A good salty beach beer?

  1. Came here to say this, any of the AVBC goses will meet your needs! Big fan of Briney Melon and Blood Orange

  2. IMHO - Los Locos by Epic Brewing is a superior version of Buenavesa. It’s got more salt and more lime, yet it still remains crisp and refreshing as hell.

  3. Check out cape may brewing for sure. They have a limited edition batch called Cape May Salts right now that’s brewed with oyster shells and really delicious. If you have a chance to go to their brewery and get a flight, a lot of their beers have a salty/beach taste.

  4. Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale Edit: I know OP already said this one but it’s legit the most aligned with the description of the beer style being sought out

  5. 2 roads (mostly north east coast) goses are delicious and have many great flavors (passion fruit fresh)

  6. Yes, I love these! I haven't seen them at any of the beer stores in this town but then again I wasn't really looking. Thanks!

  7. Since you’re going to the shore, check out Icarus brewing. Nature Calls hefeweizen would be perfect

  8. I know you mentioned beer, but Graft Cider makes a mezcal margarita cider called Salt and Sand. I didn't find it too heavy and think it would be nice for the beach, however it is 7% ABV.

  9. Not a huge gose fan, but I actually enjoyed Workhorse’s Margarita. Since you’re east coast you should be able to find it!

  10. Not sure if they distribute far enough, but Union Craft Brewing does a few like Old Pro Gose. In fact quite a few breweries in MD like Flying Dog and DuClaw have decent beers that match what you’re looking for

  11. If you're near Atlantic Highlands, Carton just released Dune Fruit today. I haven't had it in a few years -- may not be salty enough but I remember it being a delicious sour; low ABV Perfect for the beach.

  12. Definitely Los Locos by Epic Brewing. It's a Mexican style-lager with sea salt and a little lime. It's absolutely perfect.

  13. Oxbow surfcasting is pretty excellent if you can find it, they’re from Maine so might be available at places that sell nerdier beer near you

  14. Dog fish head Sea Quench is a very Margarita-esque beer! Delicious, and I think you should be able to find it in NJ

  15. Gage Roads - Pipe Dreams Coastal Lager is great. Slightly sweet and salty with a good malt finish.

  16. Someone else mentioned Westbrook. It's not the most traditional hose, but one of the saltiest. I prefer the key lime, also recommended. Apple pie not as much. If you can find it Appalachian Mountain Brewing has a margarita gose as well

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