More or less done with the refurb . let's see if the wall mount holds up!

  1. I can’t help but wonder the same thing.. I’d want to be enjoying the beautiful stereo image from those on either side of that ultra wide..

  2. What’s the little tablet on the bottom right? I know it can’t be the desk controls but it’s an interesting way to get your hot buttons at hand.

  3. More of a style nit pick but boxed toys doesn't really fit the otherwise classic style, and also the lions feels a bit generic?

  4. Where does everyone get all these special looking keyboards and why do you need so many? Love the dark cozy "study" vibe of your office, though.

  5. I have a bunch because I'm a software engineer and spend my life at my desk. Everyone once in a while I get over it, can't find any motivation to work (I live alone), so I buy a new keyboard to keep it interesting.

  6. The desk undermount for your Stream Deck is brilliant! Is this something you can buy or did you make it? Absolutely beautiful room and setup!

  7. if you check my profile I posted a 5 year renovation journey and you can see how it all started. you will get there 🙂 and honestly, most of the time.... redbul cans and c**p all over the desk!

  8. S-tier setup right here. Certainly not the most minimal or functional, but looks just so comfy and awesome to use. Here's some of the things I noticed and really liked about this setup.

  9. Sick setup! I’m a sucker for grey and walnut. Honestly, this would be the ideal aesthetic I’d use for this space. I have the Karlby setup w/dark grey Hemnes furniture, and couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, my landlord won’t let me paint over the white walls… What cans are you pairing with the iFi Zen stack? I matched mine with the Meze 99 Classic Walnut’s, they’re amazing!

  10. Man the greenery of the plants just amplify how inviting the space already looks. great job matching the paint on the walls with your desk and contrasting it with the darker wood tone.

  11. It's a samsung Odessy G9, 49 inch. It's been good for me although alot of people have had issues with theres. Takes a little adjusting to get used to but very immersive.

  12. Hi can I ask what color your wall is I'm moving soon and trying to decide what color desk and other parts to get. Your wall looks pretty similar to what I'm working with. Might have to snag a few ideas from here.

  13. I can’t get over how gorgeous this is. I would absolutely think that you were an interior designer based on this. Bravo! I’ve literally been coming back to this post and staring all day long.

  14. I know you are probably tired of comments but damn. This is the most stunning gaming/office set-up I've ever seen. If you don't mind my asking, what color is the gray on the walls?

  15. I love your office set-up. I have a similar color paint and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.

  16. Holy cow. This gives me 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea vibes and I love it. The wood, the plants, the paintings... I think I'm in love

  17. I love this cozy office! Are the plants real in the office? Wanting to do the same but finding a hard time identifying which ones look good + can go low light.

  18. Everything about this entire room looks great. The paint, the blinds, the lighting accents, the furniture, and the plants. This made me realize I need more plants in my life.

  19. That's a place I just want to be in .. shut the door. Shut out life and have some quality personal time. Right now I need something like this..

  20. Cozy! Has a nice warm feel to it. I also like your keyboard collection. Yesterday I picked up a Keychron K6 Wireless Aluminum RGB Gateron Red and so far I'm absolutely loving it (coming from a Logitech G PRO GX Blue). I'm afraid this might turn into yet another expensive hobby...

  21. I have the same color as an accent wall. Wanted to go all in, but for creating videos it means a lot more light required. I want to get a wood top desk since my shelves are brown

  22. This looks absolutely awesome I feel like I’m supposed to be looking for 5 hidden objects in here. Love the foliage as well I need more in my office

  23. This is one of the most inviting rooms I've ever seen.. from the colors to the decorations. The plants are what make it, though. Amazing job!

  24. Absolutely beautiful, this feels like an RE save room. Dark and cozy with soft ambient light with plants calmly meditating beside you as your body and soul relax.

  25. I want to hate this for some of the decor that I don't like (the pops and kimg/queen, keyboards) but good lord, it's so well done and the colors style is impeccable. Then, you've got a ton of plants to boot.

  26. Mind me asking what you do for a living so i can consider doing that? Kinda don’t wanna keep being poor.

  27. I am a bit confused by the lighting in this, it really gives CGI vibes. How come you added a watermark with logo?

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