The Anatomy of Every Mike and Kaylee Scene

  1. I love how this is on every Mike and Kaylee related post and it somehow is genuinely always amusing lmao

  2. Well that is realistic. I set up a fancy telescope for my kids and it basically was thirty seconds of “I can’t see anything!” followed immediately by one of them tripping on the tripod leg as they head inside.

  3. Yes, that struck me as being completely contrived. It would have been better if the scene showed them in the middle of a conversation that appeared to have been going on for some time.

  4. They could’ve made a “Leon: the Professional” style spinoff with Mike and Kaylee. Alas not to be. Kaylee grows up picking off the cartel saying “pop, pop” with every headshot and drinking as much lemonade as she wants.

  5. And him looking dejected, rolling his eyes and wondering “why? Why am I so busy? It’s not like I work for a cartel…”

  6. I know he swapped those Kayless. I knew she was 7. 60 years younger than Mike. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He covered his tracks, he got that that idiot Stacey to lie for him.

  7. Never really thought about until this post...i wonder how long it was until the daughter in law started worrying what was up with Mike and why he wasn't calling or showing up anymore. I wonder how it affected her losing her husband and now a father in law that's just gone.

  8. I'm new to this sub. Have we made fun of Jimmy walking away from a resolved matter, having second thoughts and stopping in front of the camera for a close-up, then turning around to unresolve the matter?

  9. any time someone turns away for a conversation in the show it is ONLY because they are going to pause and turn back 5 seconds later

  10. I was gonna say, how much depth does anyone expect in a conversation with a kindergartner? This is how most conversations I had with my grandpa went

  11. Wait did they actually just use concentrated HF? I thought they mixed it with antimony pentafluoride (SbF5). HF by itself is a very weak acid but combined with SbF5 it forms one of the most potent acids known to mankind.

  12. Kaylee, after making herself and her grandfather laugh, has completed her mission. She has finally become truly one with the universe, is a time-god now and proceeds to warp into an alternate dimension. Another Kaylee is send down from heaven. Mike does not notice. The cycle repeats.

  13. I’m more disappointed that they didn’t develop Stacey’s character more. She had good potential as a character since her first appearance in “Five-O” but the writers kept her as “me scared, me and kaylee need more money.” Not to mention that she somehow has zero idea that Mike works with a drug lord lmao.

  14. There's an alternate world where the show goes that way, but as it she's just a plot device for Mike. Her and Kaylee are the motivation for what he does, and they did well enough in establishing that.

  15. I'm not really sure it needs it tbh. The backstory with Matty explains why he feels such a responsibility for them both in BB and beyond that I don't really feel like the details are important.

  16. I mean there is endless potential to develop all the characters that are giving our primary characters their motivations. What is Papa Varga but Jesus in flesh? Man is too pure and too honest and he's nothing beyond that. But his only purpose is to give Nacho his central direction in season 3.

  17. I keep expecting her to have some kind of heel turn where she actually hates Mike and is only using him for money but it never happens

  18. This is very similar to my anatomy of every early Negan scene back when people still watched Walking Dead:

  19. Mike: hits the stanky leg Kaylee: "Pop-pop, you’re hitting a fat stanky leg" Mike: "No I'm not" Kaylee: provides irrefutable evidence that Pop- pop is, indeed, hitting a fat stanky leg Mike: "Is that right?" Mike: proceeds to stop hitting fat stanky leg Kaylee: guffaws

  20. Mike plays with kaylee for 3 minutes before he gets a phone call, tells kaylee it’s time to wrap up. Stacy arrives and indirectly tells Mike she’s broke

  21. What are you expecting to happen? Kaylee to pull out a gun and say "stop it pop pop, not kidding anymore" and we realise the time Mike chose a half measure was with Kaylee.

  22. Also the fact that every time pop-pop says no more of something, he always lets up and lets her keep going. This is foreshadowing that Kaylee is really cliff mains transgender son

  23. I don’t understand why you guys hate this, its a touch of wholesomeness in a show thats so fucking dark all the time

  24. I think it's supposed to be a gentle criticism of the repetitive nature of these scenes. Supposedly Kaylee isn't a very complex character.

  25. Because it is so basic and one dimensional. It sticks out compared to the rest of the show because of that. They don't really know how to write for kids it seems.

  26. While these interactions become a little wrote, I think establishing a routine of playful banter between Mike and Kaylee helps to highlight the impacts of Mike's depressive episodes, such as when he snaps at her about her dad when dealing with Werner's death/killing.

  27. The best thing I love about Kaylee is her carefree mentality and complete ignorance. She has no clue what Mike did, does or will do. Knowing what we all know about Mike in BB and BCS, you don’t want Mike to hang around your own daughter and/or son. When you’re a parent, you’ll do everything regardless how selfish or irrational or irresponsible to protect your child.

  28. and yet the last thing she will remember about his grandfather is that he left her in a park in the middle of the day without even saying goodbye.

  29. I mean, yeah. Pretty typical grandfather/granddaughter relationship, dad jokes and all. People complain about these scenes being boring but that’s the point. They’re to show his “normal” family life side.

  30. Except for that one scene where Mike insisted he was not, in fact, being silly at all. You are DONE Kaylee!

  31. Peter Gould: "How dare you?" Gilligan: laughs hysterically Banks: "I fucking told ya when we were shooting the damn thing"

  32. All the scenes with that kid were my least favorite of the whole show. I haven't been given a reason to care about her or Mike's relationship with her at all. They could completely cut them all out entirely and I don't think the show would be any different.

  33. They’re so cute though, no matter how overdone they are or how generic, it’s neat seeing Mike as a sweet grandpa who loves his granddaughter instead of a badass ruthless doesn’t even flinch at a gunshot guy

  34. I can’t wait until we get a series called better call Kaylee that picks up after the events of breaking bad and follows Kaylee as she continues doing Mike’s work

  35. Its sad knowing the Kaylee has these memories of her grandpa but obviously she learns about what happened, whether or not her mom knows just how much Mike was directly involved. Gus and Walt ruined a lot of lives for nothing more than ego.

  36. Accurate description of talking to children, except Kaylee never asks anything like, “what if I put my finger in the dog’s butt?”

  37. I legit hate her saying pop pop. Like, I’ve never heard anyone call anyone else pop pop. And even if it is common, it sounds so incredibly weird and forced and I can’t take it seriously. Not to mention the fact that they have a new actress every scene. I adore these shows, but the Mike and Kaylee stuff is the worst to me.

  38. Anybody else wish that Mike had a grandson instead? Just bc he lost his own son, I feel like that would’ve felt like a much more palpable relationship and would’ve added some umph to Mikes motivations. Minor thing

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