite out of Cinnabon, look at the camera and say in unison “Life needs frosting,” fade to black.

  8. It's gonna end with Gene tracking down Kim who has relocated to Coushatta, Louisiana where she now resides happily married to Huell. Nothing left to lose, Gene then kidnaps Jeff the Cab Driver and forces him at gunpoint to build a time machine.

  9. Nothing you’ve seen before? It could be mixed but mostly loved like the Sopranos or absolutely hated like both endings of Dexter or it could be loved just like BB

  10. Bob Odenkirk has said that when they first started the show, he had discusaions with Gilligan and Gould stating his interest in a more redemptive/remorseful/nuanced ending for Saul, to contrast with Walt's unrepentant embrace of being a monster. He seemed to imply that he may have had some impact on the show's trajectory in that regard.

  11. I think the key moment in the BB finale is Walt's final talk with Skylar. For the first time in the series, he is completely emotionally honest with her and she finally understands why he did what he did. But what he doesn't do is apologize to her in any way. Walt clearly doesn't regret spending his last few years as a criminal even though it ruined the lives of every person in his family. It's a strangely bittersweet ending: Walt dies a monster but a monster who is finally at peace with himself.

  12. i love the last few episodes of breaking bad especially because walt finally sees himself for the monster that the audience and other characters have seen over 5 seasons

  13. Walt is strange because he objectively does the right thing in three ways for the first time: getting the money to his family without the credit, being honest with Skylar and saving Jesse without doing so to manipulate him.

  14. What does this even mean, LOL? I can’t deal with these cryptic answers, anymore. They’re just causing more anxiety. You are done, Peter. You are DONE!

  15. All of Breaking Bad, El Camino, and Better Call Saul was Chuck's dream. The Slippin' Jimmy cartoon was the only thing that was real.

  16. Gene runs into Kim in the mall. They are discussing if he should turn himself in, suddenly they hear screaming they turn to see the cab driver….eating an elderly mall walker. The zombie apocalypse of The Walking Dead has begun.

  17. One thing that sets BCS apart from most prequels is....we are already assured that it not only ends the BCS story, but the entire Breaking Bad/ElCamino/BCS story. We are going to end up post Walt dying and Jesse escaping to Alaska. Now that's pretty cool.

  18. So do you think we will get the current time line (having Howard just die), the BB time frame (of him being with Walt& Jesse) and also the Gene timeline? We only have 6 episodes correct?

  19. Oh great idea - it could be ambiguous whether he’s learned his lesson that he ruined her life - or maybe he’s keeping away because SHE is the wild card who’s bad for him?

  20. Gene the Cinnabon Manager moves to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He slowly pisses everyone in Hollywood off until his career is a smoldering garbage fire, so he starts teaching an acting class.

  21. To be honest I think whatever ending there is, as long as it makes sense and isn't cheesy as hell, I'll be happy with it. This show has been great, very little if anything at all to complain about but I understand the stress he's under. This is a massive deal and people are expecting very much for the penultimate and finale. We'll find out soon hmmm 🫠

  22. Saul will die, it will be revealed that we're on an alternative universe, and then they will announce a breaking bad reboot with Kim Wexler, where she kills Heisenberg and takes over his empire, only to be killed by a cyborg Saul, who was the villain all along. Lalo and Gus will develop a beautiful friendship and get their own spin-off, which will be a sitcom.

  23. Except then there will Better Call Saul: Genesys where Howard comes back from the future to impregnate Kim while fleeing and indestructable Wormold Model 800 that flings hot dutch apple pies at them out his ass.

  24. Sounds like it ends with all of Saul’s acquaintances in a circle, applauding him while chanting “Congratulations”, a la Evangelion.

  25. It would be hilarious if the series ends in a similar manor Eva eps 25 and 26, so many people would be pissed but I'd eat it up

  26. It’s obvious, Kim died in the S3 car crash and her breaking bad arc is just Jimmy’s grief-driven hallucination trying to justify what he is becoming.

