Best cat wheel or homemade instructions

  1. Yea this was one of the options I was looking at. OFC and Ziggydoo wheels do come out to around the same price for my location. If you were to choose what would you go with based off you and your friends experience?

  2. One fast cat wheel that’s the one I have. And I don’t regret it. My cat loves it so much we got a second one for my moms house lol. They are very big though

  3. That's what I've been looking at so far. How's the build quality and how loud is it. Are you able to change the wheels if needed?

  4. We have two wheels, one is made by Bundas Bengals in Ontario (not sure they are making them anymore) it's a smaller wheel, but very quiet, and our other wheel is a OneFastCat wheel. The ofc wheel is a better size, although much louder than the bundas wheel. If you are close to the border, I would order the wheel to one of those parcel delivery places i the US, then do a day trip to pick it up.... That'll save you a bunch on shipping!

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