Game Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. But, guys, remember, this wasn't at Arrowhead so it doesn't count. KC iS A diFfEreNt tEAm iN ThE plAyoFFs!!! iT WaS jUSt A fLuKe!!!!

  2. It’s something about the lower case capital letter combo that always adds the hilarity to these types of comments

  3. Wooooooo boy he had me steaming I screamed at him like he could hear me but it was his first drop of the year

  4. WHODEY BABY. Hell of a game. Sorry to Mixon but atm Perine should be our main back. Everyone has made a key play at different times. Just a really fantastic game

  5. GG bengos, hope someone else knocks y’all out so we don’t have to play you because you guys have our number. Respectfully, I’m about to fire up madden on rookie and hang 300 on you.

  6. I love this team so much, I can't believe they've done it again, everyone thought we were done, frauds, it was a fluke season, they go back to back against the titans and the chiefs

  7. yeah we seriously outplayed outplayed them in every phase of the game and if it wasn't for those mistakes (and another victory formation in the red zone) it wouldn't be a 3-point game.

  8. This one was different than the first two games. Mahomes didn’t make any crucial mistakes, the offense just sort of faded away. Thwart bengals 2nd half D is phenomenal

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