Post Game Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. This is the take away from todays game - we knew the defense could ball, we knew Joe was cool and Chase was on the case (fuck you Romo) but we hadn’t had a complete game from the offensive front in a loooong time - beautiful 😻

  2. Burrow MVP odds were 20 to 1 so i put down a small sum. My co worker ridiculed me saying that mahomes was a lock for mvp. Wtf now Daryl?

  3. What a fucking throw under pressure by burrow and a massive catch by Higgins. This team is dangerous and getting hot at the right time.

  4. So do I, as a Bills fan congrats! Joe is just so calm under pressure. Guy has ice in his veins.

  5. I have a confession to make. I thought we were doomed at the beginning of the season with this offensive line. Turns out, I still know nothing about football, and the football people who said they needed time to gel were not, in fact, full of shit. I was wrong, and I’m damn happy about it! Who Dey!

  6. It is fine, brother, many of us wavered. Please eat two cheese conveys for your atonement and all shall be forgiven.

  7. The best part is they are still getting better every week. Peak season is in Feb this football season.

  8. I’m slowly accumulating Burrow gear. Time to branch out and get some general Bengals wear and maybe a lil somethin somethin to rep Chase and Higgs. I would Perine and Mixon with the leftover cash lmao

  9. Better team won simple. Bengals have a gameplan that knows how to contain KC's O. Kc's defense cannot stop Burrow. Bengals the better all around team and a bad match-up for KC.

  10. Who all can’t wait til they release the video of the locker room postgame? Those dudes must be reaching dangerous levels of hype in there.

  11. The wild thing is - they left 7 points on the board (end of H1, Boyd dropped TD), struggled to get off the field on 3rd and long opportunities for 3 quarters, dropped an INT, and were playing without their RB1 and TE1.

  12. What an incredible game. I can’t believe after I watched us get absolutely destroyed against Mahomes years ago that we would win 3 in a row. This team is legit.

  13. Chiefs fan here. GG Bengals. A couple months back I was traveling in Europe and actually met a Bengals fan out in a pub in Prague. We shot the shit and talked the football and all that good stuff. Very cool dude. Ever since then I kind of think the Bengals are my second team despite being conference rivals. Good luck the rest of the way!

  14. As a 22 year old kid who’s grown up watching this team we are not the same. Joe Burrow is different and I’m so excited to watch us.

  15. This game just solidified that this team wants it. All year I’ve questioned their mentality but seeing them fight for every single yard… I love it!!!

  16. Dude can you imagine how frustrated Mahomes must be? He literally cannot beat this current Bengals team

  17. Honestly, this is what we should expect from burrow and the receivers. The fact that the offensive line and the defense played as well as they did is what can push this team all the way over the top

  18. The throw on 2nd and four wasn’t a bad decision. It was 5 seconds before the 2 min warning. If you throw and incompletion, the clock stops for the warning anyway. He was trying to get the first down. The mistake was actually burrow not throwing it away and saving the 7 yards.

  19. Idk. Zac Taylor and the front office’s ability to target, plug and play players effectively is pretty impressive. Things may only get better.

  20. Everything about this game minus the Boyd drop was phenomenal. The oline can’t get shat on anymore. Higgins and Chase with sticky finger syndrome. Perine the Train choo choo . And the defense! Jungle brought the D!!

  21. That throw to end the game. Holy fuck. We really struck gold with our 1st overall draft pick QB. How many times do teams get to say that. The Oline is really starting to play good football. We can beat anyone.

  22. For real, that's some of the softest bitching I have ever seen. Like if you're going to talk shit then talk shit, don't whimper in the corner like a scolded dog.

  23. These are the good ole days. The glory days. Best Bengals era is here. Joe Burrow makes believers of us all

  24. When romo was laying out how we could be the one seed in the first half I was like “please stop making my heart flutter!” Now I’m like “yes please.”

  25. I don’t want to rain on the parade. But I want all the shit talking Bengals fans after 0-2 to apologize for being dumbasses.

  26. They are already Colts or Steelers fans again like they were at the beginning of last year. I’d love to go through closets in this town.

  27. Gonna pour some Bourbon and read the KC Reddit 😍😍😍 ( remember guys don’t need to shit post or troll). Just savior the tears 😍

  28. Was on the 2nd half game thread on the Chiefs subreddit just to see the comments. Multiple Bengals fans came in peace and said legitimately nice things. Every. Single. One of those comments was downvoted so much that the comments were collapsed.

  29. Ow for sure the sorest losers…. I have a friend who is a die hard all because of Kelce (even though he grew up a Bengals fan) and has not reacted well to the last 3 games

  30. Can't believe Chief's sub is saying this was the Bengals superbowl, I guess that means we won 3 superbowls this year.

  31. Zac called a phenomenal game today! I love the aggressiveness at the end of the game. Oh and btw, that Joe Burrow guy is pretty good at football.

  32. KC has gotten so many calls to swing close games to their favor that they absolutely mald when the refs dont bend the game their way.

  33. Mahomes o line gets away with more illegal downfield bs in the league and they actually called it today. Picks. We pretty much ran their offense at them. Tasty win.

  34. Won a $10 parlay with the bengals beating the chiefs!!! Bills fan but may need to buy a burrow jersey! 1k LETS GO!!!

  35. Just think, we'll never think of or talk about Boyd dropping that TD ever again. Never ever again. It will be pushed from the depths of our memories completely within a month.

  36. Great game! If we can find a way to best the browns next week (much harder than it should be for us recently) we'll be in good shape.

  37. Lots of credit to give out, but I'm giving my game ball to the offensive line. This is the first performance by them that I'd call elite. Absolutely outstanding.

  38. If the Chargers don’t pull a miracle, then this was an almost perfect week for our interests. The Ravens scratching out a sorry ass win against a sorry ass Denver is the only thing that didn’t go our way. But stepping through TEN and KC makes Baltimore’s margin with the whole “but our easy schedule though” thing a LOT tighter.

  39. The offensive line turned in one impressive game against a good front 7. If those guys can play this consistently, I think we’ll be enjoying another post-season run.

  40. Does anyone know the antidote for a salt overdose? I just took a look at the Chiefs subreddit (don't worry I didn't post). The salt levels are off the chart.

  41. Ladies and Gentlemen of The Jungle... Joey Brrr just made his case for MVP, and more importantly right now... Samaje Perine is a grown ass man.

  42. So we had the false loss, the refs, I’m sure this one is on the refs too right? LFG Bengals. I love this team and can’t wait to hear the KC excuse this time.

  43. Held them scoreless in the 4th. Aside from that absolutely stupid 4&inches call at the end of the first half, that was a well-executed game.

  44. Chiefs fans are mad salty, a chiefs fan said “I have 0 confidence we can beat the Bengals in the playoffs” and I replied “I have 0 confidence that my Bengals can beat the Chiefs in the playoffs” then I got permabanned

  45. We play like we expected to win against anyone. They have to play us. I've never believed in a team I root for like this. It's unreal.

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