Possible off-season spending plan

  1. It is just an effort to indicate how this could work that allows for resigning critical team pieces while adding a critical new offensive line piece

  2. Most projections I've seen have Uzomah getting upwards of $8 mil per over 3-4 years. That makes keeping him a lot more iffy.

  3. It will be riskier trying to find another middle round draft-pick or experienced unrestricted free agent cornerback for too much less.

  4. All of this accomplished with less than 50M! All without cutting anyone, so you give Waynes and opportunity to prove himself

  5. I was excited about Waynes when we signed him, and I was excited to see what he had going into 2021. Two years of not being on the field at that price tag tells me we should probably move on and wish him better health at his next stop

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