Best food for 3 month old Bengal

  1. My boy Oliver is the same age, I have him eatting Tiki cats wet food mixed with Orejen kitten formula. I will be slowly transitioning him to raw. He seems to be quiet a picky eatter so I've always mixed his kibble with wet. Breeders had him eatting wet and kibble to his preferences. I would recommend wet over dry, and raw over wet.

  2. My cat never finished her food as a kitten and there are days even now she doesn’t eat everything. So I don’t think you should be too discouraged if he doesn’t eat all his food. That said, I did switch the kibble I feed her and I’m fairly certain she prefers this new stuff to what she had previously. I feed her tiki cat wet food (some days she eats it all, some days she only eats half) and then orijen dry kitten food. She goes crazy for the freeze dried treats from that brand, so I switched her to their kibble and she will always finish it.

  3. Wellness 3oz wet food cans go a long way for kittens and they’re all meat no grain. I have two kittens and I split a can between the two.

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