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  2. He literally listed this column in the list of dumb stuff he's said. He admitted he was wrong, but he was 18 when he wrote it, and he is now almost 40. People change their minds about stuff.

  3. The Left has been working hard to neuter the US military and aside from Israel, no other military receives such critical scrutiny.

  4. Truthfully, our moral standard in warfare puts us at a disadvantage to the other two world superpowers (China and Russia). China, in fact, has not signed the Artemis Accords (for space), which just means we will have to follow protocols they don’t. Same with the Geneva Convention handicaps. I’d be lying if I said collateral damage bothered me on an emotional level, but I think that the preference would at least be to minimise it if possible. However, if it isn’t (or it just doesn’t turn out that way), I don’t think we should lose good operators over it. The main thing I agree with from this point is that we as Americans should always value ourselves first - this country is too apologetic and self-loathing, and we allow weak and unpatriotic people in our government.

  5. Oh no! Ben Shapiro held the same views about civilian casualties 20 years ago that the vast majority of Americans shared (including Hillary Clinton by the way) in the wake of 9/11. He is hereby CANCELLED!

  6. the truth is there are thousands dying every day all over the world and nobody really cares unless it's topical to us and then people go out of their way to support them, which is really just narcissism making it about themselves

  7. This is an important point, no one gives a shit about their lives until someone they don't like does such a thing.

  8. Civilians should not be targeted just for the sake of killing civilians. What do you do, however, when the enemy is using civilians as a shield? What do you do when they place a rocket launcher next to a hospital or an elementary school? Do you allow them to use that rocket launcher to kill your own soldiers rather than taking it out and risk killing some civilians in the process?

  9. War is absolute hell and it needs to remain that way so that people prevent it at all costs. It is not something to be taken lightly at all. War is a living hell won through the dehumanization, demoralization, and submission of the enemy. The effects go for women and children of the same loosing side as well. Without those terrible results, there is no submission. Without submission, the war carries on perpetually.

  10. This is the lesson we have forgotten since World War II, unfortunately. War is hell, and it is supposed to be that way. And we didn’t win the World War II by being nice, or avoiding casualties.

  11. We care about collateral damage, but the enemy does not. Take that into consideration when debating war standards from your parents' basement.

  12. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this as it was my first time reading this article. Your comment on the end really shows our offended you get over nothing

  13. Yeah it’s a shit opinion. But this guys actually made a list of things he regrets saying and writing and admits he has been wrong in the past. Name a other journalist with that integrity and the balls to be that vulnerable.

  14. The levels of delusion to this. Corporates and Congressmen don't give a fuck about a soldier's worth. They send them out to protect their overseas investments and interests. Where's the benefit for these soldiers when they come back home injured and with PTSD? Where's the pension, the rehabilitation? Instead of thinking about civilian casualties in Afghanista, think about the homeless jobless vets.

  15. One American soldier is not worth more than an Afghan civilian. One life is not worth more than another simply because it shares a nationality with you. That's tribalism and kinda fucking psychotic.

  16. In war, you have to have the tribal mindset. Us or them? I would die for you and your right to hold your opinions. Can you say the same for the enemy and his family?

  17. You’re probably being sarcastic. But yea. That and I’d include on that list: pedophiles, rapists, dictators, corrupt politicians, and maybe more.

  18. There is some national self interest in maintaining a reputation of restraint and humanitarian principle. When people fight the US they know we aren’t out to slaughter every man, woman, and child and pillage the land. We are capable of extreme violence (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden), but we are not berserkers like the Mongol hordes. The surrender of massive numbers of Germans at the close of WW2 and the routing of the Iraqi army in Gulf War 1 are testament to this. The Iraqi army was one of the biggest in the word and they folded like a card table in nothing flat. That same army by the way fought Iran fiercely not long before, brutal fighting down to the last man in some instances.

  19. I can proudly say that in no part of my life, even as a dumb teenager, did I make light of civilians dying from a foreign military killing them.

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