  27. It’s not obvious, but this would certainly raise eye brows and would get us talking about the show even more than we do now.

  28. That's the gift and curse of the digital age. For TV, you can basically edit until an hour of before airing. And Peter Gould is probably a perfectionist.

  29. if there is a sopranos-style ending I think this sub will go into a permanent analysis hellhole but still seems fun lol

  30. I think it’s gonna end non-conclusively, it’ll end on a note that feels like there’s a next season but there’s never any epilogue or movie; it ends with unanswered questions, possibly more than we already have. My prediction is that it ends with Gene firing back up the Saul persona, but we don’t get to see it in action or the implications of that, the show just ends with us knowing it does happen. Picture Jesse’s ending if we never got El Camino, something like that, that’ll be the note the series ends on.

  31. Idk. Peter has said previously that the ending won't be ambiguous. But, not sure what he considers ambiguous.

  32. What you're suggesting is very much like the ending of No Country for Old Men, which I loved but hated the ending. I'm not really sure what they could have done, but I felt really hollowed out by it. Chigur is still on the loose. A bunch of people who got involved with a bag and died for it. An old lawman comes to terms with mortality. It left me feeling empty.

  33. Kim dies. Gus dies. Jimmy dies. Mike, his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter die. The credits roll as we see no one survived the Oceanic airliner crashing into the island.

  34. Everyone dies. The sun explodes into a supernova and then dies a slow heat death, collapsing into a black hole. Eventually, the expanding universe becomes incoherent and ends.

  35. god i am NOT ready for these last few episodes … that being said i can’t wait for july 11th!

  36. I feel like Saul is gonna make one last appearence on live TV. Sounds a little too cute but i feel like the pieces are in place. Doc crew could be involved

  37. This is Peter being insecure because he’s forced to second guess himself while editing. Previously, he and the main actors have all described the ending as something they’re very proud of. Of course, they have to be positive no matter what, but they’re the ones who keep bringing up the ending as great, especially Bob.

  38. We all want the show to stick the landing but I am totally with you. It has been an awesome ride so far no matter what. I have loved all of the seasons, including the first half of this one. The show is already up there for me as one of the best of all time.

  39. Gene gets arrested and has to stand trial for all of Saul's crimes. A cavalcade of beloved characters like Huel and Wendy are brought into court to testify. We all reminisce about the series' hijinks.

  40. "Him and his girlfriend faked their identities and scammed me into paying for an expensive bottle of tequila! Bad man! A very bad man!"

  41. Rhea called the finale “devastating” in a recent interview as well as Paley fest. This doesn’t bode well for us ;(

  42. I really want the last scene to involve all three of Jimmy’s personas; maybe Gene unpacks an old suitcase in Nebraska, dons a colorful suit & tie to drive to ABQ as Saul, with plans to confess as Jimmy. Last frame is him standing in front of the police station, staring up at it. Cut to black. Does he go in? We’ll never know.

  43. I get the feeling it's not going to be cathartic at all and as a consequence the ending will be very polarizing but, as people rewatch the show and the events sort of marinate, it'll be received better down the road

  44. The thing that’s exciting and terrifying is that there are a lot of places they could take the final episode. We know that Gene is going to “take care of it himself” but there are a lot of ways this can go down. Maybe Gene will be involved in a shootout, maybe he’ll track down Kim, maybe Lalo is still alive and is looking for him, maybe Gene will turn himself into the police. Maybe none of these things will happen. I’m hoping Peter and Vince can nail the landing since this is probably the end of the BB/BCS franchise.

  45. I want to be in a bar with super pumped up lovers of the show, watching the ending in a large fin group. I have no idea how to make this happen.

  46. Ugh... I wonder if we are going to see a flash forward to an older Jimmy? like geriatric jimmy gene in a home talking to some whipper snappers about a young guy actually about your age who lived a long way from here in a town called Cicero, Illinois and in Cicero he was the man and all the corner boys would give him a high five while the finest babes would smile at him and hope hed smile back.. theyd call him slippin jimmy.. slippin jimmy.. did i tell you about a young guy actually about your age who

  47. My prediction is it will go with the Twin Peaks the return route. The second to last episode will feel like a traditional finale. While the last episode is more of an experimental coda.

