Hi there, my 9 year old son has become very passionate about beatboxing and he wants to take lessons. What's a good entry level setup that isn't going to break my bank?

  1. haha ya, but he wants to record his beats. He's already fairly decent. He is obsessed with loop stations - but they are pretty expensive

  2. You really don’t need anything for the beginning except enthusiasm and possible music lessons. Once he has basic beats, understanding, and a drive for more I would purchase a speaker and a cheap RadioShack mic with a 1/4 cable ending. Also, for beatbox lessons, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube of how to do basic sounds and patterns to help get your kid started. I wouldn’t purchase an interface and a nice mic until he’s a little older. A cheap high end setup could cost you $150-200

  3. Hello, asking questions is fine :). Imo you don’t really need any hardware just starting out, I only bought a cheap desktop mic and pop filter for online stuff/ recording. A lot of people just use phones for recording on. I can’t really answer about lessons as I’ve never taken them sorry.

  4. I started off by learning all the basic sounds and practicing them from youtube tutorials. Don't really need anything at the beginning. But currently I have a cheap handy recorder mic for recording shoutout videos and online battles. Beatboxing is actually a pretty cheap passion. If your son wants lessons, you can dm beatboxers like napom, bass Ventura, dlow and many others on insta. But at the beginning, youtube tutorials are pretty adequate.....

  5. For listening back to your recorded stuff quickly and also making it sound better easily you should get the RC 505. IT'S fun with any instrument, especially beatbox and it's an effective catalyst to leveling up beatboxing. With the rc 505 you also have tons of tutorials online+it's easy to resale. If you get it, you would also need headphones and a mic, which for a buget build should stay under a 100€.

  6. I really don't think anything is needed, but if he really likes loopstations you could go for something like a Boss RC-505. I'd start out with this:

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