  48. "Hopefully the audience will go along with it because it’s not like anything I’ve seen before. It’s a pretty unusual way to end a TV series"

  49. Kim kills Lalo and needs to vanish. Saul turns himself in and the show ends with him in prison. I think he might send the diamonds to Kim as well, before turning himself in 🤷‍♂️

  50. Flash forward, Gene returns home to find Jeff the taxi driver broke in and found a cookie jar containing Chuck's ashes. He vows to bring him to justice but Kaylee appears with a shotgun. The screen cuts to black as a shot is heard, implying that Kaylee has murdered Jeff.

  51. Something fucking awful happens. Then Jimmy wakes up from sleeping, it’s 1992. He’s still in Jail after the sunroof. Not getting out for years. He was just imagining his life if Chuck bailed him out but reality Chuck never did because he glad to see Jimmy rot.

  52. I think that's a real possibilty. Especially if she's playing him for the Sandpiper money. It maybe accidental. He may have to pick his life over her's with Lalo. Lalo may kill her to seal Jimmy to the cartel.

  53. Last shot will be Gene breaking the fourth wall and saying to the camera “That’s it folks, that’s how I became Better Call Saul”.

  54. Why did I read this, I hate reading things like this. It gives me reasons to worry before I should. I trust the writers obviously but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it worries me lol.

  55. I am now expecting an ending that myself and many members of this sub will like a lot, but alienate many more casual viewers.

  56. The police are closing in on Genes house. He pulls up porn on the big 50” big screen and wraps a belt around his neck and begins masturbating. “One last time” he whispers to himself. The police break down the door and find gene hanging in front of his tv. It was too late. He had already gotten away.

  57. a happy ending in the breaking bad universe? I could honestly see them living happily ever after being controversial.

  58. Oof. I loved the ending to BB personally. If BCS ended like the sopranos, it would leave a completely sour taste in my mouth. I preferred the ending to GoT over the sopranos and…. that is saying something.

  59. The Sopranos’ ending is easily my favourite TV ending of all time. If it’s going to be ‘controversial’ in a similar manner then I’ll be ecstatic.

  60. Ok, look, do you remember when they were on Omaha Beach, and the guy with the vacuum cleaner was in their house? One of them called the number on the car from the black book to check it out.

  61. I like that he's showing such concern. Unlike that idiot that wrote the Dexter New Blood ending and said its the best thing he ever wrote. Then it turned out arguably worse than the original finale.

  62. I’m not reading any more comments from Gould or Gilligan about the rest of the season. They’ve unintentionally revealed too much already and between their comments and some photos that got leaked, a ton of people knew what would happen in episode 7. It’s getting to the point where some “speculation” posts on this sub should really have spoiler tags.

  63. As someone whos been tracking set leaks since the season started airing I can't say I really agree lol. People theorized Howard would die at that point of course, because who wouldn't, but exactly how he died came as a surprise to most people I would say. Aside from that, the comments about the upcoming episodes have been about as vague as they can get. They never mention the actual content of the episode. And as for future set leaks, yeah they might give away much more than some people are comfortable with, sure, but the details of how everything is gonna match up is still way up in the air.

  64. After all these years, Saul finally finds out what happened to his wife after he left to bury the body and Kim disappeared into thin air. Returning to Albuquerque, he arrives at the safe house and stabs huell in the stomach, and Kim erupts out. They live out the rest of their days together in bliss

  65. Maybe it will turn out that all the 2002-2005 stuff is Gene’s biased memories, designed to relive him of the guilt of what he did to Chuck, Kim and Howard.

  66. No way. As far as the last sentence goes, I think they have indicated several times that BCS will cause you to think of BB differently. But the biased memory stuff...that would be yanking our chains for the last 7 years and unforgivable.

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